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Best casino in Oregon?

Best casino in Oregon? Best sportsbook in Oregon? And best gambling site in Oregon?
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Best casinos in Oregon to try? Anyone hit anything good at any of them?
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some interesting stuff i found about Stephen paddocks past

Not necessarily insightful into his motive, but I felt it was interesting nonetheless.
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Need advice about touring the West Coast/South West in US

To give some background about myself: I am a brown guy in his late 20s that has been living in the United States for more than 5 years now. Using a throwaway account because my some people irl know what my primary reddit account is and I do not want them reading this post.
Due to the culture and the very abusive environment that I was brought up in, I have never been able to have a lot of meaningful relationships, not in my native country and not since I have moved to the United States, which means that I like to travel alone and I mostly keep to myself. You maybe wondering what that has to do with my post on this sub, but I'm getting to it.
One of the very few people that I can say that truly always had my best interests at their heart and have always supported me to the best of their abilities (and financially supported me when I had to move to the US) lives back in my native country. That person is going through some pretty serious health issues right now and they need someone to support them. I couldn't just leave them to their devices in these tough times, so I have made the very hard decision to move back home to support them. I have already put in my notice at my current job (which ends in 3 weeks), and since I am here on an employment based Visa right now, I have 2 months to leave the US and would ideally like to leave around the New year's day.
I have spent most of my time in the United States working and traveling in the South and the East Coast and I feel that I have explored as many places as I could in these parts of the US, so there are no regrets there. But one significant regret I have is that I've never really had the chance to explore much of the west coast or the South West (besides a trip to Vegas where I unfortunately spent most of my time on the strip in the Casinos), so I would really like to visit these places before the end of this year. My budget is up to $7000 (for motels and rental cars) but I am not entirely sure on what places I should visit and where I should start and end my trip and where I would stay if I were to make this trip (and how suitable the weather conditions are). I've always found the pics with nothing but the desert on both sides of the road in Nevada and Arizona highly fascinating and have always wanted to drive around on those roads. I also have a motorcycle license and would love to ride on those roads but I am not sure if it is as easy to get a motorcycle rental as it is to get a car rental (and how safe/expensive it would be).
Assuming that I have 4 days off for the Thanksgiving weekend and 3 weeks between the 11th of December - 1st of January, what places would you recommend if I want to travel the West coast and the South West alone? I have heard that the drive from Oregon - California is very beautiful and is adjacent to a beach, so I would like to cover too that if possible. I would also like to make a trip to the Grand Canyon but I don't know if this is the right season for that. I am feeling even more clueless than I would have in normal times due to the pandemic and the potential lockdown in California. So any advice you would have for me that would help me in doing one or more of the following things would be highly appreciated.
  1. Ride a Motorcycle/Drive a Car around in Nevada/Arizona desert area
  2. Make the beautiful drive from Oregon - California
  3. Visit the Grand Canyon
  4. Stops at any other national parks/places with amazing views
I apologize for any incorrect assumptions I made in this post. I have mostly relied upon what people have told me and what I found on some blogs to form my opinion about the places I mentioned above, so I could be wrong in some cases. I am not sure if I will get the chance to visit the United States again, so I would like to make the most of what little time I have left here and visit as much of the western part of this country as I can before I leave. Thank you for taking the time to read this far into the post :)
Edit: Thank you very much to everyone who responded. I’ve had a crazy week and didn’t have the time to respond but I really appreciate all the info that I gathered from the answers. Have a great holiday season all!
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A Tale of Two Immortal Bank Robbers: Chapter Five, Part 19.5: The Beginning of the End

Act 1: The Steakhouse
The Golden Grin was always a prosperous casino, my business was booming with waves of gamblers pouring their life savings into my vault like how tea gets poured into the teacup. I had to settle a few things internally within my management, but nothing new for me, especially for trips back to either Makai or the Lunar Capital.
Me, Dust, Kaguya, Mom, and Yumeko were to meet up in a high class steakhouse around Murkywater's airport. Located below a steep hillside and being considered a "restricted area," it was the perfect place for Murkywater, a convenient place to hide stash dark secrets while being off the radar.
My bodyguard, an ex-GenSec Elite, was with me in the front seat of my Falcogini. I was going to meet up with 5 at the steakhouse with my bodyguard driving the car back to the Grin. Luckily for me, I had a deal with GenSec where my personal vehicle would be transported anyone under my request, they needed to save face and have financial gain after being embarrassed by my crew.
"I'll stop here. Here are the keys, drive back to GenSec and say that I was dropped off in the proper location, got it?"
"Yes, Mr.Hoxworth."
I parked the car and gave the keys to my bodyguard. Then, then started driving off to to the airport so that he can park this thing back in Vegas. Loyal guy I must say, does my requests without asking questions. No matter how questionable the circumstances are.
Now to wait for Dust, Kaguya, Mom, and Yumeko. For whatever reason, they didn't have transportation, so I paid Twitch to pick them up with his van and promised to let him eat dinner with us, I supposed it was the least I could do to keep him as a reliable getaway.
After smoking a cigarette outside in the smoking area, the 5 of them arrived. I pressured Dust and Kaguya to look a "little different" as I don't need to answer stupid questions from any 'heroes.' My mother and Yumeko were fine, since none of the bastards could of knew anything about Makai.
After properly introducing the 5 of us to Twitch, the 6 of us walked in the steakout. The employee at the front had to write down our names due to "company policy" and that nonsense. Knowing 2 of them were wanted fugitives, I gave them these names in order, from me, Mom, Yumeko, Dust, Kaguya, and Twitch, respectively.
  1. James Hoxworth
  2. Lucifer Hoxworth
  3. Yumeko Hoxworth
  4. Dustin Wang
  5. Teruyo Houraisan
  6. Neil MacCauley#Twitch)
My status as the owner of the most prosperous casino on Earth made the employee's eyes shine brighter than that one time where Sariel pulled a mean joke on me and said I was locked up in Heaven. I'm still going to get her for that. Cheeky bastard.
"I-it's been an honor serving you. M-Mr.Hoxworth. May I get a trip to your casino to gamble or something? This job is pretty dead end..."
I just looked away and smiled, it was stressful living a quad life as a casino tycoon, bank robber, Lunarian prince, and demon lord.
Now my mother and older sister were interested in the human world, as it's been something they've taken a interest in ever since that failed tour agency. And with my return, they wanted to see what I've accomplished in the human world and learn my experienced.
I knew what I wanted, a ribeye steak with mashed potatoes and loaded cauliflower, along with their finest beer. Mom and Yumeko were confused on what they wanted, so I told them that I can cover them, I mean I've seen Yumeko cook before, I can identify exactly what would satisfy them.
Twitch was asking if this dinner would cut his overall payment, knowing that he's important for the plan and wanting to be on his good side, I promised him that it wouldn't and that this would be a professional courtesy. After settling that with him, he ordered steak burger, fries, steamed vegetables, and a Coke. I was about to taunt him about stealing his fries and saying that's the payment, but not in front of my mom. That's embarrassing.
Kaguya and Dust ordered the same steak and beverage, being sirloin, and sake. I mean I like sake, but it wasn't made by the Lunarians or Eirin so I just ditched it for an all-time favorite Earthly drink of mine, being some proper tea. For the side, Dust got broccoli, and Kaguya got a loaded potato.
After finishing my meal, I went outside to the smoking area, checked for eavesdroppers, took out my phone, and called Dallas, he was going to be needed soon to transport all the youkai and whoever Murkywater was keeping hostage, "Hey Nathan... it's James. You think you could sail in your yacht around Oregon?"
"Sure buddy, I missed seeing us 4 together. Me, Nicolas, Wolf, and you. Like old times. Say... how's the Grin, I heard you've been making massive profits. You doing OK over there?"
"Yep, I fucking am. Anyways, be seeing you Dallas."
"Farewell, Hoxton."
Dallas was the first of many calls I had to make, now I gotta call Bile, since he would be delivering Twitch to Dallas' yacht, and being part of multiple escape plans I had for Hell's Island. Either we get out through plane, yacht, or multiple helicopter extractions.
After discussing what the helicopter might need to do, I finished my call with Bile, it was time to make one final one with Locke before the airport raid.
"Heyo, Locke."
"Ahh, Hoxton, you chop. You want to know more about the Murkywater operations, yes? Fo' sho!
Hey listen, I heard that their final 2 planes, similar to the one back in the Birth of Sky Job that I smuggled you onto... they're leaving from that airport I told you about, with their final place being Hell's Island. Now I couldn't get exact details, but those dwankie bastards have made some upgrades from last time. This one is for Bain... yeah?"
"Yeah Locke, this one is for Bain, we owe him one...
anyways, I'll be seeing you on the Medic Bag..."
"Anyways... it seems that those Murky Bastards are losing. If you think you got a little bit more lead in your pencil and wanted to fu-"
"Locke, shut up! My mom is going outside, gotta hang up."
My mom walked outside and asked who I was talking to. I just replied that it was an old friend of mine. Now she was uncomfortable knowing what she had to do. After all, ever since Mystic Square, she has been completely reluctant to use her full power.
But I had to keep persuading her that this one was for Alice. I know how that would fuck with her psyche, but I wanted to send GenSec and Murkywater a message that they were fucked, and that she would die for Alice.
After talking to Mom a little more and hanging up on Locke, the waiter responsible for our food gave us the bill and I paid up. They offered desserts and I could easily pay for that, but those 5 were done, it was pretty cheap all things considered.
We were ready to take on Murkywater's last stand. Twitch had stashed Kaguya and Dust's weapons in his van, while my stuff was located in a pocket dimension. We're finishing this war my first crew started with Murkywater, and there's nothing they can do about it...
Us 6 went in the van, Twitch was obviously driving, I called shotgun, and everyone else could suffer in the back. Not my problem. This was it, if my first crew couldn't put the final nail in Murkywater's coffin, then this crew will.

Act 2: Murky Airport
"Hey Twitch, thanks for doing this for us."
"No problem, man. Hey, I'm supposed to go to a helicopter, right? I'm supposed to meet up with a guy named Bile?"
"Yeah... tell him that Hoxton sent you. Enjoy your free stay on a luxury yacht."
"I'm going to miss driving this baby for a bit. My beautiful hunk of metal."
We took our gear and got off this hillside above this dirty Murkywater den. Those bastards took my sister, my boss. Now I will take them. I don't care who's responsible, whether those Kataru bastards have returned or not, it's the beginning of the end for them, the final crackdown.
I grabbed an old friend of mine, my M1A SOCOM 16, my best friend since the first Green Bridge job, sniping coppers across that gauntlet. Wielding my silenced Bernetti and my akimbo Glock 18s. The plan was for me to blow off any heads of camping pigs on the control tower while the 4 others storm the place. I don't know how Mom will feel about doing what I have planned, not after what happened last time, but she would do anything for Alice's safety...
Sliding down the hill, I drew my silenced pistol and shot a Murkywater guard in the back of the head. I know tripping any alarms, even for a brief second will cause the cops to come assault us, and with their firing advantage up in that control tower, I need to take that over.
Hearing the guard barely breathing, I snapped his neck and threw him in a dumpster, leaving a small blood trail behind, I only have minutes now before some rent-a-soldier gets suspicious and raises the alarm. Good thing my 6th sense detected nobody around the control tower. It was time to climb a tower!
I grew 6 wings and began scaling the tower, while I could just fly us quickly, I also run the risk of letting someone hear me, at least with climbing, I just need to hide in the shadows and let my wings do the work. I had other tricks, but I forgot to plan for those, and I rather not risk failing because something sounds or even is easier.
Cutting open the window with my wings, I turned intangible and slit the throat of all the guards and eye of the cameras with my wings. I could grow as many as I desired to, but 6 felt just right. I took whatever equipment they had to make an improvised rope or chain or something of that nature, using their handcuffs and other equipment, I chained the door together. Salvaging whatever I could use on the Hell's Island raid, I signaled the 4 to go... 2 hangers. 2 planes.
With my rifle in hand, and a happy trigger finger, it was time to have some fun again. Let's do this!
Dust's Perspective Now
Something in my body feels odd, like it wants to jump out, but it knows that now is not the time. For us 4, we understand we need to secure the airport to leave. I don't know exactly what Hoxton was saying outside the steakhouse, but he probably knows what he's doing. After all, he's one of the most notorious members of his gang.
I heard multiple back-to-back gunshots and a guy yelling "Sound the alarm, we got enemy snipers!" That was a signal for us to rush in and go in guns a-blazing, but it was just me, Yumeko, and Kaguya that was storming the hangar. For Shinki... I saw 6 white wings sprouting out her back, but she wasn't flying, or doing anything... what the Hell was she doing?
Hearing the sirens and desperation of Murkywater. Something felt bad after sliding down the hill into cover, I heard, "ALRIGHT!!! The turrets are about to be here any minute, time to turn this around!" over a megaphone. I didn't want to look behind me, maybe Shinki had a death wish, maybe she had something else in mind. It didn't matter, this was Hoxton's mother, and knowing Hox's capabilities, she probably has her own surprises.
Taking my Tempest-21s, I stormed the first hanger with Kaguya. Popping Murkies with my wife, we make a good team, but above all, a good couple. Yumeko went alone to Hangar 2 by herself. I peeked around a corner and unloaded, Kaguya leapt over me and possibly decapitated a few guards. My ammo was running dry, and I reloaded. I then heard the bulletstorm trying to force Kaguya out of cover.
I saw a distortion in front of me. Yumeko, that's her, right? I hope so. We saw her running through, turning intangible into a green outline the split second a bullet would of hit her. The guards were yelling things such as, "THIS IS A COLOSSAL GOATFUCK!" and "Who the fuck are these guys, ex-military?!!"
Since the guards were focused on Yumeko, with Hoxton laughing his ass off at everyone who tried to hide behind a van or something. I used my small time window with Yumeko taking them on, I inspected the Murky hardware. They had things that I could sell at a healthy profit.
Unmarked weaponry, with an excess of battle rifles, specifically Eagle Heavies along with 7.62x51 rounds, Jackals with .45 ACP, and so much more. I think Hoxton would love the spare 7.62x51 with his M308, as he's been doing some great work as a sniper. I started bagging up the things that I could steal for myself and sell at a healthy price and smuggled it onto the plane.
Checking for Murkywater PMCs in the plane, I realized that we might need them alive, so I called over Kaguya and we intentionally crippled anyone else remaining inside. It seemed that Hox knew exactly that they were starting their preparations for leaving. How deep does this guy's connections go? Taking their handcuffs, me and Kaguya chained them together.
"We'll play with these soon~ but for now, we gotta get everyone off Hell's Island."
I went outside and it seemed that Yumeko is standing down the SWAT Van turrets, red lasers and guns were pointed at her and started firing, but Shinki showed up and took it all.
Us 3 took cover and saw what was there, an army of GenSec Elites, FBI SWATs, SWAT turrets, and helicopters.
What the fuck was she trying to pull off without fighting back? A peace offering? Not with possibly dozens, or even hundreds of armed officers willing to kill us. But her wings started to glow darker, and there I heard her speaking. It was unsettling, especially with demonic presence encompassing us all.
"Doing this last time hurt me more than anything... all the pantheon of so-called gods that tried attacking me. Any ungrateful demon from eons past that tried rebelling against their mother in a sad attempt to overthrow her. Nothing will hurt as what I did to my realm before...
However... you took Alice and her friends away, and for that, you will pay dearly. You only have seconds to enjoy what is left of your tiny lives."
We heard at least millions of rounds being fired from all the turrets, JP36s, Jackals, M1014s, CAR-4s, R870s, and whatever GenSec and the FBI had up their sleeve, but it was useless against her, no bullet holes, no flinching, no reaction. Just a very pissed off Shinki.
We all watched as Shinki unleashed her wrath onto the cops. As fires raged throughout the improvised wall of cops, SWAT Vans, and helicopters, I heard the screams. The explosions, the wreckage, all of that shocked us with the pure violence that was displayed in front of our very eyes.
Back at San Martin, we were shocked at what Sariel did, but Shinki. Holy shit, we're glad she's on our side! There were lasers that appeared to be unmaking anything it touches, spikes that would pierce through cop and vehicle alike before impaling themselves into something, and snake creatures cleaning up the wreckage.
I took this time to steal more of Murkywater's loot for myself as Shinki was destroying everything. I though to myself, Wait... if she's indiscriminately firing at them, then how are we not getting hit? Then I saw it, Hoxton was using his magic and his hands were starting to shake. He was taking the full force of Shinki's wrath!
I saw that he was approaching us and was a bit tired.
"Alright you wankers... don't fucking tell my Mom that my hands were broken in order to protect you from god's fucking wrath. She still has flashbacks from that shite back in Mystic Square, don't need that to be the first thing in her mind, got it?"
Hoxton took out one of his first aid kits and found a gauze, he wrapped his hands in a fashion to that of a boxer, while saying. "Heh, I wasn't allowed to do this for bare knuckle brawling. Gonna love to punch some Murkies today. Ha ha ha."
After overhearing that the police will retreat with a bigger assault force that would involve the ZEALs, the National Guard, and possibly the entire U.S. military. Remembering what happened the last time the military was going to be called in, we had to go quickly, or else we'll be eating an anti-aircraft gun for desert, or a nuclear missile...
"Hey wankers... get prepared, I'm going to do something."
Hoxton's Last Word: Makai's Rebirth ~ Apocalyptic Undoing
"I can't hold on to this for too long... fuck. I turned this place into a part of Makai temporarily... dimensional barrier confusing the pigs. JUST FUCKING GO!!!"
The sky turned even darker than the night sky we were under, it was so beautiful in it's own way, it was feeling like a demonic reflection of this world in many ways... maybe I should take the rest of Eientei to Makai for vacation, I know the Buddhist monk was sealed there and she thought it was a nice place.
Going back onto the plane, with all their equipment smuggled, I asked Yumeko for a flaming sword and interrogated a few of them. After some resistance, which was short-lived as Hoxton broke their bones with each hit, we found the pilots, and had to do lots of persuading to get Shinki to possess them.
"I didn't want to do this... there's a reason I left. Oh well... this one is for Alice."
Shinki then possessed them, forcing them to start flying, I had an idea to make an entrance to Hell's Island. Now I still wanted my beautiful firearms to sell, and maybe this idea might have them burn up in flames. But... this is for Gensokyo.
I went on the plane with everyone else behind me. Shinki completely took over the souls of the pilots and and we were starting to fly out the airport. I saw Yumeko giving Kaguya one of her flaming swords. I felt that Hoxton's Last Word started to end and it finished with a demonic storm. I heard the sirens and ultimatums over a radio. Now, it would be the best time to go.
Few minutes later, in the sky...
"That's right, we're getting out by a yacht. Don't worry, I know the guy who owns that boat. But first, we better make sure Hell's Island is forever destroyed...
You're still worried about my hands... aren't you? Well I'll just tell you something, I can't be as trigger happy as I usually am, still doesn't mean I won't be able to tear a Murk in 2."
"Hoxton... I feel strange, like something will happen. You know what's going on?"
"Nope, but it's something good, I know that much.
Anyways... I'm seeing if these twats have any good movies, if they don't, then I'm throwing them out the plane. It's not like they can track it back to u-"
"Hox... we still need them to blackmail Murky-"
"They have the entirety of Gensokyo in there, what fucking blackmail? These guys are the lowest of the low in Murkywater's army. Anyways, I'm watching a fucking movie with my mom."
Then, I left and took cupcakes from a refrigerator, grabbing 2 chairs at a table and eating them with Kaguya, we know what's happening next. We would ask Hoxton to call in the Lunarians, but Kaguya doesn't want to go back... regardless, this will be our tale against Murkywater, A Tale of Two Immortal Bank Robbers.
To be continued in Part 20 (Not by me)...
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I don’t really know how to do this, but recently it’s been weighing on me

I feel like I’m being so selfish by posting this, but whatever. It all really started in fifth grade, my family which at the time was me my sister my mom and my dad moved to Indiana with the help of my aunt, life was great there for a while, our aunt would spoil us and all that but my dad is an alcoholic and would hot my mom, so my sister and I spent most of our time at our aunts house. Eventually I got home sick and stayed home while my sister went to my aunts, and I realized my mom would stay gone for multiple days at a time and thinking back on it, even in fifth grade I was super depressed from this. I remember one night I heard banging on the wall and I figured my dad was just being an asshole again, so I gave it a minute but when I left my room there was a drawing of a body on the wall and it says something around the lines of this is what I’ll do if you leave and my dad has plunged a knife into the wall where the heat is. My aunt was already there and I left. One day she took us to Michigan on a trip where she told me that my parents were getting a divorce, she already told my sister, and my dad was already gone, he went back to oregon. I cried, but not because my parents, I knew this would happen, I cried because I knew I’d never see my best friend again. We lived with my aunt for a few months after that, and even started a new school year. However the issue of my mother was still there, my mom started doing drugs, that’s why she was never home. I didn’t believe it until I visited my mom, who was staying at her crack head boyfriend’s. I won’t lie I was ignorant and had fun with them, I wanted to believe my mom was who I thought she was. About a month later my mom said we were going to oregon to see family, I didn’t want to go, but we were kinda forced. We thought we were going back I was even wearing a necklace my aunt bought me, and then our cousin called and accidentally told us we weren’t going home, I instantly texted my aunt and flipped shit. We were on a greyhound bus at the time and I was trying desperately to go back, and my mom grabbed me by my necklace and broke it. That’s when I realized there was no going back. When we got to oregon we stayed with my aunt summer, not to be confused with my other aunt, it was her, my uncle josh, and my four cousin’s. After the first week of school dad contacted us and said could visit, he lived with my brother Corey who we liked, so one weekend my sister and I went to visit dad. Which was awesome, Corey’s house was great as far as we could tell his girlfriend Karen was cool and Dad has always been the fun one. When we got back mom wasn’t there, we wouldn’t see get for a long time. At this point josh and summer were basically our parents, which was weird we never really liked them, so when dad got a house we moved in instantly. Dad and Karen instantly changed, this was when everyone started hating me. Karen would hang out with Sandra leaving me constantly alone because my dad worked late, he’s in construction so he went straight to bed as well. Karen never tried bonding with me, she always had something against me. My dad was also still an alcoholic, but instead of targeting Karen, he’d threaten me for annoying her. I remember my sister and I would sometimes have to barricade the door. Still every morning he’d wake us up, kiss our foreheads, tell us he loved us lots and we’d go to school, where I was extremely unlikable apparently, to the point where I was so depressed I’d try to Kill myself in school and got bullied for it, it sounds weird but it was like pulling my shirt to suffocate myself. And at home my dad gave me a knife and I remember when he’d get violent sometimes I’d sit there, my sister had a loft so she couldn’t see and I’d hold the blade to wrist and think about killings myself, praying for forgiveness, but I never did anything. Eventually my brother Corey wanted to bring Sandra and I to a hotel casino, I was so hyped. But Karen talked him into just talking Sandra, which is my sister, I don’t really care for the anonymous stuff right now, if you know me you know me. And I was so depressed, until my brother Brandon came over. I realize I should explain my sibling’s, I have eight and I’m the youngest 4 brothers 4 sisters. Brandon realized I was sad and asked if I wanted to go to his place, I asked dad and I was allowed over. The following week Sandra came over as well. We went every weekend, making memories and having fun. One night Karen couldn’t find the tv chord which was get this plugged into the tv she she threw a little plastic chair at me and the tv remote, at which point I told her to “screw herself with her dildo” because I thought I was funny. My dad didn’t. The next day he had Sandra and I pack our stuff and dropped us off at Brandon’s, we knocked and there was no answer, he looked at us and said to just wait until they get home, luckily the door was unlocked and Ashley, my sister in law was asleep upstairs. We told her what happened and when Brandon got home he told us the truth, they couldn’t afford us, so we got sent back to summers. And in my head to this day, I paint an image of my father that is the best possible and that he’s a great guy and I believe it. Even though he never gave a shit, but it was even worse when summer cut off our communication. We couldn’t talk to dad or Brandon or Ashley. No explanation, we just couldn’t. However our sister teesha who’s a fucking saint was living upstairs, we spent our time there. One day teesha had enough of summer, who was always super disrespectful and mean and brought up Brandon and Ashley and said she was moving in with them, they just got a new apartment. Hearing this gave me the courage to finally ask if I could visit and josh didn’t know our communications were cut, he said yes and Sandra and I spent a whole summer over there. Even saying we lived with them. Again, they couldn’t afford the apartment, but they weren’t gonna lose us again. This is the hardest part. We all moved in with dad, which Brandon convinced us was a good idea. I went with it. On the first day, dad and Brandon walked me down to a bench that was just on the side of the road. And I remember this whole conversation. Dad said I can’t disrespect Karen anymore, and yelled at me for about a minute before saying, you need to apologize to her and ask for another chance, otherwise I can’t have you here. And Brandon joined in the yelling. I realized what I got myself into. I asked Karen for another chance in tears, knowing this was my last chance. She said no. And lied to my dad. I remember I immediately ran from the room to the porch and hugged Brandon, drinched in tears. And yelled, she said no. And he just gave dad a look, they didn’t say anything except calling me a lier. I went to the room and bawled while Sandra was with Ashley I think, my dad came in the room and said she didn’t say no I just talked to her. I felt so betrayed. I had to go to sleep every night an hour before my dad because Karen didn’t like me, the second night Brandon came in the room to get Sandra and said since she didn’t do anything wrong she could stay up. I began to resent her because she was the favorite, but she still loved me beyond belief. When I told her she was the favorite, she stayed in the room anyway and we’d watch chowder on the Xbox. One night we lost the controller and used my tablet, which I got for Christmas from my aunt in Indiana to screen mirror it. Branson busted in the room pissed and grabbed me and asked where the controller was I said I don’t know, I used my tablet and he yelled bullshit and pulled the Xbox out of the room saying if you’re gonna hide my shit you don’t get to use it and stormed out. Keep in mind it’s only been about a week. A few days later, everyone was gone, just Karen was home. And she was talking shit about my mom and I told her not to. She said you can stop yelling or you can leave my house. Sandra and I packed our shit and sat out front, calling our aunt julie and looking at bus schedules. Then Brandon got home and we went inside. The next day, I get home from school and sit down. All of a sudden my mom busts through the door and kissed my forehead. I could swear I was hallucinating. I went to the front porch and asked my dad what was happening, he said it was moms turn to have us, I said I didn’t want to leave and he looked me in the eyes and said I know you don’t son but it’s your moms turn. And we left. We went to summers again and mom left. We were there for three years, and all I can tell you is it was the worst experience in my life, I started smoking weed in eighth grade, and I also started cutting. I never felt so alone. Alyssa, my cousin told josh and summer I cut and they didn’t care, they said there was nothing they could do about it, then Alyssa started cutting and josh made her sleep in their room. Wow, if that doesn’t show how it was there. Alyssa was always their favorite over everyone. Even with that Sandra and I were always treated as under them. We couldn’t talk to dad or Brandon and Ashley, which I still longed for. But winter break eighth grade summer finally let me see Brandon, I think it was because she knew we’d leave and didn’t want us there. One time, the counselor found out I cut and called summer, she said she knew and was going to get me evaluated. I didn’t know what the hell that meant. I thought she was gonna do what dad did and just leave me somewhere. But no, she got me mentally evaluated and told the people I was going to kill her and her family she was trying to dump me there for I think three weeks or so, luckily they knew she was lying. She said I couldn’t come home so I moved in with Brandon and Ashley, A week later Sandra did too. Sandra is extremely anti social and wanted to do online school. Brandon and Ashley said they would enroll her but never did, and essentially took her out of school to watch the kids and clean the house. Meanwhile at school, I fell in love with a girl we’ll call d, she had liked me since 7th grade and she finally asked me out, I said yes because I was extremely lonely and I easily fall in love. And she was the light of my life. I hung out with her everyday, gave her all of my love that I could. And on the month mark, she broke up with me. I was broken from that. Still am. I think about her everyday. One day dad came over and invited us to coreys and we said yes. We told him everything. Sandra told him everything. And he got us out of there. We knew he couldn’t afford us and we’d go back to summers, still Sandra asked me every hour if this was what I wanted, I always said yes. A week later the day came when we said goodbye. I left Sandra at summers and moved in with my best friend Ben. 9th grade. I saw Sandra in the mornings and would always have serious conversations. Like I went back and saw Brandon within a week. And with Brandon I saw dad. And we’d talk about that. And then COVID happened. And the summer was fine. I don’t leave. Don’t see family. I only see the daylight through the window. I found out that they do drugs at summers, not like just weed, shrooms and acid and all that shit. And my sister teesha, which I guess I forgot to mention moved to Indiana. I hadn’t seen her in three years came to visit and I begged to see her. And was told no, Sandra visited with her. And went home with her. Sandra now lives in Indiana with teesha. I didn’t even get to say goodbye. I didn’t even know they were leaving. Now I have nobody, I have no real reason to stay in oregon other than Ben and his family whom I love deeply and my dying dad, Who’s 60 now, that’s why I care. I’m in tenth grade now and have officially given up. It’s the day after thanksgiving. And I’m starting to realize it’ll be my first Christmas without Sandra. My constant. I still think about D, In fact that’s why I’m typing this. I got back into contact with her, and I told her how I feel and she we’ll figure it out and that she does care about me, and there’s a personal reason that I’m not gonna say that explains why we broke up. And I still love her. But I can’t tell her because I know she doesn’t care. Recently, she posted something on her story basically saying that she doesn’t think about Me, and have replied to me since. I know not a lot of people will care, but writing this down helps. A lot. Thank you to anyone who cares. I should probably sleep. It’s 6am as I write this. Have a good one.
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[USA-NJ] [H] 2DS Console, games for most Nintendo consoles, PS1/2, Nintendo Powers, collectibles [W] CIB's: Fire Emblem, Kirby's Dream Land 2, Mega Man X Command Mission with card, list, offers

Adding a bunch of items since my last post!
I have 90+ confirmed trades. Also, fair warning, these lists are long, I have a lot of stuff for trade! Looking to do fair value but where I have an item that is worn / in poor shape I value that lower than eBay averages due to condition. Also bolded items are hard trades and I usually only trade limited print Switch games for other limited print Switch games (with some exceptions).
p.s. "CIB" means complete, as in including all the booklets and such that were supposed to come in there, otherwise I will clarify what is included. "NIB" means New In Box, aka sealed, "brand new," in the shrink, etc.
p.p.s. If we are going to trade, all I ask is please be honest about the condition of your items. I can provide pictures for anything I have, please be willing to do the same! Thanks!


Switch games, accessories, cards
3DS console, games, accessories
3DS boxes and manuals (no games)
DS games and accessories
Almost every boxed game below has some minor wear to the box
DS boxes and manuals (no games)
GBA games and videos
GBC games and more
GB games and more
Wii U games and packaging
Wii games and accessories
GameCube games, accessories and packaging
N64 boxes and manuals
NES games and accessories
PS3 boxes and manuals (no games)
PS2 games
PS2 boxes and manuals (no games)
PSX games
PSX boxes and manuals (no games)
IBM Tandy
Strategy guides
Collectibles and posters
Comic Books
Random Stuff


The high priority stuff, all should be CIB unless noted:
The rest:
Pre-order bonuses
Amiibo (want loose)
LRG Cards
Cards for Flinthook, Furi, Slime San, ToeJam and Earl, Golf Story, Dragon's Lair Trilogy, PixelJunk Monsters 2, Lumines Remastered, Yooka-Laylee, The Escapists and Saturday Morning RPG
Limited Print Switch Games (prefer CIB but also fine with NIB, also fine with Best Buy retail versions when applicable)
Other Switch Games (looking for CIB and clean)
3DS Games
Wii U
Strategy Guides
I'm happy to look at lists, but these are my priority wants.
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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Feb. 8, 1988

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-4-1988 1-11-1988 1-18-1988 1-25-1988
  • The wrestling war is, for all intents and purposes, over. The war between the territories, the ongoing collapse of the territory system, and Vince McMahon’s rise is certainly the biggest story in decades, and at this point the war is over and Vince McMahon has won. Sure, the fighting is still ongoing, but even if JCP can recover from their troubles, the gap between them and WWF is there and it’s just going to keep widening.
  • The biggest story of the week is that WWF has announced its ppv schedule for the next year. March 27 (Wrestlemania IV), August 29, November 24 (Survivor Series), and January 15 (Royal Rumble). Four ppvs doesn’t look like a big deal, just capitalization on the market trend. But it’s going to have a major effect on Crockett. Crockett had been planning ppv shows in early April (Crockett Cup), July (Great American Bash), and November 24 (Starrcade). With WWF’s new calendar and the exclusivity clause in their ppv deals requiring no competing wrestling ppv events 60 days before and 21 days after their shows and the success of Survivor Series and Wrestlemania IV (presumed for that one - Dave expects Wrestlemania IV to be the biggest grossing ppv ever to this point), WWF is putting the squeeze to Crockett. And in doing so, they’re killing any chance Crockett can compete and break into the ppv market. Long-term, ppv is going to mean live gates will be completely insignificant (like it already is in boxing - and hey, in 2020 we have seen the prophecy fulfilled). Because of ppv, Dave expects Wrestlemania IV to gross as much as every other American promotion will gross for the entirety of 1988, combined. Hence why the gap is wide and will only get wider, and JCP will never catch up. JCP’s going to try to counter, and the apparent move will be to shift those events to prime-time WTBS live (or very recently filmed, like a Saturday Night’s Main Event) specials all built as major cards. Starrcade probably will not be among those, Dave figures this will help.
  • WWF’s Royal Rumble came out the clear winner against the Bunkhouse Stampede Finals. The Rumble drew an 8.2 rating and was seen in 3.2 million homes, which is twice as many people as when Georgia Championship Wrestling’s show on WTBS was big several years ago when this wrestling war was getting started. It’s the highest rated show in the history of the USA network, and the encore broadcast on Monday drew a 4.8 rating (a regular episode of Prime Time Wrestling in that time slot usually draws a 2.9). All this means that the repeat showing of the Rumble was probably the second highest rated show on cable during the last week.
  • PPV numbers take longer to get, but it’s possible to make some sense of preliminary reports for the Bunkhouse Finals. The show was likely profitable, purely in terms of money, but the reaction was strongly negative. Early reports estimate the buyrate at 4%, which tells us that if given a fair shot at ppv, Crocket could be profitable with a ppv line up. That’s also encouraging for Crockett, since the card wasn’t strong and the show didn’t have the best heat, but those things may be moot now that WWF has a full year’s schedule set up. Big props to the JCP broadcast team for how well they sold the ppv in advance, because ppv and closed-circuit purchases are majority (90%) last minute, as opposed to house show tickets which are typically bought well in advance.
  • Wrestlemania IV is expected to sell out by the time this issue hits you. Yeah, Dave. By 32 years now. Anyway, about 14,000 seats went on sale to the general public on Saturday and all but a few thousand were sold by the end of the day. The highest price was $150. It’s funny to Dave that despite the crowd discrepancy, WWF may make as much off 14,000 tickets for Mania IV as they did selling 90,000 for Mania III (The April 3, 2000 issue is the earliest I can find for when Dave revised his view of the numbers for Wrestlemania 3). Anyway, the Convention Center is home to Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, and Donald Trump is using Wrestlemania as the centerpiece of a weekend-long event designed to attract vacation families to his casinos, including a Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine concert in the adjacent Convention Center ballroom. So I guess we can put Donald Trump down as the innovator of Wrestlemania weekend. WWF claims Wrestlemania will be available in up to 9 million homes on ppv, and if the show gets a similar buyrate to last year’s then we’re talking around $15 million on ppv, $1 million live, and probably $4-5 million at closed-circuit.
Watch: Dave Meltzer talks about Bresloff telling him 78,000
  • The employment status of the Rock & Roll Express, Michael Hayes, and Steve Williams with JCP has significantly cleared up. The Rock & Roll Express were fired at the Bunkhouse Finals. On January 23, they were asked to do a clean job to Warlord and Ivan Koloff in 12 minutes. Koloff’s been a low card guy recently, and they have been main guys for years, so instead they did the job in 12 seconds (Ricky Morton laid down and let Warlord pin him). Then they flew to New York for the finals, and Dusty learned what happened (he was not at the show on the 23rd) and fired them on the spot. They could be heading anywhere, though WWF is doubtful due to their size. Michael Hayes was fired last week following an incident. He was teaming with Jimmy Garvin and feuding with Ric Flair on the most recent tour; those spots have been taken by Ron Garvin and Sting, the latter of whom is having an accelerated push as a result. Hayes is expected back at World Class, though he did send a resume to WWF. As for Steve Williams, he stayed an extra week in Japan and missed the Stampede. He’s in a contract dispute with Crockett over whether the money he makes in Japan counts against his guaranteed minimum pay from Crockett (Crockett says yes, Williams says no, you’re not paying it so it doesn’t count toward the minimum you are paying him - corporations are not your friends). Williams has disconnected his phone and is out of communication.
  • Cable ratings for wrestling in the fourth quarter of 1987 dropped from the the third quarter. The World Championship Wrestling show dropped from second to eighth overall, and WWF’s All-American Wrestling surpassed it at seventh. Prime Time Wrestling, formerly ranked third, fell to tenth, while the Sunday WTBS show dropped from tenth to twentieth. AWA on ESPN dropped out of the top 20 (it was number 19 in the third quarter). Some of the drop probably comes from the change in how ratings are gathered (enter the Nielsen box, or “people-meter” as it’s known at this point). There’s controversy about this whole way of gathering ratings, as detractors believe that the boxes ensure shows that appeal to women will receive higher ratings than they would get otherwise. Regardless, wrestling shows across the board dropped about 10% in the ratings in the fourth quarter.
  • New Japan’s “Martial Arts Olympic” event in the Tokyo Dome has some hoping it will surpass Wrestlemania 3 for biggest live gate ever. They’ve sold tickets at as much as $220 for ringside and sold out those events, so there’s a chance they could if they price right and sell out. Dave’s been told that Inoki vs. Koji Kitao has the potential to double the gate of Inoki’s matches with Leon Spinks and Masa Saito (each over $700,000). If they can get Taue, that’s probably the best opponent they can get for Inoki to ensure a big draw. I think last week he may have written All Japan, but he's very clear this is an Inoki idea this week.
  • Speaking of Inoki, New Japan recently did a tour in Italy. The big show was January 24 in Rome and drew 8,000 fans. New Japan actually airs on tv in Italy, and Inoki was the big draw, and he pinned Badnews Allen in the main event. Shane Douglas won a battle royal on the show too. These are the first “western-style” pro wrestling matches in Italy since WWF did a show in Milan back in October.
  • Jake Roberts was on Ellery Queen mystery magazine’s cover this month, and Muscular Development did a cover story on Jesse Ventura. The Ventura article is excellent, but mostly about his life and training regimen, and not to do with wrestling.
Jake Roberts on the cover of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
  • Genichiro Tenryu won all the major awards in Japan. Tokyo Sports named in MVP of wrestling, and Gong Magazine and Weekly Pro Wrestling gave him the equivalent. He beat Riki Choshu in Gong’s annual popularity poll as the most popular Japanese wrestler (Maeda came in second, so pressure there for New Japan to bring him back). Chigusa Nagayo placed 9th, the first time a woman has cracked the top ten of Gong’s poll.
  • Dave went to the WWF show at the Cow Palace on January 30. It’s his first live show since Japan, and the show drew pretty well, but not as well as you’d expect from a show with a battle royal in the area. The big news of the show were four no-shows: the British Bulldogs (Dave’s heard one of them collapsed at the airport and the other went to the hospital with him), Billy Jack Haynes (his health’s really bad and he’s missed a lot of bookings lately and folks are speculating his career is done), and Bam Bam Bigelow (scheduled to face Ted DiBiase, but he had knee surgery so no clue when he’ll be back). Due to the no-shows, the athletic commission ordered WWF to offer refunds to anyone who wanted them before the end of the second match. He runs down the card: Ron Bass pinned JYD, Ultimate Warrior pinned Harley Race. Warrior’s over big, but still sucks. Ted DiBiase beat George Steele by DQ and Dave alludes to last week’s decision to no longer call matches “abortions” and says “The only word to describe this match is one that has been banned from my vocabulary.” Don Muraco pinned Butch Reed in an okay match. The Jumping Bomb Angels beat the Glamour Girls to retain their tag titles in the only good match on the card (Dave gives it three stars). Noriyo Tateno pinned one of the Girls, Dave doesn’t identify her, saying “you know how it is with those people, they all look alike to me,” which is a pretty solid skewering of people who say that about the Angels and other Asian wrestlers, imo. Ted DiBiase won the bunkhouse battle royal to moderate heat. Hercules pinned Hillbilly Jim. Jim Duggan and Ken Patera beat Demolition and Mr. Fuji by pinning Fuji. Jake Roberts and One Man Gang went to a double countout.
  • By the way, the California state assembly voted 60-7 to reclassify pro wrestling as entertainment and not a sport. So that means once the bill passes the state senate, athletic commissions will have no power over pro wrestling in California, and wrestlers will not need wrestling licenses to work in the state (which was already a joke of a requirement - Dave got a print-out once of all 60 wrestlers licensed in California and major guys like Hogan and Steamboat weren’t on the list).
  • The lineup for AWA’s February 4 show, the last at the Minneapolis Auditorium before it’s demolished, has been announced. Curt Hennig defends the AWA Title against Greg Gagne in a cage match. The Midnight Rockers defend the tag titles against a mystery team (the latest announcement was Nick Kiniski and Kevin Kelly, but Kiniski was let go this week and they’re building to a face turn for Kelly). The rest of the card has Dick the Bruiser vs. Adnan al-Kaissey, Billy Robinson vs. Tom Zenk (particularly interesting since Robinson is in for a one-off but has a reputation as a shooter, as well as competing against Verne as a promoter sometimes, so there’s a chance he may go into business for himself), Wahoo McDaniel and Baron Von Raschke vs. The Nasty Boys, and Billy Jack Strong vs. Soldat Ustinov.
  • Adrian Adonis broke his ankle at the AWA tv tapings in Minot, North Dakota.He was getting whipped into the turnbuckle and stepped into a hole in the ring. He won’t be back for at least two months. Adonis has about 4 months left before he dies.
  • AWA released a song called “Superstars of the AWA.” Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett were in it due to the increased swapping of talent between Memphis and AWA. I could not find the song.
  • Something Dave forgot to mention about the WWF battle royal in San Francisco. Technically there were 19 guys, but only 18 actually worked the match. George Steele came out about a minute late, walked around the ring for a few minutes without getting inside, and then just walked to the back with JYD when JYD was eliminated (JYD was the second out of the match). Dave guesses at George’s age he didn’t want to take the bump or something. Dave recalls a story he heard about an unnamed WWF “neanderthal character” who stalled outside the ring for a complete match, and when one fan yelled to “Get in the ring, you lazy bum” he retorted (despite his character not being able to speak English): “What do you think this is, the NWA?”
  • WWF Superstars tapings were held on January 26 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Barry Horowitz and Steve Lombardi beat Lanny Poffo and Scott Casey, which set up the main event for the second hour of the taping where the Killer Bees beat Horowitz and Lombardi. Rick Rude and Ricky Steamboat had a match that ended in a big brawl that got Hercules, Harley Race, Jim Duggan, and Ultimate Warrior involved. The main event of the live show was not taped for tv, but had Hogan and Bigelow going over Andre and DiBiase (Hogan pinned DiBiase). Andre’s contribution to the match was one minute (of nine total for the match) in the ring, and a body slam to Hogan before almost collapsing. Commentary for this taping was not done live, but rather will be done in post-production due to the fact that they’re waiting for The Main Event first, since these will all air after that sets up the angles.
  • Dave hears that the decision on what to do with Hogan/Andre at The Main Event will be decided this week once his filming schedule is determined. If he’s available for weekends, he’ll stay champion through the summer. If not, then a title change will happen and DiBiase is the likely beneficiary.
  • [Stampede] Badnews Allen and Jason the Terrible were fined $200 and $300, respectively, by Calgary City Hall. This is in relation to their brawl in the audience on December 18 that led to a woman in the audience suffering a concussion.
  • Oregon will be holding a special show on February 16 as a Frank Bonema Memorial show. Bonema was the tv announcer from Portland who passed away in 1982 or 1983. They haven’t announced any matches yet, but Curt Hennig is supposed to defend the AWA Title against their Northwest Title holder at the time, and there are plans for a tag title match, a strap match, and a cage match.
  • The February 12 card will be the last card by Continental in Knoxville before Ron Fuller’s new promotion takes over the area from them. The situation with Alabama’s territory continues to confuse me.
  • Nobuhiko Takada beat Owen Hart on January 13 in one of the highlights of New Japan’s jr. heavyweight tournament. As of January 26, here’s the status of the tournament: Koshinaka leads with 34 points (7-1 record), Takada has 31 points (6-1-1 record), Hart at 29 points (6-2 record), Hase also has 29 points. Yamazaki has 24 points (5-2 record), and Yamada is 4-2-1 with 21 points. Kobayashi has 24 (5-1), Saito at 19 (4-4), and everyone else is negligible at the moment. The finals will be on February 7.
  • All Japan is pushing a big show for March 9 featuring Hansen vs. Tenryu. That will be a double title match, as Tenryu puts up the United National Title against Hansen’s PWF Title (Dave expects a double countout. Other matches will include Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Tiger Mask II, Baba and Wajima vs. Kimura and Tsurumi, and others.
  • Giant Baba’s been negotiating with the Funks and David Manning about getting All Japan on tv in the U.S. All part of his angling to help the promotions outside the NWA and WWF against the juggernauts.
  • AJW is building a big match for February 25, Dump Matsumoto’s retirement show. Dump and Yukari Omori (also retiring that night) will face the Crush Gals in a tag match. Also on the card will be a battle royal and Yumiko Hotta/Mitsuko Nishiwaki vs. Bull Nakano/Condor Saito for the vacant tag team titles.
  • AJW’s annual rookie auditions took place on January 17 in Tokyo. 1500 girls showed up, and seven were picked based on their performance in various athletic and endurance drills. Dave says this is one of the main reasons it’s ridiculous to attempt to compare joshi wrestling to any American promotion. Only the top half a percent in terms of athletic ability are chosen for training in the first place, and then “they train them like spartans from the age of 15-17 and by the time they are around 22, if they’ve even survived, they are better workers than virtually all the men.” And with the retirement age of 26, nobody stays on so long they feel stale. Then again, that level of training sounds kind of easy to become mega abusive from a 2020 standpoint.
  • Lots of rumor that NWA’s recent firings aren’t due to discipline issues but due to the company having financial issues. That’s the story those being fired have given. Michael Hayes in particular claims that he and Crockett agreed to a two year deal for $150k per year, but Crockett never signed it and when he pressured Crockett to sign (he wasn’t making money with the contract unsigned), and so he got fired for missing the January 23 show in Cincinnati. Even as Crockett’s financial issues become more and more apparent, they do seem to be recovering at the gate a little.
  • Unlike WWF, NWA’s weightlifting competition used legit weights. All four guys did 460 pound bench presses easy, then Paul Ellering called to move the bar to 600. Animal failed first, and they threw chalk in his eyes and he bled and was “taken to the hospital” and the whole thing came across well.
  • The road to Barry Windham joining the Horsemen (not that Dave suspects anything yet) continues as he and Luger are being pushed as a tag team. Meanwhile, Flair and Sting are set to feud.
  • Dave once again clarifies about Hawk’s line (because apparently he’s still saying it). It’s Neo Maxi Zoom Dweebies, not Neo Nazi Zoom Dweebies.
  • Crockett referee Jeff Goldberg writes in to correct the record on something. In the January 18 issue, a reader wrote in about the December 26 show in Philadelphia and said it looked like the referee screwed up the finish. Goldberg says he acted as instructed, and Flair would not have congratulated him later on if he had screwed up. He also says readers often blame referees for screwing up finishes, but that’s usually the wrestlers who screw up (or the finish is in fact supposed to look screwed up). Referees can be green just like wrestlers, but he’s proud not to be one of them.
  • Another reader tells us that his cable company had Bunkhouse Stampede, but Crockett did a LOLNWA. Crockett announced that Sammons cable would have the show on January 23 (day before the ppv). Except they didn’t air the announcement until 2 pm that day, had given no announcement ahead of that time, and Sammons closed their company office for the weekend at noon on the 23rd.
  • The longest letter this week is all about how Bret Hart deserves a bigger push. Brief version: Vince is making a big mistake by not pushing Bret as a singles star. Even the casual fans buy into him. He’s got promo ability, the ability to make a bad wrestler look good (very important in WWF), and he’d make a great opponent for Randy Savage after an Intercontinental Title change. Give it a few years, Jeff. You’ll get your wish and then some.
  • Crockett’s apparently going to keep two offices open. The Dallas office will be for tv production, and the Charlotte office will remain as the base for talent.
  • Mike Rotunda won the NWA TV Title from Nikita Koloff on January 26, then gave the Florida Title to Rick Steiner. Interestingly, Dusty did a promo referencing the Hogan/Andre/DiBiase title situation and said that in the NWA you can’t buy a title. Well, Dave points out, DiBiase offered $1 million to Hogan for the title, so that seems to be the going rate for the WWF championship for a year. Meanwhile, Rick Steiner got the Florida Title for free, which pretty accurately reflects the worth of that title.
  • World Class drew a crowd of 80 in Houston on January 26. No, you didn’t read that number wrong.
THURSDAY: Hogan drops the WWF Title (really the only big story next week)
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If you’re new to Coronavirus research, start here…

Feb 19, 2020, updated periodically...Unfortunately there’s not just one link you can use to get an estimate of the real numbers of infected, or of the seriousness of this outbreak, and you will have to do some digging of your own. But here are a few points to consider and research for yourself:

The basics

Other reasons why we don't believe the official numbers

What leaked videos and social media posts have shown us has happened in China

A 4-minute quick intro: /CoronavirusFOS/comments/fgk1b9/covid19_deus_ex_coronavirus_clip_compilation/

What else is happening in China

The Unknowns

What's happening outside of China

Supply Chain and Economic Impacts

There’s much more that can be posted here, but that's enough topics to get you started on your own research. I really doubt this is going to be disappearing in a month or two. If any readers have a source or video link etc., or additional points they you'd like me to add, just reply to this message, or send me a private message if you prefer. Thanks for reading!
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Thailand is not a Democracy yet I feel more free in the Kingdom than in California.
Another day another thread or comment is posted on reddit about a FARANG talk crap about Thailand. Yet THAILAND has 3 of their cities in "Most Traveled to Cities in the World" Visa did a stats on this and many other sources corroborated. Why is that? Racists? Xenophobe? Rude culture? Then why do people come?
Allow me to play Devil's advocate:
1) FARANG can't buy land not because of racism but because of CAPITALISM. THAILAND PROTECT KING'S LAND for ITS PEOPLE to purchase at affordable price per Rai.
Look at California coastal cities to Oregon to Washington to Vancouver BC. Most of THE LANDS ARE OWNED BY MULTI NATIONAL CORPORATIONS BANKERS. It baffles me when citizen of its own country who parents live in the area cannot afford rent where they grew up. Some old ass landlord dude bottleneck the whole zip code innovation from young people by purchasing up all land and making rent more than 50% of young people's income. People work to pay rent rather than live their life doing passion or other services. So many people are now doing "VaN LiFe, LiveLovePrayTraveltoThailand90daysVisaHopsElepahantPants" Young people suffers from: No private property, no care, no sense of belonging at all. So much pressure for young men, so high suicide rates and divorce due to RENT. It's always comes down to roof over your head.
Look at Facebook owner Zuckerberg. He owns half the island in Hawaii.
Look at Jamaica and other islands around it. All resorts own by few rich dudes. People can't access most beaches only one public beach.
Look at Manila. Homeless Citizens everywhere eating PAG PAG aka throw away KFC in trash while landlords gets fat. Same constitution as USA. Facsimile.
Look at Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Rich military men has multiple wives Helicopters for medivac. Regular citizen get snake bit in the field. No BTS. NO SPEED TRAIN. Good luck fighting cobra bite on motor bike for 45 minutes to "Hospital".
10 Families own half Florida land mass.
Al Jazeera UK usually anti Thailand just released in Youtube video praising Thailand Swiztzerland has program sending their elder to Thailand to lives rest of their lives with nuero disease. It's great news but it's kinda funny how they outsource their elder to other country and Switz and Sweden supposed to be best country in the world LOL. Thailand last resort https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7yeiO-UZoM Read the comments how many Switz praise Thai ways of respecting elder.
Look at California. City of Irvine. 4th safest city in United States. 90% own by Irvine Company. It's a big slum lord company with crazy HOA with high tax. You can never own especially with student loan.
Look with San Francisco. You can make 100k per year and live in a shack 3k per month.
You think an average Thai can afford that life style? Western born people even can't afford land in country like the United States land of the FREE so how can Thai? Unless you wanna live in Tornado alley where your life saving can be wiped in 1 shot. Then yes you cann buy a Mcmansion for a 100k.
You yourself will likely pay way more once Thailand becomes democracy. Lands are not gonna be affordable like you think. With outside money, China will swiped right the whole coasts and turn it into Casino like in LAOS, Cambodia and Vancouver Africa. Those videos that FARANG JOE posts on youtube for $200/month BEACH FRONT RENTAL PROPERTY IN PRACHUAP KIRIKHAN etc will be all GONE. It will be like $200 a night bungalo cut out from street with all kind of HOA laws and everything will costs 3 times more due to permit. 30 BAHT street food bowl of BAH MEE MOO DANG from mom and pops shops? Low rent means cheap food. LMAO now 90 BAHT with RENT MARK UP TO GO TO IPO COMPANY WHO JUST ENTERED SP500. Look at USA LANDSCAPE nothing but malls, starbucks, and amazon warehouses. It takes 16 licenses to open a lemonade stand in California. Costs ramification is a lot to an average person. It's not racism at all. Thailand wants Thai to be self reliant and proud business owner. Capitalism kills small businesses Ask Jeff Bayso who during COVID 19 Earnings in first three months equivalent to $33m an hour.
If you want to own property buy condo or buy land but do it the right way and marry a good woman or man. You gonna pass it on to your sons and daughters anyway so who cares. Make babies, plant flag and hold down your land with your wife. If you marry a bar girl and she leaves you, you cannot blame Thailand. You lost your virginity and felt in love with your first warm cherries pie and then it's on you. Bar girls slept with 10,000 dudes by the time she retires at ripe age of 30. I get some people don't care about body count as long as no STD but generally they are harder to bond with. Think about it, would you hire someone to manage your business who leaves his job every week for a new job on his resume? No loyalty. They will run and find another sucker. Don't blame anyone but yourself.
United States has VETERAN DISCOUNTS almost everywhere and has PX for active duty services and VET only electronic stores and booze and cigarettes no tax. Memorial days discounts and perks. Wear a dress Blue??? Free meals all day.
A group of Marine got on the same boat with me and my buddies from Long Beach to Catalina island fishing for scorpion fish. We paid $100 each for 4 hours fishing. Marines all paid 25% less than us due to military discount. I AM PERFECTLY FINE WITH THAT. They served, gave up few years of their youth for service. GOOD FOR THEM HOORAH.
Many average male in Thailand including your sons has to serve unless u hide him from Thailand until he is 30 years old. Many of them also has to be a monk one season for "GrAnDPaRenTz GoeS To HeavEn FamILy HappY" My point is they don't just get the perks. They have to serve 2 years guarding Cambodian, Laos, Burma, and Malaysia boarder and has to be a monk too. I AM ABSOLUTELY OKAY WITH PAYING 100 BAHT AKA 3 BUCKS to enter National Parks and Somchai can pay 30 BAHT aka 1 DOLLARS. I did not serve. My GDP is higher. I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH PAYING FARANG PRICE.
The Thais are not racists but are weeding out unorganized grab-asstic Cheap Charlies and sociopath takers who pack the attitude to be confrontational in their beloved Thailand. If you can't save up 800k BAHT aka 27k USD, you have no business leaching and retiring in other countries that you didn't put into the system.
People who qualify to retired in Thailand TODAY has a lot higher quality of life than the former Thailand of 20 years ago.
Seems like many Farang with Asian wife in particular ran from Neo-Liberalism-Bigbrother-nopersonalfreedom politics with high tax high rental costs and high divorce rate in the west. So why try to make Thailand Democracy like your home you ran from? Which eventually becomes high propety tax like California. Stay out of politics. Everytime USA bring Democracy, someone gets bombed. You're a guest go fix your home.
Old people can't even afford medicare copays and rent off SSA. What kind of society just let their elder dies in massive body count during COVID19 in USA hospice. Thais cares way more about old people and even bow to them and answer KRUP OR KRA after every sentence.
CHUCKIE AND PAIGE from NOTIME2BESAD just paid 1k PER YEAR for PPO INSURANCE in THAILAND. Thai doctors can make a dude turn to hot ladyboy. Your tumor or nose job is nothing. Them surgeons working in King's hospital are mostly Farang and or Western Medical Educated Thais and only cost a fraction of the US pricing. Retired at 50 years old no need to work hard all your life to 70 years old and break health to make money, then the spent the made money to save health.
submitted by Torrancian to Thailand [link] [comments]

[S] Swoldow's Survivor: Japan - Saints vs Sinners

After 40 crazy seasons, Swoldow's Survivor is back! We have a cast of newbies on two tribes of 10, each with one thing in common; their backstory. The Saints Tribe consist of castaways that have used their lives for the common good and are positive members of society, while the Sinners Tribe is full of people who have done bad things in life to get ahead. Will good, evil, or something in between win? Let's find out....

Saints Tribe:
Sinners Tribe:
THE SEASON: https://brantsteele.com/survivo37/r.php?c=3t4ppLeq
GOOGLE DOC WITH WRITEUPS: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zRZ9KHD5G6Czx2gG-EeRY2s9L1GYfnIf8XMd8NYy9_I/edit

Potential All-Stars:
Bridgette, King, Blair, Wildcard, Himari, Sass, Jay, Kaylee, Vorona, Elaine
This was an amazing season.
It lived up to the shoe it had to fill in Winners at War and this is arguably in the top three best newbie casts of this series. Karen, Leslee, Ruby, and Elaine were amazing characters and I was sad to see them go, Especially Elaine, who was medevaced with an idol in her pocket. The Ruby blindside was an amazing move by King and Jay. Vorona getting idoled out at merge was an amazing moment and what was what established Bridgette as the MVP of the season. On the topic of Bridgette, she was an amazing winner. She rubbed many people the wrong way starting out and never received a vote until final five. It was very obvious she was thinking 5 steps ahead of everyone else, and she played effectively both from the top, and the bottom. Wildcard and Sass were also amazing villains, and I could also see the majority of the players making merge returning, which is always a good thing in a newbies season. Luke, Himari and Sass getting idoled out were also great moves done, and the final three, King, Blair, and Bridgette, were very iconic.
Since u/Shiromifeari's character won, she gets a guaranteed spot in season 42, with a gender of her choosing. See you all next time for Swoldow's Survivor: Millenials vs Generation X.
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8 Things To Never Do In A Casino! - YouTube The Best Places to Visit in Oregon, USA - YouTube Dining Out in the Northwest: Seven Feathers Casino - Canyonville, Oregon (7) Cozy Cove Beachfront Resort Inn - Lincoln City Hotels, Oregon Grant's Getaways: 7 Wonders of Oregon - YouTube Casino Camping Seven Feathers Oregon 10 Best Places to Visit in Oregon - Travel Video - YouTube Best Fight in Las Vegas casino.. - YouTube Top 15. Best Tourist Attractions in Eugene - Travel Oregon ... Top Things to do in Eugene, Oregon - YouTube

The Wildhorse resort and casino is one of the best casinos in Oregon as it is one of its kind casino that has to offer so many things to its visitors. The casino claims more points, more rewards. You can earn entries into promotional drawings and get exclusive offers, discounts and much more. The spacious floor offers over 1200 Vegas-style slots to enhance your gaming experience. Roulette ... 2020 "Best of" Hilfe ; Wildhorse Resort and Casino, Pendleton. USA ; Oregon (OR) Pendleton ; Sehenswürdigkeiten und Aktivitäten in Pendleton ; Wildhorse Resort and Casino; Suchen. Wildhorse Resort and Casino. 314 Bewertungen. Nr. 2 von 14 Aktivitäten in Pendleton. Kasinos. Leider sind an den von Ihnen gewählten Daten keine Touren oder Aktivitäten verfügbar. Bitte geben Sie ein anderes ... Best Casino Hotels in Oregon Coast on Tripadvisor: Find 4,386 traveller reviews, 1,439 candid photos, and prices for 6 casino hotels in Oregon Coast, Oregon. Best Casino Hotels in Oregon on Tripadvisor: Find 4,120 traveler reviews, 973 candid photos, and prices for 7 casino hotels in Oregon, United States. Oregon Residents’ Favorite Casino Games Available. When determining the best Oregon online casino sites available, we ensure the most important games to Oregonian players are available. Based on our anecdotal evidence, their top three favorites are blackjack, Let It Ride, and roulette. All options on this page offer top-tier action for all ... The Best Casino Resorts in Oregon. Written by. Angela Brown. Facebook; Twitter; Angela has been writing about life, travel, and recreation in the Northwest, where she grew up, since 2000. Tripsavvy's Editorial Guidelines. Angela Brown. Updated 11/20/20. Fact-Checked by. Reviewed on 10/25/20 Patrice J. Williams. Facebook; Twitter; Patrice J. Williams is a travel and style content creator and ... We discuss the best Oregon online casinos, based on many factors and rank them accordingly. Read on and make an informed choice. Are Online Casinos Legal in Oregon? No! According to the Oregon legal code, the state forbids online casinos. Code Section 167.109 deals with the person operating an internet casino. The state considers anybody running a real money online casino within its borders to ... “ The casino was decorated beautifully, the christmas buffet was one of the best I have ever been to and many thanks to Tessa in the Plank restaurant for doing her magic and getting us a reservation for the buffet. ” “ Oregon State Stats. Oregon is in regards to size the 9 th largest US State and is a total of 98,386 total square miles in size and if you wish to gamble at a casino either an online or in a land based casino in any US State and you are from Texas then you have to be over the age of 21 to be able to legally do so.. Oregon is known by the abbreviation of OR and its date of statehood was back in ... Oregon Casino Map. Click on any of the Oregon counties on the map below to find local casino information, or scroll below the map to search an alphabetical listing of counties and their casinos. Oregon Casino List by County. 1. COOS COUNTY. The Mill Casino Hotel 3201 Tremont Avenue North Bend, Oregon 97459 (800) 953-4800 (541) 756-8800. Three Rivers Casino Resort 1297 Ocean Boulevard Coos Bay ...

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8 Things To Never Do In A Casino! - YouTube

Dining Out in the Northwest: Seven Feathers Casino - Canyonville, Oregon. To discover more delicious local restaurants in Oregon and Washington, visit http:/... This Woman’s Stunning Camper Van is the Best I’ve Ever Seen! ... Boondocking Florence Oregon Three Rivers Casino - Duration: 5:08. Tim,Teri and Sam American Nomads 271 views. 5:08 . Returning ... There are many splendid places to see in Oregon where you can let your spirit for outdoor adventure soar. The biggest challenge may be finding enough time to... Guy beatup by security in casino The Best Places to Visit in Oregon, USAIt's hard to pick any one state in the US to be the most beautiful. In fact, almost every state is stunning with a wid... Cozy Cove Beachfront Resort Inn 3 Stars Hotel in Lincoln City, Oregon - USA Within US Travel Directory This property is 1 minute walk from the beach. This beachfront property is just a 4-minute ... Check out all the places seen in this video: https://www.touropia.com/best-places-to-visit-in-oregon/The tenth largest state in the United States, Oregon exe... Top 15. Best Tourist Attractions and Beautiful Places in Eugene - Travel Oregon: Alton Baker Park, Cascades Raptor Center, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Hu... Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide, discuss 8 things to never do in a casino. They explain why you should never do these eight things and,... We visit Eugene, Oregon and we explore some of the city's top destinations.These are some of the top things to do in Eugene!- Mount Pisgah Arboretum- 5th Str...