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CDPRs glitches/bugs are a very VERY minor problem in Cyberpunk. These problems are bigger:

60 hours into cyberpunk and probably won't finish the game.
No its not because of the bUgS
Bro I played skyrim since it was released
I played New Vegas like 20 times
I played Witcher 3 since the first month of its release
Like the bugs in New Vegas give the game a charm to this day.
Its the content IN THE GAME.
It got to the point where if I want to beat the game I just have to follow the remaining quest markers again and again.
But the side jobs all have the same feel we are used to in a GTA world. Walking around the city as you do the side content, and there is no narrative to V's actions. At least in GTA each of your characters has an actual lifestyle, and a relationship with where they are from. Walking around in Night City, as someone with 50 street cred, and there's no recognition of who you are or what you have accomplished. It doesnt have to offer some grand narrative, but anything that shows consequence and progression of your actions would be fantastic.
The closest thing to this is going to each new "bad guy hang out" and if you walk into their territory they try and kill you. Which is so strange because this happens from the beginning of the game, no matter what. Even as regular civilians walk among the bad guys aimlessly, there is no reaction, but the game triggers to make the bad guys attack without recognition and with impunity when you accidentally look at them. Npcs and cars travel on rails, and if there is an item blocking the path, the game stops. You'd expect that even meandering around the city that your character V would have more relationship with the city, even pre-programmed lines to say here and there. Geralt had his famous COME HERE U PIECE OF FILTH comments when fighting monsters, or commenting on the weather. For as much content in the city, the alleyways, rooftops, random streets, sewers, and the badlands, there seems to be a surprising lack of interest in finding content here.
There are SOME exceptions but take that with a grain of salt:
There was a side gig where I was supposed to save a ripperdoc who was being forced to do work on gang members, another with a father and son duo you can kill who are responsible for trafficking children, or another infiltrating a subterranean casino to assassinate a bad guy - and none of these are varied based on a life path. They are static triggers on a map you select and travel to. But each of these interactions are 5-7 minutes long, one off interactions, and have no consequence or rabbit hole in the world of Cyberpunk. Not even a quarter of Skyrim or New Vegas when in those games, you meet an NPC with a name and you just might get a quest that lasts 3-5 hours.
People think that the main weakness in the game are the bugs, but fortunately for CDPR, the distraction of bugs and glitches and a failed launch QC-wise, are the things that people are thinking about right now. Had the game been 2 months more polished on the QC side, it is still an empty game IN COMPARISON to the detail that exists in the game. The devs exhausted themselves in the world design, and in the style of the game. If they had done as much for AI, organic chemistry in the world, and in a divergent narrative for each life path, then it may have been an 8 out of 10.
Some of the things that would enhance the experience would be a set of side quests directly for corpo, street kid, and nomad. Something that in the world after the prologue that would put you on side quests that can only be accomplished by those life paths:
Street kid gets a narrative that follows the consequences of coming BACK to Night City. The game opens up as Stret Kid that V is back in Night City after leaving another city when things fail. There could be an entire 10 hour narrative directly with dealing with whatever that meant, but nope. Youre back in Night City. The fixers and big players all know you, and you're automatically on everyone's good graces with everyone except Rogue, but just pay her. That'll work.
Corpo could exist in the the remnants of the corporate wars. A stand off between hostile CEOs and your character, or even a goofy world that exists where your company is failing and you have to achieve clout in a incredibly self gratifying cyberpunk world, kinda like a certain side quest where you are helping an inmate execute himself.
Nomad could be a deep dive into clans and the politics of badlands groups from clans like Panams, to the Raffins, but apparently only 1 clan is alive in the Badlands.
But thats just part part of the list of problems. The rest exists in the pre-programmed way that stealth and actual gameplay works. Stealth is ridiculously broken with no tension. Distract an enemy, or memory wipe and you can get by anything. Turn off the camera, ping for enemy locations. Is it just me, or do all those flashy YouTube videos where players are 1 shotting their way through scanner hustles with a silenced pistol all look just like taking down outposts and fortresses in Farcry? It looks neat, but its a shooter at that point, not even reminiscent of an RPG. For as much as people mock The Last of Us 2, its stealth, world building, and tension you feel when you go through abandoned buildings makes you feel human, scared, and cause you to constantly count your ammunition. You are constantly crawling, or stopping, or throwing bottles, or other shit as you go around every corner and open every door.
Overall, these are just a couple shortcomings of this game, minus the issues I have on a ps4 pro. Bugs are not my issue. Its the incomplete gameplay therein and the emptiness of this world that is not an RPG.
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Welcome to the ultimate Rust RPG Experience!
Server Trailer: Website: Discord:
Direct Connect: steam://connect/ F1 Connect: connect Server Browser: RustRPG in the Modded category
Feature List: - MMORPG Gameplay / Custom Map / Never Wipes / Progress is Permanent - Long-Term XP Progression / 100 Levels / Earn XP Through Gameplay - RPG Character Development: Birthsigns / Talents / Attributes / Traits / Abilities - Territory Control: Claim Land / Set Taxation / Clans, Alliances, Wars - Monument Control: Capture Monuments / Gain Resources / Defend Them - Deep Survival Overhaul: New Status Effects / Whole New Gameplay - Tier-Based Map Progression / Newbie / Midgame / Endgame Areas - Regionalized Resources / Custom Sub-Biomes / Geographical Pros & Cons - Raidable Outpost / Player-Run Bandit Camp / No Safe Zones - Custom Events / Monument Hotspots / Gather Hotzones - Monument, Roaming, and World NPC Factions / Bosses & World Bosses - Treasure Hunting / Timed & Contested World Objectives - Dynamic Questing w/ Many Activities & Rewards - Bounty Hunting: Place Bounties on Players or Track & Hunt Bountied Players - Clan Leaderboards: Tracks Kills / Deaths / Raiding / Resources / Rewards For Top Clans - Player Leaderboards: In-Game Titles & Rewards - Achievement System w/ Dozens of Unlocks & Progress Tracking - Casino Gambling: Slot Machines / Blackjack / Custom Scrap Wheels - Social Features: Friends List / Ignore List - In-Game Store for QOL Perks / NO P2W / Earn Reward Points w/ Gameplay - Regular Updates / Much more to come!
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So what else should I add to my Kingsport Lighthouse build?

So far I have 2 bars (7 technically) called the Skyhigh Saloon (because it's built on that house) and the Thirsty Brahmin.
Then I have 2 diners called Wasteland Eats and Kingsport Diner.I also have a Hydro-Farm filled with plants like Mutfruit and Grouds,etc,etc.
For trading your wares I have a trading warehouse called the Trade Joint.The Trade Joint has a weapons booth, a general (junk) booth, an armor booth, and a clothing booth.
For getting your sexual organs stimulated or to enjoy pretty girls or men, I have a Vault-Tec themed Strip Club/Casino/Bar that has a Nuka-Girl stripper, a Grognak stripper, a Vault-Suit stripper, and a ghoul cowboy stripper.
A 5-story apartment building that houses my settlers.It has a bar (the Thirsty Brahmin) and a cafeteria as well as 3 floors strictly for housing.
A hospital that treats everything from getting shot in your adductor muscle to Radiation burns and Plastic Surgery, it treats it all, for free!
I'm currently building a school and a Children of Atom church and considering building both a Minutemen outpost and a store strictly for Power Armor and Power Armor accessories.
What else should I add to the (my) capital of humanity?
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Welcome to the ultimate Rust MMORPG Experience! We offer many ways for players to quickly jump into the action to begin creating their permanent characters and homes, and get involved in the many activities and server politics they will encounter! A whole new Rust experience awaits.
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Feature List: - Dedicated, Lag-Free Hardware / Experienced, Non-Playing Admins - MMORPG Gameplay / Custom Map / Never Wipes / Progress is Permanent - Long-Term XP Progression / 100 Levels / Earn XP Through Gameplay - RPG Character Development: Birthsigns / Talents / Attributes / Traits / Abilities - Territory Control: Claim Land / Set Taxation / Clans, Alliances, Wars - Monument Control: Capture Monuments / Gain Resources / Defend Them - Deep Survival Overhaul: New Status Effects / Whole New Gameplay - Tier-Based Map Progression / Newbie / Midgame / Endgame Areas - Regionalized Resources / Custom Sub-Biomes / Geographical Pros & Cons - Raidable Outpost / Player-Run Bandit Camp / No Safe Zones - Custom Events / Monument Hotspots / Gather Hotzones - Monument, Roaming, and World NPC Factions / Bosses & World Bosses - Treasure Hunting / Timed & Contested World Objectives - Dynamic Questing w/ Many Activities & Rewards - Bounty Hunting: Place Bounties on Players or Track & Hunt Bountied Players - Clan Leaderboards: Tracks Kills / Deaths / Raiding / Resources / Rewards For Top Clans - Player Leaderboards: In-Game Titles & Rewards - Achievement System w/ Dozens of Unlocks & Progress Tracking - Casino Gambling: Slot Machines / Blackjack / Custom Scrap Wheels - Social Features: Friends List / Ignore List - In-Game Store for QOL Perks / NO P2W / Earn Reward Points w/ Gameplay - Regular Updates / Much more to come!
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Welcome to the ultimate Rust MMORPG Experience. We offer many ways for players to quickly jump into the action to begin creating their permanent characters and homes, and get involved in the many activities and server politics they will encounter! A whole new Rust experience awaits.
Server Trailer: Website: Discord:

Feature List: - Dedicated, Lag-Free Hardware / Experienced, Non-Playing Admins - MMORPG Gameplay / Custom Map / Never Wipes / Progress is Permanent - Long-Term XP Progression / 100 Levels / Earn XP Through Gameplay - RPG Character Development: Birthsigns / Talents / Attributes / Traits / Abilities - Territory Control: Claim Land / Set Taxation / Clans, Alliances, Wars - Monument Control: Capture Monuments / Gain Resources / Defend Them - Deep Survival Overhaul: New Status Effects / Whole New Gameplay - Tier-Based Map Progression / Newbie / Midgame / Endgame Areas - Regionalized Resources / Custom Sub-Biomes / Geographical Pros & Cons - Raidable Outpost / Player-Run Bandit Camp / No Safe Zones - Custom Events / Monument Hotspots / Gather Hotzones - Monument, Roaming, and World NPC Factions / Bosses & World Bosses - Treasure Hunting / Timed & Contested World Objectives - Dynamic Questing w/ Many Activities & Rewards - Bounty Hunting: Place Bounties on Players or Track & Hunt Bountied Players - Clan Leaderboards: Tracks Kills / Deaths / Raiding / Resources / Rewards For Top Clans - Player Leaderboards: In-Game Titles & Rewards - Achievement System w/ Dozens of Unlocks & Progress Tracking - Casino Gambling: Slot Machines / Blackjack / Custom Scrap Wheels - Social Features: Friends List / Ignore List - In-Game Store for QOL Perks / NO P2W / Earn Reward Points w/ Gameplay - Regular Updates / Much more to come!
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Why the Legion is Doomed to be Destroyed in a Total War with the NCR.

Even if the Legion were to win the Second Battle of Hoover Dam and conquer the Mojave Wasteland, they'd merely be buying themselves a little extra time and simply stall their inevitable demise. Note that the following analysis assumes that the Legion won the Second Battle of Hoover Dam and that the Courier died in Goodsprings.
To start off this analysis, let's begin with a run-down of the respective weapons, equipment and gear of the respective ranks of the NCR and the Legion going into the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. Beginning with the NCR garrison at Hoover Dam. The NCR Trooper comprises the core of the Republic's colossal armies and is the prime component of the NCR Army. A superb combination of volunteers and conscripts whose degrees of training, motivation, combat experience and access to equipment vary across the ranks, they're some of the most disciplined, most professional soldiers in all of the Wastes.
They're outfitted with modern military-grade ballistic vests that offer excellent protection against small arms fire, shrapnel and melee weapons alongside steel helmets. The NCR Army battalion that's stationed at Hoover Dam in particular is fully comprised of battle-hardened, fully-trained volunteer veteran NCR Troopers that are armed with 5.56 × .45mm NATO Marksman Carbines, 5mm Assault Rifles, 12-gauge Riot Shotguns and .308 Sniper Rifles to supplement their standard-issued 5.56 × .45mm NATO Service Rifles.
The NCR Patrol Ranger is one of the finest, most elite warriors in both the NCR military and the Wastelands, overall. Having survived a brutal training regimen that's so ludicrously difficult that 8-out-of-10 aspiring recruits wash-out, these purely volunteer harbingers of death have little to no equals in terms of skill, fighting prowess and strength.
They're outfitted with a suit of hand-made First-Generation Combat sporting a knife sheath, a hydration pouch and spiked spurs for unarmed combat that is impervious to any and all small arms fire, shrapnel and melee attacks. They're armed with 5.56 × .45mm NATO Marksman Carbines, .308 Sniper Rifles and .44 Magnum Trail Carbines.
The NCR Heavy Trooper is not only the elite heavy shock infantry of the NCR Army, but is also the proverbial sledgehammer through which the Republic may crush its enemies and obliterate all that may threaten its values.
Having earned their distinctive armor through immense sacrifice in blood, sweat and most of their young lives, they're the absolute best-trained, best-equipped, most battle-hardened, most professional, most skilled, most fanatically-devoted warriors in the whole of the NCR Armed Forces (rivaled only by the legendary NCR Veteran Rangers). Warriors that are more than willing to fight to their absolute last breath in defense of the Republic and all that it represents.
They're outfitted with NCR Salvaged Power Armor, suits of T-45d Power Armor that were captured from the Brotherhood of Steel during the Brotherhood War that have had their joint servomotors removed and their back-mounted power cylinders replaced with custom-built energy modules and built-in air-conditioning units so that Power Armor Training wouldn't be needed to wear them.
And while they're no longer legitimate suits of Power Armor in that they're no longer powered, they're still some of the absolute best and most protective suits of armor within the Republic's entire mammoth arsenal. Completely invulnerable to all but the most powerful conventional firearms, highly-advanced energy weapons, specialized ammunition and high-powered explosives, they can truly absorb Hellish amounts of punishment. They're armed with 5.56 × .45mm NATO Light Machine Guns, 5mm Miniguns, Heavy Incinerators, Flamers and Missile Launchers (albeit rarely).
The NCR Veteran Ranger is a living, breathing legend walking amongst the ruins and ashes of the Old World, drawing inspiration and hope from soldiers and citizens of the Republic as well as fear and terror from enemies and all those who dare to oppose the NCR.
Fabled for their unmatched fighting prowess, envied for their flawlessly unequalled marksmanship technique, feared for their unrivaled warfighting skills, awe-inspiring for their unsurpassed pugilist talent and legendary for their innate mastery over hardcore survivalist skills, the NCR Veteran Rangers are the absolute finest, best-trained, most battle-hardened, most professional, most skilled, most-elite and all-around most bad-ass warriors in not only the entire history of the Republic military, but also the whole of the Western Wastes, as well.
Centurions and Praetorian Guards of Caesar's Legion, Knights and Paladins of the Brotherhood of Steel and even the Republic's very own NCR Heavy Troopers have learned to shudder in terror and fear at the mere mention of the mythical phenoms of the Wastelands that are the NCR Veteran Rangers
These fabled guardian angels of the Republic are outfitted with the equally legendary Black Armor, a hyper-advanced suit of Third-Generation Combat Armor consisting of a highly-flexible vest of incredibly-rigid high-impact armored plating with adjustable straps on both the sides and the shoulders and a built-in throat protector that's mounted on the vest.
Combined with the state-of-the-art rounded-shell ballistic helmet sporting built-in lamps and infrared/visible light projectors as well as the complimentary highly-sophisticated armored mask with built-in low-light optics, an incorporated locking mechanism that joins the mask itself with the helmet shell, ear covers with built-in membranes that confer additional protection without inhibiting the wearer's hearing and built-in air filters, the mythical Black Armor is well-deserving of its stellar reputation.
As you can see, the NCR's forces are extremely heavily-armed, well-equipped and armed to the teeth with the absolute latest in top-of-the-line, high-powered firearms and state-of-the-art, highly-sophisticated energy weapons as well as superbly well-protected with an abundance of different varieties of military-grade body armors with varying degrees of effectiveness and even Salvaged Power Armor.
Now it's time for an evaluation of the Legion's weapons and technology. The Recruit Legionary is the primary foot soldier of Caesar's army and comprises the vast majority of the Legion's ranks. Trained and conditioned from before they could walk to become the perfect warriors, Recruit Legionaries are incredibly well-conditioned and in phenomenal physical shape, owing to a savagely intense training regimen that even the NCR Rangers would envy. Despite said conditioning, however, they're still the equivalent of literal cannon fodder with little-to-no actual skill in firearms usage and maintenance.
They're outfitted with a suit of makeshift featherweight armor that consists of sports equipment with bits and pieces of scrap metal atop a cloth tunic that's all lashed together with leather straps. An armor that's so weak that it couldn't even protect its wearer against the likes of a straight razor.
They're armed primarily with a "Machete" (what's really a lawnmower blade that's lashed to a stick) and "Throwing Spears" (what's really even bigger sticks with pieces of sharpened scrap metal fastened and jabbed into the tips), though they can rarely get their hands on firearms (albeit damn near broken ones) such as .357 Magnum Revolvers, .357 Magnum Cowboy Repeaters, 9mm Pistols, 20-gauge Single Shotguns, 20-gauge Caravan Shotguns, 5.56 × .45mm NATO Varmint Rifles and 10mm Pistols.
The Prime Legionary is the centerpiece of the Legion's fighting force and the core component of any Legion formation. Having survived 5 years in Caesar's forces, a remarkable accomplishment in and of itself, Prime Legionaries are no longer mere cannon fodder but are now the main frontline fighting force of the Legion. With the accompanying improvement in weapons and equipment as well as adequate firearms skills to make the promotion that much sweeter.
They're outfitted with the exact same armor as before, only with a slight improvement in protection. It still can't protect the wearer from shit, however. They're armed with the standard-issued "Machetes" and "Throwing Spears" though they also have much better access to more advanced weapons than before.
Melee weapons, such as Machete Gladius', Power Fists and Chainsaws, and firearms (of decent quality), such as 10mm SMGs, 12-gauge Sawn-Off Shotguns .44 Magnum Revolvers and .308 Hunting Rifles are all available to them in significant quantities.
The Veteran Legionary is the oldest, most experienced, most elite warrior within the lesser ranks of the Legion and is also the precise scalpel to the blunt, destructive warhammer of the Recruit and Prime Legionaries.
Having survived a full decade in Caesar's service, a monumental achievement in its own right, Veteran Legionaries are the elite rapid reaction force of the Legion that's tasked with neutralizing particularly tough adversaries that their lesser counterparts can't defeat and typically remain in reserve until otherwise needed for tipping the scales of a pivotal battle or campaign in the Legion's favor.
As they're the oldest Legionaries (a lot of whom have been with Caesar since day 1), they're also the most experienced, most capable Legionaries who are in their absolute prime in regards to martial prowess and physical resilience. They're second only to Centurions in terms of skill and experience, which is reflected in their improved access to superior weapons and equipment. They can also use and maintain firearms with frightening levels of efficiency.
They're outfitted with the same armor as before, though with even better protection. Still couldn't protect you from anything meaningful, though. They're armed with the usual standard kit in addition to melee weapons such as Fire Axes and Power Fists as well as firearms (of mint condition and with virtually unlimited access to) such as .44 Magnum Revolvers, .308 Hunting Rifles, 5.56 × .45mm NATO Marksman Carbines and 12.7mm SMGs.
The Decanus of the Legion is the lesser officer beneath the Centurion and is responsible for tactical small-unit operations and squad-level leadership. While not too different from ordinary Legionaries in terms of skill, equipment and even appearance, they still have slightly better access to weapons hence they deserve a separate segment.
Recruit Decanii can get access to 9mm SMGs and 10mm SMGs unlike Recruit Legionaries, Prime Decanii aren't any different from Prime Legionaries and Veteran Decanii can get access to 12.7mm Pistols unlike Veteran Legionaries (not a real improvement, I know). Everything else is exactly the same.
The Centurion is the absolute apex of the Legion's strength and the top field commanders of Caesar's armies, second in authority only to Legate Lanius and Caesar himself amongst a tiny select few of other superiors.
Having survived 15-20 years of a long, arduous life of fighting in Caesar's name (a completely unimaginable phenomenon, indeed) before finally earning the treasured armor of the Centurion (which they can decorate with the trophies of their fallen enemies at their leisure), Centurions are the absolute most elite, most skilled, most battle-hardened and ultimately the most dangerous warriors in the entirety of the Legion.
To even BEGIN to qualify for Centurion status, one must have fought in and survived numerous Legion campaigns as well as slain countless opponents in battle alongside the time requirement. All to ensure that only the finest of Caesar's warriors ever reach that level of authority in his Legion.
As the oldest, most experienced warriors in Caesar's army, the Centurions comprise the old guard of Caesar's army, most of them having served their lord since the very beginning. Their status all but ensures that they're reserved for only the absolute deadliest, most lethal of assignments that even Veteran Legionaries can't handle. They're ultimately only deployed if absolutely necessary.
In order to ensure that his Centurions can both accomplish their missions without even the slightest chance of failure and protect themselves without difficulty, Caesar has granted them unlimited access to the absolute finest weapons in his Legion's arsenal and has seen to it that they have acquired the absolute sharpest firearms skills that money can buy as a corresponding reward for their reaching Centurion status.
They're outfitted with Centurion armor which, while legendary amongst the Legion, really isn't that special. It's actually just Veteran Legionary armor with some cool decorations on it at the end of day.
Pieces of T-45d Power Armor on the right arm, the sleeve from a suit of NCR Ranger Patrol Armor and the pauldrons from an Armored Vault Suit on the left arm, the boots and shin guards from a suit of First-Generation Combat Armor on the lower legs, the crotch/thigh guards from a suit of NCR Ranger Patrol Armor on the upper legs, gloves from a suit of Leather Armor on the hands and a Super Mutant Brute chestplate on the torso, to be exact.
Realistically speaking, Centurion armor would be just about useless against virtually any weapon in the NCR's arsenal. Even a single 5.56 × .45mm NATO round fired from a basic Service Rifle would most certainly do the job, flawlessly.
They're armed with basic melee weapons such as Machete Gladius' and Chainsaws as well as high-tech melee weapons such as Thermic Lances (which are actually just repurposed metalworking tools) and Super Sledges in addition to powerful firearms such as .308 Hunting Rifles, 12-gauge Hunting Shotguns, 5.56 x .45mm NATO Marksman Carbines and even .50 BMG Anti-Materiel Rifles (albeit rarely).
Now we must now examine what will inevitably be a huge problem for the Legion even if they were to win the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. The Legion, even though it does in fact have access to some top-of-the-line weapons, only has them in an extremely limited capacity and strictly reserves them for only the highest-ranking, most elite Legion forces and field commanders.
The overwhelming bulk of the Legion's troops have little-to-no real firearms and what pitifully little that they can get their hands on are in extremely piss-poor condition. Not that it would matter, considering the fact that they don't have the proper training that's necessary to actually use them, much less maintain them.
The vast majority of Caesar's troops rely almost entirely on primitive makeshift melee weapons and their own martial prowess to fight their battles, which inevitably means that the Legion has to avoid direct engagement with NCR forces, instead relying on subterfuge and guerilla warfare to combat the Republic.
And it gets even worse for the Legion when one considers that the higher that its troops advance up the totem pole, the fewer Legionaries that it finds at the higher levels. A direct consequence of the Legion's overprioritization of quality and individual skill in combat is that it inevitably results in an extremely small cadre of elite warriors and field commanders surrounded by a sea of lesser soldiers and officers.
Combined with the fact that the Legion is only 34 years-old by the events of F:NV (meaning that even if one were to ignore things like inevitable attrition all throughout the Legion's war-filled history of expansion and conquest, they still wouldn't have that many Veteran Legionaries/Decanii and Centurions) as well as the fact that attrition over the years must be taken into account (the First Battle of Hoover Dam and the Legion's invasion of Colorado alone absolutely devastated their elite ranks), it's only obvious that the Legion's elite forces are relatively puny.
Furthermore, we know for a fact that there's enough Veteran Legionaries/Decanii for them to form a few of their own exclusive Centuria (a Century is 80-men-strong, I might add), with the Red Okie Centuria being a prime example of this. This definitely suggests that the Legion has at least a couple hundred Veteran Legionaries/Decanii at its disposal. As for Centurions, it's a little known fact that they're so incredibly rare in the Legion that they're actually explicitly ordered to not enter combat until absolutely necessary (i.e self-defense or if they're ordered into battle by a superior).
This, along with the fact that they're never really seen in any meaningful numbers in-game until the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, strongly suggests that there might only be at most several dozen Centurions in the whole of the Legion (there definitely wouldn't be over 100 of them). Either way, however, the Legion's elite forces are so pathetically tiny that they couldn't possibly justify the Legion having any meaningful amount of high-end weaponry.
The NCR, on other hand, doesn't have these problems as 1. the NCR prioritizes protection and firepower above all else for their forces and 2. even their most basic troops have exclusive access to essentially unlimited supplies of all manner of firearms and explosives as well as highly superb protection in the form of military-grade body armor.
Meaning that the NCR not only has a hopelessly insurmountable edge in firepower, technology and protection over the Legion, but that soldiers of the NCR also have a far higher life expectancy than their Legion counterparts, as well. All but ensuring that the NCR has a vastly higher volume of surviving battle-hardened combat veterans relative to the Legion that enables for the Republic to easily distribute extremely invaluable, ultimately irreplaceable combat experience and lessons learned in battle across the entirety of their military to a far greater extent than the Legion.
Scores of battle-hardened NCR Troopers that distinguish themselves on the battlefield go on to enlist with the NCR Rangers upon receiving an invitation to do so (fun fact: the vast majority of NCR Ranger recruits and even NCR Rangers themselves are/were NCR Troopers who earned their new status while serving in the NCR Army), earn the coveted Salvaged Power Armor and become NCR Heavy Troopers or earn promotions to positions of authority in the NCR Army (prime examples being Colonel Cassandra Moore and Colonel James Hsu). All of the above information will have colossal long-term consequences for the Legion, at the end of the day.
With that out of the way, let's move on to the main argument itself. The most positive estimates of the Legion's total numbers and military strength would be at best 5,000-8,000 troops. Then we must take into account the fact that the Legion is going to suffer massive losses (easily numbering into the thousands) taking Hoover Dam from the NCR as the NCR garrison here is extremely well-defended, well-supplied and heavily-fortified by both an entire battalion of elite, battle-hardened NCR Troopers and God only knows how many NCR Patrol Rangers, NCR Heavy Troopers and NCR Veteran Rangers.
Combined with the fact that General Oliver's Compound is extremely well-defended with force fields, a turret system, NCR Veteran Rangers, NCR Heavy Troopers, elite NCR Troopers and an absolute labyrinth that's filled to the brim with all manner of booby traps ranging from rigged shotguns, bear traps and mines of all types to grenade bouquets and overhanging objects (and given that you see a pile of fresh Legionary and Centurion corpses at your feet whenever you enter the Compound during the "Veni, Vidi, Vici" quest it's more than safe to assume that Legion casualties will be extremely massive just securing this area alone), this only serves to bolster my claim that thousands of the Legion's troops will perish at Hoover Dam even if they were to take it.
With only a mere fraction of their original number (that 5,000-8,000 will have been massively depleted after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam), now the Legion has to set out and secure the rest of the Mojave Wasteland, which will prove to be completely impossible over time. The Legion will find next to no tribes to assimilate as they exterminate the Powder Gangers, Fiends, Vipers, Jackals and the Kings in all of their endings.
And while the Legion still has the Great Khans and the Boomers, they won't help much. The Great Khans are down to little more than a pitiful rag-tag band of holdouts after both their ass-whipping at the hands of Mr. House and their decimation at Bitter Springs by the NCR. A fact that only gets worse when we subtract the women and female children (breeding stock), the elderly, the sick and the disabled (killed off immediately) as well as mention the fact that the Frumentarius Karl does say in his journal that the Legion would have to decimate most of the tribe, anyways. Meaning that the Legion will at most get a couple paltry handful of warriors from them.
As for the Boomers (assuming that the "Volare!" quest isn't completed) will prove to be more than a huge cost than a real benefit to the Legion. The Boomers' artillery alone would kill hundreds, if not thousands, of Legionaries with the Boomers themselves, armed to the teeth with Missile Launchers, Fat Mans, Grenade Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers, Grenade Rifles, 5.56 x 45mm. Marksman Carbines and 5mm Assault Carbines in addition to Mr. Gutsy combat robots and Sentry Bots, killing hundreds and even thousands more before the Legion finally conquer them.
Also consider that the Boomers, who worship their artillery and weapons with a near religious reverence, will by no means let their weapons fall into the hands of savages. Thus we could easily see them sabotaging their artillery (how hard would it be to load an artillery shell and lob a frag grenade down the barrel, after all?; and given that the Boomers only have 3-4 artillery pieces it wouldn't take long to do) and munitions stockpiles (just a few bricks of C4 could easily destroy all of the Boomers' weapons and ammunition supplies) to keep them out of Legion hands, which only adds insult to injury.
Even worse for the Legion is that when we subtract those Boomers that died in battle (most likely all of the adult males), the women and female children, the elderly, sick and disabled the Legion will have only a handful of male children to their name (remember that the Boomers are a really puny tribe that depend entirely on their firepower to survive) which means that they will have achieved nothing despite their massive losses incurred from conquering Nellis Air Force Base.
Then we also consider the fact that the Legion doesn't enslave civilized communities or Independent Towns unless under extraordinary circumstances (as evidenced by Siri over at the Fort who hailed from an Independent Town in New Mexico and was a medical student there prior to its destruction by the Legion).
Of course, it wouldn't matter as even if they did, the entire New Vegas area is completely evacuated by the NCR in the event of a Legion victory at Hoover Dam as evidenced by Arcade Gannon's Legion ending where he's convinced to remain in Freeside (all of Freeside, North Vegas, Westside, East Vegas and the Strip, which is really just a resort for NCR tourists rather than an actual community, are evacuated with those few that don't make it out, Arcade included, being killed by the Legion).
And when we consider that Nelson was butchered, Camp Searchlight irradiated and Nipton destroyed by the Legion with Goodsprings being left alone and Primm just falling under Legion authority (no point in enslaving the town anyways considering how it's just one big retirement home alongside Goodsprings which is also evacuated by all save a few old, stubborn folks) then it's blatantly clear that the Legion will have very few civilized people left to enslave.
With an even smaller fraction of survivors thanks to their conquest of Nellis AFB (in addition to hundreds more casualties against the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, the Kings and what's left of House's Securitron police force and the Chairmen) the Legion will soon realize its folly and discover that both holding the Mojave Wasteland and continuing their advance West is literally impossible.
The Legion's logistical situation and acquisition of supplies will soon prove to be an insurmountable nightmare within mere weeks of their occupation of the Mojave. The loss of Nipton, Camp Searchlight and Nelson will serve to severely hamstring the Legion's logistics with the eventual deaths of New Vegas, Primm and Goodsprings only complicating the Legion's supply lines even further.
As 99% of the Strip's revenue comes from NCR tourists and soldiers on leave and given how the Legion will most likely tear down the casinos and ban whores, booze, chems and gambling under Caesar's law, the Strip will eventually shrivel up and die due to loss of revenue. North Vegas, East Vegas, Westside, Freeside, Primm and Goodsprings, which are entirely dependent on Republic trade and commerce for survival, will eventually suffer the same fate as NCR trade and business abandon the region out of both fear and hatred for the Legion.
Especially after the Legion's successful assassination of President Kimball which will see him martyred and ensure that the NCR will cut off all ties to the fallen Mojave Wasteland. With all of the Mojave's communities and towns dying off, the Legion's supply lines will crumble and face imminent collapse within only a few months time (Hoover Dam isn't a viable supply route as while it does allow the Legion to cross the Colorado River in force it's just too far to provide adequate, long-term support) which will only serve to doom the Legion's occupation of the Mojave Wasteland.
We must also take into account that the Legion will need every last man, Denarius and resource at its disposal if it so much as hopes to hold the region and continue the advance West. Which will force Caesar to relinquish the Legion's entire empire East of the Colorado in order to do so. In Legate Lanius’ own words, the Legion's expansion campaigns in the East have been faltering badly as Caesar's obsession with Hoover Dam, New Vegas and the West has seen the Legion's full strength syphoned off towards Hoover Dam as part of Caesar's plan to overrun Hoover Dam, conquer New Vegas and eventually invade the West.
Imagine the Hell that the Legion will have trying to secure the Mojave Wasteland, which will prove to be so bad that the Legion heartlands will have to be left defenseless, lawless and chaotic just to even begin to make such an ambitious feat even remotely feasible. Some would probably argue that Caesar would surely never abandon the East just for the tiniest, southernmost tip of Nevada and just one little city but I'd advise you to reconsider.
Caesar explicitly states that while the Legion does have their own cities back East, NONE OF THEM are ANYTHING like New Vegas. Why is that such a big deal, one might ask? It's simple, really. While the Mojave Wasteland was relatively untouched by the nuclear holocaust that was the Great War, thanks to the quick and decisive actions of Robert Edwin House, New Vegas is at best a total dump and at worst an absolute shithole.
Filled to the brim with disease, essentially overrun with Raiders, bandits and common criminals of all stripes, absolutely crushed beneath the iron heel of a colossal drug-addiction crisis, bursting at the seams with abject misery and poverty and rampant with starvation, New Vegas is without a doubt little more than a massive dumpster fire.
Things are so bad in that cursed place that you actually have children chasing rats in the streets just to survive, locals constantly complaining about hunger pains and withdrawals and scum ranging from the Fiends to random little hooligan punks constantly ransacking the place.
Westside, the South Vegas ruins, East Vegas, North Vegas and Freeside are all Hellish nightmares that are almost completely hopeless causes, at the end of the day. Even if one takes into account the diamond in the rock, the New Vegas Strip, you still wouldn't find many reasons to be impressed.
What you have is a tiny wealthy resort community that still looks like a dump (though it's still a major improvement from the rest of New Vegas), has highly dilapidated infrastructure (the Tops Casino still has a giant hole on the side of the building) and is surrounded by a wall that's held together with spit, grit and a whole lotta' duct tape.
And while the Strip is safe, orderly and prosperous by the standards of the Mojave Wasteland (a very shit standard, I might add), it's ultimately a very terrible place by the standards of the rest of the post-apocalyptic world (i.e. NCR territory and lands under Legion control). If Legion cities can't even match the standards of that shithole, what does that say about Caesar's willingness to hold them? Especially in light of what he'd be gaining in return?
Furthermore, Caesar often tends to view himself as a mere barbaric king of the Gauls, with his Legion being nothing but one big nomadic tribe of savages without a true home or purpose in his eyes, which is extremely depressing. Caesar sees New Vegas as a true city, a true capital, a true home for both himself and his Legion, a true Rome that he can rule over and could preside over a true empire in. And the West as that very true empire that he so desperately relishes.
Do you honestly believe that Caesar wouldn't trade his current empire (which he clearly holds in very low esteem and almost regrets ever conquering it) for his new Rome and a stepping stone towards eventually conquering his new Roman Empire (the stepping stone being the Mojave Wasteland)? He'd trade the whole of the East for New Vegas and the Mojave Wasteland in a heartbeat and in doing so will seal the Legion's fate and imminent doom.
With the Legion having completely relinquished the East (and therefore cutting themselves off from their resource base, source of revenue/income and escape route, in the process) their supply lines and logistical network in chaos and having absolutely no source of replenishment and reinforcements for their ranks, the Legion will slowly but surely disintegrate, trapped in a permanent holding pattern in the Mojave that'll bleed them dry and drain them of all their resources.
The NCR, meanwhile, will have simply dug in at the Mojave Outpost and fortified their defenses there. They'd have most certainly brought in the 3 VB-02 Vertibirds (which are armed with Gatling Lasers, Missile Launcher racks and Mini Nuke Launchers and outfitted with heavy armor) that were conducting combat air patrols of the NCR military base just a few miles away from the Mojave Outpost.
Far from stopping there, however, Colonel Royez (who's outfitted with the Scorched Sierra Power Armor which is a fully-operational suit of heavily-modified T-45d Power Armor upgraded with onboard medical systems capable of healing any injury and an improved back-mounted power pack from a suit of T-51b Power Armor that will be capable of resisting nearly all of the Legion's weapons and armed with a Plasma Caster chock full of overcharged Microfusion Cells so incredibly strong that it can kill a lvl. 50 Courier in Power Armor with just 2-3 hits!) and his men (NCR Heavy Troopers armed to the teeth with Gatling Lasers, Plasma Casters and Tesla Cannons as well as NCR Troopers armed with Tri-Beam Laser Rifles, Multiplas Rifles, Laser Rifles and Plasma Rifles) will also redeployed there from the same military camp, as well.
Republic artillery pieces can also be deployed there to help bolster the outpost's defenses, as well. A massive network of bunkers, pillboxes and trenches all along the hill below the outpost as well as machine gun nests, sniper nests, minefields and razorwire can also be established to further enhance the impregnable defensive perimeter of the new frontline. Once all of this is done, the NCR will then proceed to flood the outpost with tens of thousands of NCR Troopers, NCR Heavy Troopers, NCR Veteran Rangers
And when coupled with the fact that the Mojave Outpost is atop a high hill, is flanked by mountain ranges on both sides (which will completely prevent the Legion from attacking its flanks and rear), is right on the border with fully-controlled Republic territory (which will make it impossibly easy to keep well-supplied and will also ensure that Republic reinforcements are plentiful and easily available) and the fact that one could see everything up to Primm and Nipton from the Mojave Outpost (that particular area is also wide-open, completely exposed and lacks any real cover which means that any Legion force of any meaningful size would be spotted from miles away day or night which in turn will prevent Legion surprise attacks), the Mojave Outpost will truly become a 100% impregnable fortress.
To make things even worse for the Legion, there's absolutely no bypassing the Mojave Outpost either as the only areas that can allow such a short cut around the Long 15 are completely and literally impassable. The Big Empty is often described as a wall to any living thing approaching it, the Divide is little more than a death trap and is completely avoided by the Legion for obvious reasons and Death Valley is so inhospitable that even the NCR, with its fleet of military cargo trucks and Vertibirds, flat out avoids that area out of habit.
Any army stupid enough to try and cross through these areas will not return alive under any circumstances. Which in turn ensures that only through the Long 15 can the Legion hope to invade the West and given that the Mojave Outpost is purely impenetrable and that the Mojave Wasteland is completely entrapped with mountains and the Colorado River, the Legion will be completely trapped in the Mojave Wasteland and will never be freed from their holding pattern there.
The NCR simply bides its time and let's the Legion wear itself out and tear itself apart trying to hold the Mojave Wasteland, occasionally fending off Legion assaults on the Mojave Outpost whilst inflicting heavy losses on the Legion, launching several limited-scale offensives here and there so as to deplete the Legion's ranks even further and deploying NCR Veteran Rangers into the Mojave Wasteland so as to ambush Legion supply caravans and patrols to worsen the Legion's logistical nightmare.
After almost a year, the Legion will finally be vulnerable, it's forces stretched absolutely thin down to their absolute breaking point, their supply lines and logistics completely exhausted and expended alongside their supplies as a whole, the Legion's ranks reduced to little more than a tiny skeleton crew, the Legion completely scattered across the entire Mojave Wasteland unable to guard it or defend it any longer and the Colorado River at its back, with absolutely no way of escaping their inevitable demise.
At this moment, the NCR finally attacks with a full-scale assault across the entirety of the Mojave, completely and utterly destroying the Legion in its entirety and killing/capturing Caesar himself as Republic forces swarm across New Vegas and wipe out his Legion all around him within mere hours, days if the Legion is lucky. And so the NCR-Legion War finally draws to a close, with the back of the Legion broken forever and ceasing to exist.
Either way the Legion is fucked with a Legion defeat at the Second Battle of Hoover Dam being a mercy killing at best for the Legion.
(Sources are down below in the comments section).
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Just pushed out a huge update for FNV Gameplay Overhaul!
CHANGELOG: * All food in Non-Hardcore mode now increases Heal Rate, rather than directly healing the player.
* Using a Stealth Boy mid-fight no longer forces your enemies to end combat.
* Guns with suppressor mods attached now make the correct amount of sound.
* Suppressor mods are now universal, and only need to match the weapon's general type. (Pistol, Rifle, Rimfire, Large Bore)
* Scope mods are now universal, and only need to match the weapon's general type. (Pistol, Rifle, Energy)
* The 30-Round Magazine mod is now compatible with all assault rifles. (Assault Carbine, Marksman Carbine, Service Rifle)
* Increased Damage mods among laser weapons have been converted into a single universal mod: High Performace Optics.
* Energy recycler mods are now universal, and only need to match the weapon's ammo type. (SEC, ECP, MFC)
* The Laser Pistol weapon mod, Combat Sights, now increases Aim Zoom by +20%. (Originally, it did nothing.)
* Restored the cut weapon mod, Night Sights, for the .45 Auto Pistol.
* Restored the cut weapon mod, 30-Round Magazine, for the Marksman Carbine.
* Restored the cut weapon mod, Forged Receiver, for the Trail Carbine.
* Restored the cut weapon mod, Laminate Stock, for the Trail Carbine.
* Adjusted the velocity of all gun projectiles using the ballistics calculator at
* Increased the speed of all plasma projectiles.
* Standardized aim zoom for all handguns, SMGs, rifles, heavy weapons, and energy weapons.
* Increased aim zoom for all scoped weapons, and scope mods.
* Chet now sells weapon mods again! (Restricted to Tier 1 mods.)
* The caravan vendor at Mojave Outpost now sells weapon mods. (Restricted to Tier 1 and Tier 2 mods.)
* The exterior of Nipton has been optimized.
* Changed Nipton's exterior lighting.
* Fortified Nipton's exterior walls so they could hypothetically serve their intended purpose.
* Fixed a lag spike caused by all of Primm's residents leaving the casino as the town's new deputies arrive.
* Fixed a bug in Primm where the sheriff's office doesn't get cleaned after the town is saved.
* Fixed a bug in the Vikki & Vance that caused the intruders to despawn at the wrong time.
* Fixed a bug in the Vikki & Vance where Primm Slim turned hostile if you fired a gun while fighting the intruders.
* Fixed a bug in the quest Run Goodsprings Run that made the Medical Supplies unobtainable.
* Fixed a bug that caused the poison heartbeat sound effect to continue playing after using antivenom.
* Fixed a bug with the modded Weathered 10mm Pistol that made it appear unmodded.
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An Honest to God, No Bullsh*t New Vegas Review (Base Game)

This review is, as the title suggests, an honest review. No Obsidian cock sucking, no nostalgia, no falsely attacking Bethesda. The criteria of this review will be on these topics: story, gameplay, atmosphere, replayability, and enjoyment.
Part One: Story
New Vegas' story is - a mixed bag. The First Act is amazing. A classic revenge story (which doesn't even have to be about revenge) that takes you through the Mojave. While the First Act is a bit too linear for my liking, such as the meat of the game being the forced path, it is well done. The issue arises once you confront Benny. Confronting him you get at least three options; meet him in the suite, meet him in his room, or kill him. Of course are are more options in these options and none of this is the complaint. The complaint is the intruding Second Act.
The Second Act is intrusive, makes no sense, and is unresponsive. Simply put, while realistically you'd get the attention of the NCR and Caesar's Legion after leaving the Lucky 38, you get their attention after leaving The Tops. Along with this your reputation gets sent back to Neutral, meaning of you slaughtered and butchered Caesar's men or NCR outposts, ah...who cares? I don't have an issue with factions wanting your help. But - well - if you do some rather terroristic stuff, they shouldn't be wanting you on their side. Much less forgiving you. On the second issue with the Second Act, it's the Dam. The Dam is important, makes sense logically, and works. What doesn't work is how it's done.
Fallout 1, your home was in jeopardy. Fallout 2, your home and family was in jeopardy. Fallout 3? Well your father left leaving you to go find him and take over his project. See the pattern? There's something tying you down to your main goal. In New Vegas, however, there's what...the Chip? Why do I care though? Mojave isn't my home. The only sensible thing is working for Mr. House, but even then there's nothing tying me down. Meaning no reason to care about the Dam as a player.
Part Two: Gameplay
The gameplay in New Vegas is Fallout 3 but tweaked a little. I won't get too detailed in this category, as I enjoyed Fallout 3's and it is a fine gameplay system.
The only major issue I personally have with it is the weapons, as many offer nothing new and are simply there for the sake of being stronger.
Part Three: Atmosphere
The atmosphere in New Vegas is bland. In all honesty. And it's understandable, as it is a desert. The issue, however, resides in how it's done. Never mind the no (if any) random encounters. Never mind actually interesting marked locations. Never mind how unpopulated the world is.
In New Vegas, 98% of the time you are the only one traveling. Rarely do you see someone else traveling. And never mind clearing the dangers of the road for Ranger Jackson and the Mojave Outpost, which should make traffic more common (New Vegas does this a lot, where the world barely changes on your actions).
Then the locations. Many are marked when they shouldn't be. The toxic waste dumb near Novac and Nelson? Why? It provides nothing. Crashed Highwayman? Nice easter egg. Sad it isn't a different modeled car. Bottle cap printing press? Nothing there. I don't have an issue with locations having nothing as a reward, but that's all New Vegas does with only few exceptions. 90% of the locations offers no lore. Or loot. Or anything.
Part Four: Replayability
The replayability is the one thing New Vegas is great at - if you consider telling and not showing great. I adore New Vegas' multiple quest paths, many dialogue branches, and more. But simply put - it fails to execute well. I think what sucks more is the faction main storylines. All four storylines are effectively the same with the only difference being who you take quests from and who you do it for. NCR does nothing different the Legion does. Mr. House (arguably the best hope) as well. Even you yourself does the same thing. Go see Nellis, see the Khans, how about them Brotherhood guys? Casinos? Nothing changes except whose side they're on.
Part Five: Enjoyment
Lastly, enjoyment. Now I purposefully put this last, sort of as a "gotcha" but mainly to make you reflect on the major points first.
New Vegas, despite its many flaws, is a game I enjoy playing. It could have done a lot better. A lot more. And sure, we can blame the time constraints Zenimax gave Obsidian - if Obsidian didn't decline Bethesda's offer to increase their time. Overall, New Vegas is a game that is good, but ultimately has too many flaws to be considered great. In my opinion, New Vegas has a Charisma of 9 and an Intelligence of 3. In other words, it's a solid 6/10.
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Star Wars: Fallen Republic - version 0.9.2

Patch notes




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Idea:Large Outpost Town

I feel like the devs should add a larger outpost, bigger then the current ones. It could have tons of stores, side quests from townsfolk, and other places like a casino. The area could “confiscate” your weapons when you enter, and the city could be immune to cannonballs (through a stone wall or perhaps a magical shield). The area outside could become a major interaction zone for people to fight in, and players could attempt to take their loot before they enter the town.
submitted by Rossk117 to Seaofthieves [link] [comments]

A list of some surprising good fantasy books involving pirates.

Perhaps nowhere does storytelling so totally reverse reality as when it deals with pirates. It’s difficult not to like swashbuckling rogues tweaking the noses of the uptight British ninnies as they ply their brave way across the wild, lusty seas.
Of course, actual pirates were about as romantic as the tortures they would inflict on prisoners, including holding lighted matches to the victim’s eyes or keel-hauling, where a sailor had a rope tied to each arm and thrown off the bow of a ship. The unfortunate was then dragged along the length of ship, scraping against the sharp barnacles and probably drowning.
Fun fact: “Avast!” means “Stop!” or “Stand still!” not “Hello, fellow pirate!”

21. Corsair by Chris Bunch – 2001

Swashbuckling captain Gareth Radnor has taken command of the Steadfast. But the young captain intends more than seeking his fortune. He wants vengeance against the Linyati slavers who murdered his family. Crewed by a motley band of adventurers, his carrack plunges through the salty waves, striking at the Linyati wherever it can.
And then he discovers something more compelling even than revenge: The Linyati aren’t human…
“Hard edged, salty… a fantasy adventure that will keep you up at night reading.”
—Terry Brooks, author of the Shannara series

20. The Mark of Ran by Paul Kearne – 2004

Book 1 of 2 in The Sea Beggars Series
In a world abandoned by its Creator, an ancient race once existed, with powers so extensive that they were seen as both angles and demons. Rol Cortishane was raised in a remote fishing village, ignorant that the blood of this long-forgotten race runs in his veins. Driven from home, Rol is trained in the assassin’s craft and tutored by the beautiful but troubled Rowen. Now they’ve set their sights across the sea in search of the Hidden City and an adventure that will make them legends, if it doesn’t kill them first.
In the non-fantasy world, the Sea Beggars (the name of this series) really existed. They were a confederacy of Dutch nobles, who, from 1566, opposed Spanish rule in the Netherlands. They arrived in large numbers to complain to the king, but some wit told the ruling Spanish regent not to worry, for the large group was “only beggars.” The angry group of nobles did not forget the appellation and henceforth called themselves the Beggars. The most successful Beggars operated at sea (i.e., were pirates) and were known as the Sea Beggars.

19. Of Shadow and Sea by Will Wight – 2015

Book 1 of 2 in The Elder Empire Series
The Guild of Navigators (i.e., swindlers and pirates) has been paid a fortune to secure the Heart, a cursed artifact that will give wild power to its bearer. The Guild’s only lord is greed, their only loyalty to gold, and they would sell the Empire’s freedom for the promise of a quick coin.
Author Will Wight is well regarded for his likable characters and irreverent tone. Most epic fantasies tend to be high-minded and serious, but Wight has a decidedly more down-to-earth approach.

18. Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton – 2009

I’m not a giant Michael Crichton fan. Generally, I think his ideas and research are more interesting than the actual books he creates. This one’s fun, though.
This book was unknown until after Crichton’s death—his assistant found it on a computer. However, there’s evidence Crichton was working on it, on and off, since the 1970s.
Pirate Latitudes is a caper novel set in the high seas with a strong regard to the reality of the times. Because of this, it probably doesn’t belong in a fantasy list like this one. However, it’s a damn fine pirate tale, and that’s good enough for me.
The Historical Novel Society notes: “Crichton’s portrayal of Port Royal and its inhabitants is far more grounded in reality than Disney’s portrayal. Crichton does not gloss over the slavery, addiction and brutality of colonial Jamaica, nor does he endow his characters with abilities beyond their training or station in life.”
So don’t expect Jack Sparrow.

17. The Fox by Sherwood Smith – 2007

Book 2 of 4 in the Inda Series
You might want to read the first book in the series, Inda, before diving into this one.
Young prince and military genius Inda, forced to turn mercenary after conspirators engineered his exile from Choraed Elgaer, is gathering allies for a sea campaign against the piratical Brotherhood. But Inda’s attention soon shifts toward the ambitious Venn Empire, which wants to use him as a political pawn.
The hardcover version of this book is significantly cheaper than the paperback. Go figure.
“[L]ively… spare yet complex characterizations and a narrative that balances sweeping action and uneasy intimacy.”
—Publishers Weekly

16. Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding – 2011

Book 1 of 3 in the Tales of the Ketty Jay Series
This is magical steampunk, so it’s a little nuts. I mean that as a compliment.
Sky piracy is a bit out of Darian Frey’s league. Fate has not been kind to the captain of the airship Ketty Jay—or his motley crew. They are all running from something. Crake is a daemonist in hiding, traveling with an armored golem and burdened by guilt. Jez is the new navigator, desperate to keep her secret from the rest of the crew. Malvery is a disgraced doctor, drinking himself to death. So when an opportunity arises to steal a chest of gems from a vulnerable airship, Frey can’t pass it up. It’s an easy take—and the payoff will finally make him a rich man.
But when the attack goes horribly wrong, Frey suddenly finds himself the most wanted man in Vardia, trailed by bounty hunters, the elite Century Knights, and the dread queen of the skies, Trinica Dracken. Frey realizes that they’ve been set up to take a fall but doesn’t know the endgame. And the ultimate answer for captain and crew may lie in the legendary hidden pirate town of Retribution Falls. That’s if they can get there without getting blown out of the sky.
“Beautifully crafted prose and some remarkably imaginative scenes…and Wooding’s sprawling, multifaceted world and rough-and-tumble action will delight steampunk fans.”
—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

15. The King’s Buccaneer by Raymond E. Feist – 1992

Book 5 of the Riftwar Cycle
Long recovered from the ravages of the Riftwar, the land and people of the kingdom of the Isles thrive. Nicholas, the youngest son of Prince Arutha, is intelligent and gifted but vastly inexperienced. In hopes of hardening him, his father sends him and his irreverent squire, Harry, to live at rustic Castle Crydee to learn of life beyond the halls of privilege. But within weeks of Nicholas and Harry’s arrival, Crydee is viciously attacked by unknown assailants, resulting in murder, massive destruction, and the abduction of two young noblewomen. The raiders have come from a pirate haven and are no ordinary foe, while an enemy connected to dark magical forces threaten the lands Nicholas will someday rule—if he survives.
“Feist once again delivers a superior, rousing adventure.”
—Publishers Weekly

14. The Pyrates by George MacDonald Fraser – 1983

The Pyrates is satire, send-up, and love-letter to what swashbucklers have become. It’s a Naked Gun take on Errol Flynn pirates. If you don’t know what “Naked Gun” or “Errol Flynn” is then I envy you because you’re about to discover some great stuff.

13. Isle of Swords by Wayne Thomas Batson – 2008

Book 1 of 3 in the Isle Chronicles
Captain Declan Ross searched for riches that will free him and his headstrong daughter, Anne, from the piracy business forever. Bartholomew Thorne, an infamously ruthless pirate, seeks to destroy Ross and any who stand in his way of the legendary treasure hidden by a mysterious order of monks.
Despite featuring a scene where a monk gets skinned alive, this book won a “Mom’s Choice Award” for family-friendly entertainment. Depends on the family, I guess.

12. Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch – 2007

Book 2 of 3 in the Gentlemen Bastards Series
Initially poised to rob the Sinspire, the notoriously thief-proof casino where the penalty for cheating is death, Locke and his partner, Jean, are unwillingly sidetracked into joining and then leading a pirate crew, swindling their way across the sea as they had previously done on land.
“[C]harming, unpredictable and fast on its feet and stands surprisingly well on its own given its convoluted plot.”
—Publishers Weekly

11. Pirate Freedom by Gene Wolfe – 2007

Fresh from the monastery, the former novice finds himself inexplicably transported back to the Golden Age of Piracy, where an unexpected new life awaits him. At first, he resists joining the notorious Brethren of the Coast, but he soon embraces the life of a buccaneer, even as he succumbs to the seductive charms of a beautiful and enigmatic señorita. As the captain of his own possibly cursed ship, he plunders the West Indies in search of Spanish gold. From the stormy waters of the Caribbean to steamy tropical jungles, Captain Chris finds danger, passion, adventure, and treachery as he hoists the black flag and sets sail for the Spanish mainland.
Where he will finally come to port only God knows…
“Wolfe…[fills] his story with duels, treachery, ship-to-ship combat and an abundance of accurate period detail.”
—Publishers Weekly

10. The Red Wolf Conspiracy by Robert V. S. Redick – 2008

Book 1 of 4 in the Cathrand Voyage Series
Six hundred years old, the Imperial merchant ship Chathrand is a massive floating outpost of the Empire of Arqual. And it is on its most vital mission yet: to deliver a young woman whose marriage will seal the peace between Arqual and its mortal enemy, the Mzithrin Empire. But Thasha, the young noblewoman in question, may be bringing her swords to the altar.
For the ship’s true mission is not peace but war—a war that threatens to rekindle an ancient power long thought lost. As the Chathrand navigates treacherous waters, Thasha must seek unlikely allies—including a magic-cursed deckhand, a stowaway tribe of foot-high warriors, and a singularly heroic rat—and enter a treacherous web of intrigue to uncover the secret of the legendary Red Wolf.
“Insane god-kings, miniature warriors and sentient animals fight over a powerful ancient artifact in Redick’s dramatic, complex debut… Both adult and young adult readers will find much to enjoy in this tale of sea-faring and bloody diplomacy.”
—Publishers Weekly

9. Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini – 1922

Book 1 of 3 in the Captain Blood Series
This book is a little more subtle than its title would suggest.
Dr. Peter Blood, is an Irish physician who was once a sailor and a soldier. In the aftermath of the Monmouth rebellion, Dr. Blood is arrested for treason. While he did not actually participate in the rebellion, rather he aided a wounded rebel, he is tried and convicted nonetheless. The sentence for treason is death, but King James II has the sentence commuted and instead sells Captain Blood and his fellow rebels into slavery.
“Glorious… I never enjoyed a novel more than Captain Blood.”
—Norman Mailer

8. The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clark – 2012

Book 1 of 2 in The Assassin’s Curse Series
Ananna abandons ship when her parents try to marry her off to an allying pirate clan. She wants to captain her own boat, not serve as second-in-command to her handsome yet clueless fiancé. But her escape has dire consequences when she learns the scorned clan has sent an assassin after her.
And when the assassin Naji finally catches up with her, things get even worse. Ananna inadvertently triggers a nasty curse—with a life-altering result. Now Ananna and Naji are forced to become uneasy allies as they work together to break the curse and return their lives back to normal. Or at least as normal as the lives of a pirate and an assassin can be.
“Clarke’s debut harkens back to the best in fantasy/adventure, offering rock-solid worldbuilding, satisfyingly perilous obstacles and a protagonist whose charismatic ’tude goes way beyond spunk. Ananna’s voice grabs readers from the beginning…and doesn’t let go.”
—Kirkus (starred review)

7. Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb – 1998

Book 1 of 3 in The Liveship Traders Series
Bingtown is a hub of exotic trade and home to a merchant nobility famed for its liveships—rare vessels carved from wizardwood, which ripens magically into sentient awareness. Now the fortunes of one of Bingtown’s oldest families rest on the newly awakened liveship, Vivacia.
For Althea Vestrit, the ship is her rightful legacy. But the fate of Althea and the ship may ultimately lie in the hands of a ruthless buccaneer who plans to seize power over the Pirate Isles by capturing a liveship and bending it to his will.

6. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne – 1870

While his description of this new thing called a “submarine” is fun even for modern readers, it’s the brilliant but tortured Captain Nemo who steals the show as one of, if not the, best pirate in English literature.

5. The Walrus & the Warwolf by Hugh Cook – 1988

Book 4 of 6 in the Chronicles of an Age of Darkness Series
On his 16th birthday, churlish Drake Douay finds himself exiled from his homeland amid a treacherous crew of pirates on the open sea. Through battles with sea monsters, mysterious cults, weird technology of a bygone age, and the warring gangs of two pirate lords, Drake explores a world of dark fantasy and betrayal with his keen wit and a sharp sword—his only protection from an early death.
Readers are usually divided: this is either one of their favorite books, or the long litany of adventures becomes boring after a while.

4. Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed – 2012

Book 1 in the Crescent Moon Kingdoms Series
A finalist for the Hugo, Nebula, Crawford, Gemmell, and British Fantasy Awards, and the winner of the Locus Award for Best First Novel.
The Crescent Moon Kingdoms, home to djenn and ghuls, holy warriors and heretics, are at the boiling point of a power struggle between the iron-fisted Khalif and the mysterious master thief known as the Falcon Prince. In the midst of this brewing rebellion, a series of brutal supernatural murders strikes at the heart of the Kingdoms. But these killings are only the earliest signs of a plot for the Throne of the Crescent Moon that threatens to turn the great city of Dhamsawwaat, and the world itself, into a blood-soaked ruin.
“Ahmed’s debut masterfully paints a world both bright and terrible.”
—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

3. Mad Kestrel by Misty Massey – 2008

In a world where infants with magical powers are torn from their parents to be raised by the mysterious and powerful Danisoba, who have a monopoly on magic, Kestrel has managed to keep her abilities concealed—and herself free. First hiding in back alleys as a street urchin, she hid when they killed her parents, and then served as a young tavern maid before escaping to sea, where magic is cancelled by water.
Now an adult, and the quartermaster of a pirate ship, Kestrel loves the freedom of living on the seas. But her way of life could end if anyone on board learns her closely guarded secret—that she has magical control over the wind.
One day a black ship appears, and her life changes. Its captain is a handsome rogue of whom Kestrel is strangely, constantly aware. When Kestrel’s captain is led into a trap and is arrested, she gathers her crew and sets sail in relentless pursuit…
“This rollicking debut combines swashbuckling sea adventure, fantasy and romance with great success.”
—Publishers Weekly

2. Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie – 1904

Sure, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are great, but it’s the enmity of the pirate Captain Hook that makes this story exciting.

1. On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers – 1987

This is the inspiration of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but it’s different in many ways and stands well on its own.
Puppeteer John Chandagnac, bound for Jamaica to recover stolen money from his uncle, becomes Jack Shandy after pirates attack his ship and force him to join their crew. Shandy’s struggle to accept his new life grounds the story for readers, even as Blackbeard and vodun magicians whisk everyone away to dreamlike lands where the Fountain of Youth itself awaits.
“Powers writes action and adventure that Indiana Jones could only dream of.”
—Washington Post
Blog link.
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I DM'd a 1on1 campaign with a player that played THREE characters

The campaign started with my brother challenging me to make a game, maps and all, in one hour. I was successful and it turned out to be one of m favorite games of all time and that one-shot turned into a campaign we began playing on a bi-weekly basis. My brother played a Goliath ranger named "Harlaw", and I played a DMPC Aasimar barbarian who went by "Maz".
In the third game, Harlaw and Maz saved and befriended a disheveled goblin named Kipp who was enslaved by the Hobgoblin army (Hobgoblins were a recurring "bad guy" in my games). I played the goblin for a game or two as an NPC as Harlaw and the Goblin were working together, exchanging information for protection. Then the player comes to me and asks if he could turn Kipp into a PC that he could play. I am a generally laid back DM so I allowed it. He came back with a Fey Warlock character sheet.
Some time and a golden dragon friend later, the player comes to me with another character concept. A twilight cleric who went by "Kal" and followed Avandra, the Changebringer. This character met the party by asking them to help him swindle a casino.
At this point, the party decided to take a year break. I did not expect this. The "bad guy" at this point was a necromancer cult that had just found a singular Spawn of Kyuss worm. I rolled a d6 to see how many human trials the cult succeeded with. 5 Spawn of Kyuss Zombies after the year was over. On the bright side, the party was really lucky and ended up making a small fortune without needing to swindle anyone.
I rolled a stealth check with a +1 modifier to see if any authorities had caught wind of the cult, it was a 9. The authorities informed the group due to their reputation and made plans to set off in the morning.
I also rolled an insight check with a +1 modifier to see if the cult knew they were made. 21.
In the morning members of the cult attacked the tavern the group had been staying in for the year, killing the ownefriend in the process.
This attack failed and brought the party to the outpost where the Swarm was being kept. All 5 zombies were in a barn, Harlaw rolled a natural 2 on a hearing perception check during a storm asking if there were horses in the barn. As a warning, I said "You hear what you make out to be horse-like sounds". The party opened the barn and led the swarm into the main building with all the cultists. The 5 which were already too much for the party to handle at once became 25 very quickly.
Harlaw breaks away from the group on horseback and begins taking the horde south towards a defendable oceanfront town. but the town was far and he could not afford to rest. 4 days of no rest, miles from any town. Harlaw, with disadvantage on all ability checks, halved speed and halved hitpoints takes out two immoveable rods and tries to climb with them. The horde moving at 180ft away moving at 60ft per round. Harlaw fails his first athletics check and falls off of his horse as it runs from the horde. He attempts to jump up and grab the rods. Success, he is now hanging from the rods, 120ft from the horde. He begins climbing again. he fails by one, he doesn't fall but doesn't move up. He attempts to climb one more time, with the horde 60ft away from him. He succeeds. he climbs up by 7 feet. The horde is under him. out of biting range but within range of the burrowing worm attack. I rolled for four attacks. They all miss. He climbs a further 7 feet and lies, slumped over the two rods, staring at the horde.
The next day was a series of hallucinations, seeing the people that had died throughout the campaign, and the game ended with a giant eagle taking Harlaw skywards.
I might go on to tell more of the story...
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Non-Combat Sea and Underwater Encounters

Your party is sailing or traveling in a submersible (like the Apparatus of Kwalish) and interesting things besides combat happen!
  1. A storm blows in and something strange is washed aboard the ship. You decide! (1d4):
    1. Treasure.
    2. A mermaid.
    3. A strange, half drowned bird.
    4. A dead deep sea fish.
  2. Your submersible travels through a dense forest of Kelp and the propeller gets tangled and the party has to figure out how to dislodge without getting the bends/while under the immense atmospheric pressure under the sea.
  3. The sounds of unearthly singing reach your ears from across the water. You find the remains of ships and sirens (mermaid like tricksters), but the sirens appear to have left.
  4. A whirlpool full of teeth opens up just ahead of your ship and you have to sail to avoid it (think Scylla and Charybdis).
  5. The seagulls are joined by other types of birds in the sky - perhaps something has gone awry on the land (perhaps a major forest fire).
  6. Bio-luminescent jelly fish bloom at night, lighting up the water around you, creating a romantic and breathtaking atmosphere.
  7. You find a dingy afloat all alone on the sea with a child/NPC with a story hook aboard.
  8. The stowaway is revealed after someone finally took inventory of the stowed supplies below deck when the chocolate was disappearing in larger quantities than expected.
  9. Seasoned sailors get seasick as you realize maybe something is wrong with the food.
  10. You see a gargantuan entity on the horizon and the sailors start to tell tales. You decide! (1d4)
    1. Uk'otoa.
    2. Dragon Turtles.
    3. Giant Hermit Crabs.
    4. Sea Serpents.
  11. You hit the doldrums. There is no wind and no current. The ship you are on has to wait until the wind starts again. Escape?
    1. The wind only starts on a natural 20 roll on a d20.
    2. Every day that passes uses up rations and fresh water.
    3. Once the food runs out, and the PCs begin to starve (failed CON roll with increaseing daily DC starting at 10) they may well begin to go insane.
    4. Cannibalism will resolve any hunger issues.
  12. You find a message in a bottle floating near the ship. It's from a father to his children, writing to tell them how much he misses them while he's on the high seas. Optional bonus quest to find the children and deliver the letter.
  13. One of the crew members caught a magical talking fish. The fish claims that if you set him free, he'll grant you a wish.
  14. A dolphin has been following the ship for three days. A. If treated kindly, the dolphin shows the way to a hidden lagoon with treasure. B. Treated badly, the dolphin and its friends make a large hole in the bottom of the ship.
  15. Things are going missing from the deck of the ship. If investigated, it's a bird. The bird has built a nest and is clearly trying to impress a potential mate with its newfound collection.
  16. A strange formation of rocks appears a ways off the shoreline of an island. Closer inspection reveals that these are not rocks, but bones from an ancient dragon. Perhaps the hoard is somewhere nearby?
  17. A sea witch happens upon the ship. She gives the party the "gift of communication" and casts a friendly spell before going on her way. The enchantment is aimed at the ship. For the next 14 days, the ship is sentient and can communicate with the crew. And boy oh boy, does this ship have some opinions!
  18. A wave washes a large shell onto the deck of the ship. It's a instrument, and the first person to pick it up gains proficiency in playing the shell. The shell can lull any baby in a 10 foot radius into a peaceful slumber.
  19. Fair wind: you arrive sooner
  20. Shitty wind: you are forced to sail around your destination to gain favorable wind. Arrive later. Tacking negates this somewhat
  21. A storm rolls in, but is just rain
  22. A storm rolls in and creates fog, travel is slowed, but less than bad winds. A measure of a few hours, not days.
  23. Two ships are fighting
  24. A ship is fighting a kraken
  25. A storm rolls in. Its a maelstrom
  26. A traveling sea merchant rolls by.
  27. Come across ship wreckage
  28. Come across a patch of darker water that slows the ship
  29. Ghost ship arises on the new moon is empty
  30. Ghost ship arises on the full moon and is crewed by skeletons
  31. Smaller ship tries to square up
  32. Bigger ship bullies you until you pay a toll or tax, fights if you refuse
  33. An island is sighted, but is not there when you arrive
  34. An island appears on the horizon where you JUST checked (its an island turtle)
  35. A rock appears where you swear there was nothing beforw (its a Gargantuan hermit crab)
  36. You see an undersea fight that causes the sea to roll and boil, sometimes popping up above water
  37. Coral reef! On a failed perception roll, boat takes damage and must be repaired. On a 1 it must be repaired 2x, once to stop it from sinking, and then again at port. A giant serpent surfaces and eyes the boat, eventually moving on
  38. An empty ship rolls by, slowly. (Mimic ship with oozes below)
  39. The sounds of unearthly singing reach your ears from across the water. You consider going after them, but decide not to (wis save)
  40. Your rowboat ropes start to snap! Make a dex save, mending check, strength saving throw to save it.
  41. A comet streaks across the sky
  42. Aurora Borealis
  43. You hear rumbling off in the distance. A volcanic island is erupting!
  44. Seals follow the boat for a while.
  45. A giant koi fish (river) or whale shark (sea) lazily circles the boat, then flips down to the depths
    1. Takes a chunk of the boat
    2. Bumps the boat off course
    3. leaps over the boat and hits the mast on its way
    4. smacks the boat with its tail doing damage
  47. The waves grow choppy and the wind picks up. Unless intentionally slowing the boat, you get to your destination faster, but your boat might take damage
  48. The bard begins to play a sea shanty. You all join in and have a great time
  49. A massive, huge, giant, monsterous shark fin is seen. It then disappears without a trace
  50. A Blue Whale (100+ feet long) breaks the water and bumps the boat
  51. A Megalodon bites the stern of the boat, requiring repairs 2x. Trip is delayed by a few hours.
  52. The sea grows calm. No magic works. Then, just as suddenly, the wind picks up, magic starts up, everything is normal
  53. You see something sparkling on the beach of a small uncharted island.
  54. You see something sparkling on an uncharted island. Its a message in a bottle
  55. You pass by an uncharted island and see a fire. Its a marooned pirate, someone lost, nothing.
  56. An albatross takes a rest on your boat for a while, then flies off
  57. You see circling seagulls off in the distance. When you arrive there, there are some floating barrels with a dead body lashed to it, rum inside, food inside, repair supplies inside, cannonballs inside, treasure inside, an animal inside, barely clinging to life, a castaway bobbing in a barrel. You see a crate in the water. It has cannons, wood, food, ale, plants, silks, spices, sugar, a note atop showing a delivery island that is where you came from, the island you're going to, an island near it, an island you've never heard of, an island that Nobody has ever heard of.
  58. A giant squid comes near the surface near the boat to warm up in the sun. Curious about your presence, it follows your ship for several hours before disappearing back into the depths.
  59. A dragon swoops by, catching a ton of fish in its mouth, then flying away
  60. A dragon attacks the ship, but is shown to be an illusion. You dont know from where it came.
  61. Baba yaga, but it's an outpost on a rock
  62. Giant hippocampus swims next to the boat and tries to get the party to throw it treats.
  63. You fall off the ship! Before you can cry out the ship is already sailing on its way and you are lost overboard. Just as you begin to despair, a friendly merfolk swims up and asks if you need help. If you explain what happened, they kindly offer to return you to the ship.
  64. As you keep watch, you look over the side. Roll a percentage dice. (1-10, 90-100 its real) you see a small creature tearing out boards to the side of the ship! Then as you look they vanish, and you hear a commotion from the other side of the boat.
  65. A group of sea elves herding whales ask for help locating a missing calf
  66. While sailing at night, the ship passes through a patch of bioluminescent algae
  67. The ship gets lost in a magnetic field anomaly which causes their compass to spin wildly. A DC 17 survival check will get them out but off course. A 20 or higher will get them out while maintaining the proper course
  68. A merchant vessel: a vessel that is a small market place, stocking rope, lantern oil, medical supplies, preserved foods, and other ship-borne essentials, maybe weapon maintenance, potions of healing and water breathing, that kind of thing. put some guards on it: a blackguard, a champion, and a warlord.
  69. You encounter a Kelp Forest, a portion of the sea where the Kelp stalks stretch high above the waves, at least 40 to 50 feet. Who knows what kind of beasts might linger in the fog, nesting amongst the broad leaves and seed pods.
  70. A pod of whales swims along side the submersible, a sudden wave lunges the sub to one side as a Roc dives into the water and grabs a whale. The roc's flapping and thw whales panic make for extremly difficult seas and the crew of the sub will needs to sucseed in a skill challenge to prevent catostophic failure of the machine.
  71. An Iceberg that has been carved to be an Ice lich fortress on its underside sawrms with undead such as Merpires and Great Wight Sharks. The Party will have to find ways to make their vessal steathy or face a dire situation. (If in warmer climes, the Iceberg can be replaced with a floating coral fortress and the Ice Lich with a Merpire (Merfolk Vampire) Lord.)
  72. The Party see a lake of dark liquid on the bottom of th sea bed. The substance is "Brine" super salty water that is low in oxygen, only the most hard bacteria can survive in it. it is used by many subnautical peoples as a holy sight to entomb their dead. . . Often with gold and pearls. When the Party are down in the lake, somethng knocks on the hatch.
  73. The party comes across an abandoned ship, it’s in perfect condition and the party can’t tell why it’s been abandoned
  74. You come across a huge abyssal plane of downed airships on the ocean floor after a dogfight. The ghosts all come to you to help them get home.
    1. home (denial)
    2. travel
    3. ascend
    4. seize (haunt/poltergeist)
  75. A methane vent on the ocean floor causes anything in the area to sink at 10’ per round.
  76. The lookout can see multiple sources of light below the water. If the party investigates they find a small village of sea people living in bubbles 100 meters below the surface. The bubbles contain oxygen and are possible to move through but also stand on.
  77. You meet another ship, a merchant ship. However, you are informed that this particular ship used to be quite known for his crew and their deals … Until they sank 2 years ago
  78. The ship is run aground on a sandbank (more plausible in archipelagos/shallow waters), so the players must find a way to dig the ship out or use enough force to push off from the bank (but not too much force to break the ship!)
  79. You pass ovearound an island recently submerged underwater by rising sea levels (natural or otherwise). The tops of trees and buildings peak over the lapping waves, and if you glance down and squint you can make out the signs of a civilisation eradicated; fish swimming about abandoned hovels, overturned carts floating by, and even the occasional ghost wandering down dead roads.
  80. Far in the distance, you can make out a naval battle raging. The distant thunder of cannons and a faint smell of brimstone linger in the air. Eventually one ship keels over, sinking beneath the waves.
  81. A half-sunken ship containing a hag. She'll promise them anything they want in exchange for safe passage back. Obviously a monkeys paw scenario, helps a lot with the overtly good paladins etc
  82. Found a floating city made from various buoyant materials.
  83. Found a Djinn in a bottle.
  84. Meet a trading Merfolk, selling anything they found on the seabed.
  85. A dormant ship floating on the sea during the day. When checked, all the ship's crew are vampires, sleeping.
  86. Your ship sails into a big area of thick, sticky gloop, stopping the ship's motion, trapping any oars submerged into the gloppy mass, and clogging up any rudders. How are you going to get out of this one? gargantuan sea-gelatinous cube!?
  87. A Triton appears before your submersible anf flashes a big message, word by word, using Minor Illusion: "STOP!" "MIGRATING" "KRAKEN!" "TURN" "BACK" "NOW!"
  88. A long riverboat is seen at the mouth of a river pouring into the sea. A closer investigation reveals it is a casino boat!
  89. A ship rolls up on you, but it's someone going where you are and they challenge you to a race to get there. No magic can be used, some magic, all bets are off. They wager gold, a piece of information, a magic item. They are true to their word, they sail away, they attempt to destroy the ship, they vanish as you approach the island (they're ghosts) and you find the reward in the captains quarters.
  90. You come across a large bed of giant clams/shellfish. They make for good eating and have several big pearls in them.
  91. One foggy night you hear ghostly pirate shanties being sung over the waves. In the fog you can barely make out the black shape of a ghost ship before it disappears.
  92. You spot a large kraken corpse with massive bite marks on it. Who could possibly do this damage?
  93. While traveling through a kelp forest you see a raft of giant sea otters. Killing them for their fur will net you a ton of money at a market but is it worth earning the ire of a local sea goddess for doing it?
  94. In the distance you sea a newly form volcano spewing out fire elementals to battle water elementals rising from the sea to snuff out the volcano.
  95. A giant Octopus is tending their coral garden. They offer gold in exchange for seaweeds from far off places to put in their garden.
  96. Has anyone featured an encounter with black smokers yet? Vents from the planets mantel spewing out pressurized boiling gas, causing pillars of what looks like black smoke underwater and a huge diversity of life that is strange and alien. You could combine that with a giant Bobbit worm made of smoke poking out of a portal to the elemental plane of fire. this is a vague idea.
  97. Maybe come across some merfolk torturing a sapient giant electric eel, they are doing so to capture electricity that powers a magic artifact that keeps a merfolk child alive. free the eel and the child dies. leave it and a living thinking creature is tortured slowly to death.
  98. While you observe the sea you notice a big shadow appear under the boat. A BIG shadow. A massive sea creature appears.
  99. While sailing, suddenly it gets more and more foggy till you can barely see anything anymore. Suddenly you see a hazy ship coming out of the water and getting closer to you. The crew doesn't look normal (Black Pearl inspired)
  100. You travel a long time on a boat with only a few passenger, you eat regularly together in the small tavern style restaurant on the boat and basically know all passengers by face. One day one of them disappears. Next day another one, and another one. The rest passengers get suspicious. The persons are nowhere to be found. The PCs try to investigate. In the end turns out a vampire is on the boat coming out when its cloudy or raining. (Dracula Series on Netflix, Second Episode)
Bonus: Combat Encounters 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.
Edit 1: General comment about struggling with sub-lists. This got deleted in the great silliness of 11:30p on 7/11/2020 (see edit 2).
Edit 2: Well. Dang. That will teach me to edit and post only on a web form without a back up copy I had 78 things with complex lists for some of them and accidentally saved over them and lost all of that data. I'll have to redo it. Please don't down vote me in the meantime. I spent like 5 hours on it this afternoon and I'm devastated that I lost it all...
Edit 3: I've made a simple redo of the 5 hours of work and saved it elsewhere. It does not reflect the synthesizing of comments and repeats, the separating of combat from non-combat in people's suggestions, the removing of cuss words, the grammatical edits, or the embellishing that I did. I plan to do that in the next couple of days, but here is something in case you were counting on this list like tomorrow or something. Please note that the numbers may change on entries and if you comment on a specific entry, you may want to quote some of the content too. There are 20 of these that were originally combined, moved into combat, or otherwise not included in version 1.
Edit 4: the list says 100 but there are combat encounters in there. I still want to re-synthesize the list when I have a couple hours. I want to break out combat separate from non-combat, and possibly separate on the ocean vs. underwater.
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Why Fallout: New Vegas is the worst Fallout Game.

Fallout: New Vegas is by far the worst fallout game in my opinion, and here’s why.
Fallout New Vegas is considered by most to be the best fallout game ever made, rivalling Fallout 1, 2, 3 and 4. People always seem to call it superior, and will always change the subject to New Vegas whenever a fallout discussion happens. After hearing this, you’d presume the game is amazing, right? No. It isn’t.
This will be my in depth explanation on why Fallout New Vegas, although not terrible, is incredibly mediocre, and is stupidly overrated.
1: The introduction sequence: Probably the most famous mark of a fallout game is the introduction. Fallout 1, 2 and 3 excelled in this, setting the stage perfectly. However, my main point is about how these introductions are structured. In fallout 1, 2, and 3, they purposely leave as many details of the wasteland out as they can, in order to leave mystery and unexpectedness to the world. Fallout new Vegas completely turned a 360 on this concept, and purposely told you about all the factions and how the game ends BEFORE THE GAME HAS EVEN STARTED... why, you may ask? No reason, Obsidian just doesn’t know the most basic device of storytelling, which isn’t revealing the plot before the plot has even started.
  1. The world itself. Ok, maybe we got off on the wrong foot here. Maybe the world makes up for most of it. Considering Mr House dealt with most of the nuclear warheads that attacked Vegas, maybe the world will feel alive and interesting, and make logical sense, unlike some of fallout 3’s locations, which admittedly didn’t make any logical sense in terms of food, water or trading like Arefu.
Well, no, actually. For a start, the biggest location in the entire game, The Strip, is executed really poorly. For one thing, The strip is placed on the complete north of the map, meaning travellers will need to travel sometimes hundreds of miles to even be able to see it. This would cripple a lot of profit from the strip, because travellers won’t simply have the time or money to go that far. But, fine. I guess I can believe that it is on the northern side of the map, I suppose, even if it is stupid. But where I draw the line, is the way to the strip.
Somehow, no one realised that there is no definitive safe way to the strip. The strip is only accessible through a deathclaw encampment, a super mutant and nightkin infested settlement on top of a hill, or, a mountain alleyway filled with poisonous cazadores, and even worse, the entire way from the rock crushing plant to Camp McCarran is infested with well armed fiends and raiders! Has mr house or the NCR even considered making a safe place for tourists to come to the strip? Because I have a hard time believing so many people come onto the strip, even though logically they should be long dead by the time they reach Camp McCarran.
And on the topic of the strip, there is also another settlement just outside the strip called freeside, which is swarming with muggers and highwaymen! How is the strip even still in business, with these muggers running around attacking everyone? This not only effects the strip, but the other businesses too, like the Van Graffs, Mick and Ralph’s, and the gang, the kings. Hell, it’s so dangerous someone at freesides north gate asks for 200 caps just to get there. How is no one even acknowledging the existence of them? You could at least shoe horn in a quest about driving the robbers out of freeside, even if it ends in a cheap speech check. It would be better than nothing.
The world is practically empty and boring. Most of the locations are box standard NCR outposts, or abandoned farms with nothing interesting to them, (like wolf horn ranch.) There are also towns that have no logic to them like Primm. There is a ncr camp right next to it, so you would presume Primm is under NCR jurisdiction. You’re told that this isn’t the case, however. So why are they there? Why have they set up an outpost next to a place they have no control over, and is apparently overrun with raiders? And it gets worse. Primm has no trade for food, water, no toilet, no beds, and their only save haven is the casino. They don’t even have the hotel anymore, so why are they there? Shouldn’t they just leave at that point?
I could go on, but just know that few locations even serve a purpose, beyond being filler apart from a few or zero quests.
  1. Main quest: Act 1 The first part of the main quests revolves around you, the courier, searching for the man who shot you in the head. Not a bad idea actually, and I give some credit to obsidian for making an decent hook for role playing. The main quest, however, is extremely dull and linear, with no consequences for actions. The main quest actually praises the player for taking the easy way out of the situation, and punishes trying to diplomatically solve situations. Every clue you could get for completing long quests, can easily just be pickpocketed from them or stolen from their corpse. This is unlike fallout 3, where killing your only leads for where your dad went, completely locks you out of any clues, which is a great consequence for not caring and taking the easy way out. Most of the quests feel like filler, made to pad out your way to the strip rather than lead you into fascinating choices.
But finally, you arrive on the strip, ready to get the platinum chip back. But then, from the moment I started speaking to Benny, I realised how incompetent Obsidian was. He is voiced by Matthew Perry. Didn’t obsidian realise he is a comedic voice actor, not a serious or evil one? Benny sounds and feels like a bumbling comedian because of the voice acting and the script, removing any immersion you could have up until that point. There are only two ways to deal with him. Use black widow, or kill him.
Also, this confrontation makes no sense as well. Confronting the owner of his OWN CASINO right in front of his 7 armed bodyguards, and the multiple chairmen in the casino. This feels so unrealistic, considering Benny may as well just kill you as soon as you confront him and threaten him to his face.
4: Factions
Arguably; The factions in New Vegas feel incompetent and generic, sometimes even worse than fallout 4. You have 4 factions you have the choice to join. New California republic, Caesars Legion, Robert House and Yes Man.
Let’s start off with the worst. Caesars legion. Never have I seen a more one dimensional evil faction in any type of media. They enslave innocent people, harass people, crucify everyone, and for no good reason. They are so generic and box standard that the Enclave look like saints compared to them. They only do this to threaten people into ignoring them, which in turn just drives people away from them and they end up supporting the NCR instead, worsening the legion for no reason. The legion is based off tribal ideologies, and as such wear tribal gear like re-fashioned football uniforms and use weapons like spears. Which is where the problem lies. How is the legion even alive at this point? They are just advanced tribals, and nothing compared to the heavily militaristic society of NCR. The fact that Caesar thinks he can even survive in the actual wasteland is honestly pitiful. The legion feels like it’s only there to serve as a generic evil faction for the player to join, rather than be an actual morally grey group of people.
The NCR are unfortunately pretty generic; which feels like an incredibly missed opportunity, especially because of how morally grey they should be. They will only say no to something if it has an incredibly obvious downside. I will say that the Great Khans are executed a lot better here than anywhere else though. They will only stop supporting your ideals if you ruthlessly kill the factions, which should obviously be present with every faction. Like all factions, it boils down to the same experience because you recruit the exact same factions each time. This isn’t obsidians fault per se, but it still feels like all factions feel the same, just with a different coat of paint.
Yes man is only there if you just screw over everyone in the game, and need someone who won’t judge your choices whether you slaughter everyone and just don’t care. This is another example of the game having zero consequences for your actions. You should be punished for killing everyone by not being able to finish the game, not still allowed like nothing happened. He serves as a generic, run of the mill faction, for people who want to get the game done without caring about choices.
5: Consequences Consequences are common place throughout fallout 1 - 3. They serve to punish the player for taking the easy way out of a situation, and pose problems in the future for your character. As I mentioned before, killing leads for your father end in having no clues to find him, resulting in needing to explore 100+ locations to find his location. Fallout new Vegas does not have this. I’ve already mentioned the main quest, but this leeches onto almost every quest. Come Fly With Me, a nonsensical side quests about launching a somehow fully functioning pre war rocket with some gel and modules, (Not being taking seriously; much like Fallout 2,) if you purposely screw up their HUGE rocket ship into crashing into each other, it affects nothing. This should be huge news! A giant rocket flying into the air and crashing into each other should become something huge in between common folk, but it doesn’t ever come into play. There is multiple examples I could also show you, like in the quest, That Lucky Old Sun, you are given the choice of helping the NCR, or giving it to some other random factions. But the NCR doesn’t even mention it at all if you give it to them or the other factions. Why? It feels like the world is completely disconnected from the quests, which makes every choice meaningless.
6: Speech system.
Fallout 3’s speech system was much better than New Vegas’ in my opinion. This is because as long as you have 100 speech, (Done at level 5 or 6), you become a god of convincing every situation in your favour without any problem. This makes the game easy and the game doesn’t give you any challenge beyond that, and although fallout 3’s speech system is also pretty unbalanced, even if you had 100 speech, you couldn’t convince everyone. You only have a 49% chance of convincing three dog into giving you information, making the game not feel stupid easy, but actually interesting, and gave incentive to invest in other skills as well.
This is unfinished at the moment, but I will finish it soon. Please give opinions in the comments, and i will reply if you would like. This was written by KillianMayor.
submitted by KillianMayor to Fallout [link] [comments]

Update Notes: September 10, 2020

Update Notes: Sept 10, 2020

New Dungeons

The main feature of this update doesn't need a lot of patch notes: there's two new dungeons to explore! One is a group dungeon that can be reached from the Fae Realm. The other is a solo experience inside Hogan's Keep (which will require you to be on good terms with Hogan to get in). There's also a new skill that can be learned in one of them.
We plan to do a little bit more with each dungeon (decorations, a few lore notes, side quests, etc.), but these are ready for you to test! We're particularly interested in feedback regarding problems with dungeon flow or monster difficulty (too easy/too hard).

Aurest Missions

The Autumn Resistance is looking for mighty heroes who are willing to work for Councils. Each day there's a different high-level group dungeon available from the local Aurest leader, who can be found in the casino (usually near the bar).
To speak with Lady Alethina, you'll need to be famous enough for her to have heard of you (Notoriety 25), and have two combat skills level 50+. And on some days, the daily mission has a higher level requirement than 50.
There are 7 different Aurest missions (so far). Each day a new mission is chosen randomly, leaving out the ones that ran the past four days. So you won't see the same quest too quickly in a row.

Goblin Dungeon Revamp

We've remade the "Goblin Dungeon" (under Castle Eltibule) with a new art set. The original dungeon was just too ugly: it was made during pre-alpha with placeholder art, and the textures were too low-res to be saved.
But we didn't want to make a NEW dungeon, we wanted to keep the old dungeon! So this is actually a replica of the old dungeon's layout. It uses approximately the same spawns, loot, monsters, etc. just with different dungeon art.
The old dungeon was unfurnished, so this replica is too. We'll definitely be fixing that, but first we want to make sure everything still works, more or less as it did before. If it doesn't, please let us know.

Combat Balance Changes

Manticore Changes

Manticores are involved in one of the new Aurest missions, and have been refactored for that purpose.

Other Changes

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The Bet RP/PVP Xbox (FPP, KBM Enabled)

We are a modded kos everywhere RP encouraged server on Xbox. There is currently a player base of people from Canada, USA, UK and Italy so everyone is welcome. At the moment we have a functional casino and a green mountain safezone trader. We also have faction groups with their own trading outposts so you have a wide variety.
We are also currently developing a player town in Pustoshka needing ‘police’ so if you’re into roleplaying a new society this is perfect for you!
Everyone is welcome including groups, factions and solos. We also offer game currency to those who invite friends so feel free to invite as many people as you want. See you soon!
submitted by b1glew048 to DayZServers [link] [comments]

The Bet RP/PVP (Xbox, FPP, KBM Enabled)

We are a modded kos everywhere RP encouraged server on Xbox. There is currently a player base of people from Canada, USA, UK and Italy so everyone is welcome. At the moment we have a functional casino and a green mountain safezone trader. We also have faction groups with their own trading outposts so you have a wide variety.
We are also currently developing a player town in Pustoshka needing ‘police’ so if you’re into roleplaying a new society this is perfect for you!
Everyone is welcome including groups, factions and solos. We also offer game currency to those who invite friends so feel free to invite as many people as you want. See you soon!
submitted by b1glew048 to DayZServers [link] [comments]

The Story So Far

My courier awoke in the doctor’s office with revenge burning the back of his throat. He thanked the doctor, ignored the rest of Goodsprings and set off on his way for New Vegas.
He doesn’t steal, pick locks, or hack terminals, but he’s got a silver tongue, deadly pistols, a drinking problem and a little bit of luck on his side. Sleeps every night.
Bypassed Primm. Bypassed the outpost. Bypassed Nipton. Bypassed Novak. Straight for Freeside. But oh no, he can’t pass a credit check because he’s literally made a beeline here, only selling chems and ammo that he finds. He goes to Ralph for a forgery but he has to get in good with The King first!
My courier is introduced to the Followers. Noble mission. A little naïve, in his head, but they had no qualms giving him a free bed at night.
He finally makes his way into The Tops and confronts Benny. He’s fooled by Benny comping him the Presidential Suite and gets ambushed by four Chairmen. Badly wounded, he drinks every bottle of alcohol in the joint and passes out in the bed for a day and a half. He awakes and finds a beer he missed the night before and finishes it off before grabbing the 8 ball off the pool table and heading to Benny’s suite. Steals everything he wants from the suite because screw Benny, tried to have him killed twice.
He discovers Yes Man and vibe with him but in the end, he does as he says and kills him. I’m sure we’ll see him again soon. As he’s about to make his way south, he enters the casino floor to find every Chairman hostile. His silenced .22 makes quick work of them.
As he exits the casino with a crippled torso, expecting to have to fight through the entirety of New Vegas to safety, he’s simply greeted by one of Caesar’s representatives informing him of Benny’s location.
In dire need of rest, the courier sets his sights southeast, but not before first stopping at the Old Mormon Fort for a rest and to find out about a sick puppy...
submitted by DirtyPandas to fnv [link] [comments]

The Bet RP/PVP (Xbox, FPP, KBM enabled)

We are a modded kos everywhere rp encouraged server on Xbox. There is currently a player base of people from Canada, USA, UK and Italy so everyone is welcome. At the moment we have a functional casino and a UN, not to mention our green mountain safezone trader. We also have faction groups with their own trading outposts so you have a wide variety.
We are also currently developing a player town in Stary Sobor so if you’re into roleplaying a new society this is perfect for you!
Everyone is welcome including groups, factions and solos. We also offer game currency to those who invite friends so feel free to invite as many people as you want. See you soon!
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DM wants to tell his story

Hello everyone. This is a story about me, the DM, his wife and two other players. I joined an existing group who played through the first story arc, but one of their players had to move away and they wanted a replacement. The Story pitch in the Facebook Group sounded interesting, but I didn't know any of the people or the system I would be playing with.
It was a Traveller Sci-Fi Campaign and my character was the Security Chief of the Spaceship the others hired as transport. The Captain and the rest of the small crew of the ship were NPCs. One thing I noticed early was, that the DMs wife showed clear signs of being a Murder-Hobo. She deliberately risked damaging the spaceship and when the Captain sent me (the Security Chief) to make that doesn't happen, she came close to just shoot my character to stick it to the captain.
Despite that, the first few months went really well. We encountered an unknown alien race that threatened even the most advanced races. Our Engineer and the Scientist (DMs Wife) had a blast trying to figure something out, but failed. Our technology was to low tech, the DM said. After another fight, which we barely survived, we came to an outpost that was preparing to be attacked by these aliens and we were stuck there.
This is the point where everything starts to fall apart. At the beginning of the next session I was 15 minutes late. And when I joined, the DM explained to me that the others decided to go onto the Outpost. He then asked me what my character would do. As Security Chief, I figured I would stay on board of the Ship. Especially with an upcoming battle. His reaction was "great, in that case you can go home now, because you won't have anything to do today." - I changed my mind and said that my character could probably use some time off the ship, so I was included into the away team.
We walked around this outpost and were told that they already won one assault of this unknown Enemy, so they didn't worry about the upcoming attack. The scientist (DMs Wife) looked for a laboratory, so she could figure out what this Enemy was and how to best fight it / defeat it. The Scientist NPCs on this Outpost refused to let her enter the Lab and said that they have enough people and research samples to do that on their own. I tried to contact the military leaders, but was told that they didn't have time for me. I could join the defense forces, but I wouldn't get any superior weapons, training or infos about the last attack. And that I should go and be merry before the next attack happens.
In fact, every Info we got from the DM was, that no one was worried and we weren't allowed to do what our characters were good in to help the situation. At some point the DM even refused to let us make a check if we succeed and just shut us down with "you can't do that". We had absolutely no idea what we could do, nothing was allowed or "wouldn't work". So our reaction was at one point "is there a casino in this outpost?" There was and our Characters spend the first evening winning money in the casino.
The DM ended the session 2 hours early, by saying "we should go home and think about what we heard so far and what our characters could do about it. Maybe then we would realize the danger we are in."
At the start of the next session, we met a new NPC. A rich guy who was worried about the attack and offered us to take us with him, he had a ship but no engineer and no pilot. We refused (afterall, no one else was worried about this attack) but we used the time to have some fun with this nice NPC in the casino. When the attack started, we were allowed to make some checks on how the defense was going and we were quite successfull. Until the DM explained that we were doing great, but every other part of this Outpost was overrun and that our characters would have to leave or die soon. It was the most Meta Gaming decision I ever made, but we escaped. The NPC took us in and we left our old ship behind. (Basically my Security Chief Character watched his ship and crew fighting and loosing, and was forced to leave them behind to be slaughtered.)
We made it to the home planet of this rich NPC and what followed were a short scene of "this is the most secure planet in the galaxy". We were allowed to spend a night in the NPCs Mansion and during breakfast, the NPC was convinced that there was no reason for us to hear any news or radio. It would just ruin the good mood. We managed to listen to a news station anyway and yes, the most secure planet in the galaxy was already under attack and was loosing. The session ended with us fleeing in a shuttle to reach the ship, but we were shot down and crashed in a jungle.
The last session of this campaign I missed. I couldn't be there and the DM assured me, that he would leave my character in the background, just following the others around. Two hours into the session I got a message from the DM saying "I am so sorry!" He explained to me, that my character slipped and hit his head while the unknown aliens were hunting the party and was unconscious. And none of the other players would carry me, so the Aliens got me and consumed me. Shortly after that the DMs wife sent me a message, saying that she tried to pick me up and the others as well, but aparently my character was to heavy for three PCs and one NPC to carry. So at some point they didn't know what else they could try while the enemy came closer and closer. So they "were forced" to leave me behind.
The DM appologised and offered me some boons for my next character. I took some time before I decided that I would take my characters death as a chance to drop out of the campaign. Shortly after that he announced that he wouldn't look for a replacement for me and three players weren't enough for his campaign, so the campaign ended very abruptly.
submitted by Marius-MK-1983 to CritCrab [link] [comments]

The Bet RP/PVP (Xbox, FPP, KBM Enabled)

We are a modded kos everywhere RP encouraged server on Xbox. There is currently a player base of people from Canada, USA, UK and Italy so everyone is welcome. At the moment we have a functional casino and a green mountain safezone trader. We also have faction groups with their own trading outposts so you have a wide variety.
We are also currently developing a player town in Pustoshka needing ‘police’ so if you’re into roleplaying a new society this is perfect for you!
Everyone is welcome including groups, factions and solos. We also offer game currency to those who invite friends so feel free to invite as many people as you want. See you soon!
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The Bet RP/PVP (Xbox, FPP, KBM Enabled)

We are a modded kos everywhere RP encouraged server on Xbox. There is currently a player base of people from Canada, USA, UK and Italy so everyone is welcome. At the moment we have a functional casino and a green mountain safezone trader. We also have faction groups with their own trading outposts so you have a wide variety.
We are also currently developing a player town in Pustoshka needing ‘police’ so if you’re into roleplaying a new society this is perfect for you!
Everyone is welcome including groups, factions and solos. We also offer game currency to those who invite friends so feel free to invite as many people as you want. See you soon!
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Queen's Knight Money Burst Slot Bonus BIG WIN CASINO VLOG ** EP 6 ** DOWNSTREAM CASINO, PART 3 - YouTube Point Blank Reloaded แผนที่ Outpost Casino [BDG] - YouTube Wyandotte Nation Casino Expansion - Now Open! - YouTube Point Blank #10 - Outpost/Casino - Zueiras insanas entre clã lol [Douglas] Penny Lane Slot Machine Wins - YouTube Outpost Casino - YouTube

Located in Wyandotte, OK, Outpost Casino is in the casinos business. Operating for 10 or more years, they have an annual income of $10 to 50 million. Outpost Casino is considered a small business with 10000 to 49999 square footage of space. Accounting Expenses. $25000 to $99999. Advertising Expenses. $25000 to $99999 . Business Expenses. $50000 to $99999. Legal Expenses. $100000 or more ... Find out everything you need to know about Outpost Casino! Learn about the games offered, casino size, rooms & restaurant selection! ••• ••• {{::translations['home'].capitalizeFirstLetter()}} Oklahoma ; Outpost Casino ; Outpost Casino. Address: City: State: Zip code: Country: Phone: Geographical coordinates : Restaurants: 1 Snack Bar Liquor: No Casino Size: 3,000 Square Feet Games ... There’s more than one way to win at Outpost Casino. Whether it’s more points on your card or more cash in your wallet, big promotions mean bigger wins for you at Outpost Casino. Our gaming area has comfortable executive style chairs perfect for extended gaming sessions. Whether you’re interested in high-stakes games or enjoy the penny slots you’ll find a variety of gaming stations to ... The Outpost Casino Add a maximum withdraw limit to this and your chances to win big are severely decreased. Check bonus rankings Check out our list of the Most Popular Bonuses. 18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers Only. 100-Prize pool: 1st deposit PLUS 10 Free Spins every day for 20 straight days!! 75% 2nd Deposit, 50% Third deposit AND a 50% Fourth Deposit bonus -January 29, 2018. Visit Casino T&C ... Outpost Casino. We go here often. Small casino, clean,staff are friendly.lots to offer in free play, hot seats, give aways, etc. Slots do seem rather tight.but worth a visit. Read more. Date of experience: May 2019. Helpful. Share. RDJKDJOK wrote a review Feb 2019. Wyandotte, Oklahoma 63 contributions 12 helpful votes 👎🏼 This casino is way to smokey for me. I don’t think I will ever go ... Outpost Casino is located 12 miles east of Miami on Oklahoma Highway 10C or one and one half miles west of Missouri Highway 43 on Highway U.Bordertown Casino and Arena in Wyandotte, OK offers monthly casino promotions for slot machines in Wyandotte, Fairland, Ogeechee Oklahoma & Seneca MOJoin GO Rewards Club. For the finer things in life. Get even more out of Indigo Sky Casino by signing up ... Aktivitäten in der Nähe von Outpost Casino. Indigo Sky Casino & Hotel; River Bend Casino; Bordertown Casino; Downstream Casino Resort; Stand on Three States: Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma; The Hornet Spooklight; High Winds Casino; Sandstone Gardens; Kasinos & Glücksspiel in Wyandotte. Kasinos in Wyandotte; Beliebte Kategorien für Wyandotte ... Established in 2003. Formely known as the Eastern Shawnee Travel Center Casino and moved to its new location as Bordertown Outpost Casino in November 2008. Owned and operated by the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. Outpost Casino in Wyandotte, OK offers over 280 slot & gaming machines, & the best grille in Eastern Oklahoma! Ask about our casino players rewards! 69701 E 100 Rd, Wyandotte, OK 74370. 918-666-6770. HOME; PLAY; WIN; STAR GRILLE; CONTACT; Outpost Casino Is Open. 10am - 2am Everyday! Thursday, December 31st 4pm - 11pm . 4 winners will be called each hour via Random Rewards for a chance at up ... Outpost Casino: 👎🏼 - See 9 traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Wyandotte, OK, at Tripadvisor.

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Queen's Knight Money Burst Slot Bonus BIG WIN

ต่อ กันไปเลย วันเดียว กับ PB reloaded กับแผนที่ outpost casino ติดตามผลงาน ... A guaranteed way to maximize profit while gambling in the new bandit town in Rust. The new scrap gambling in the bandit town allows for players to safely obt... Fala galera ligada no YouTube, Douglas na área para mais um vídeo de Point Blank para vocês! Jogando um DESTRUIÇÃO INSANA com a galera! Se gostou deixa um Like, se gostou mais ainda deixa um ... A slide show of my best Penny Lane Casino Slot Machine wins including a short video of the machine in free spin mode. OutPost Casino. Category Entertainment; Show more Show less. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next Queen's Knight Slot Machine Bonus ... Experience the thrill of gaming at the all-new, re-imagined Wyandotte Nation Casino featuring an expanded gaming floor, new High-Limit room with a private lo... The Casino Vlog is designed to show a start - to - finish account of my trip to the casino. You will see wins and losses in the order they occurred. See my b... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.