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A subreddit where I can ask and get advice about a specific career, like being a casino dealer.

I just got accepted into a casino dealer training school and would like to ask some experienced dealers a few questions. I'm just not sure which subreddit is best to ask in.
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Today I signed the first few pages of hiring paperwork for my dream job.

I started learning how to play poker when I was 11 years old. One of my favorite uncles (Mind you, they were all pretty much my favorite. I have a wonderful extended family.) came into town one holiday and sat me down and taught me the basics of Texas Hold ‘Em. I played off and on in person and online for the following years to come.
When I was 16, my mother remarried a man who hosted a “dealer’s choice” quarter game every Sunday and had done so for 30 years prior. When I was 18, I was finally allowed to play in that game. I played with those old heads for three or four years before I moved to another part of the state.
After high school I had absolutely zero idea what I wanted to do with my life and I had accrued debt long before I realized how that would negatively affect my life. So I did a lot of various entry level jobs, bouncing across various cities and states trying to find myself.
After a bit of soul-searching and a series of random (and some unfortunate) events, I found myself, giddy as all get-out, to be in a blackjack dealer training class. After six weeks of unpaid training and a lot of practice, the day before Thanksgiving 2017 I started my career of dealing cards. It was a start for me, but from day one I said “I became a dealer to deal Poker.”
With my love for card games, it wasn’t hard to see from day one how much I absolutely adored the casino atmosphere, especially on the weekends when the bands are playing and people are dancing and drinking and having a good time (pre-COVID I mean, things are weird now) and I was never afraid to dance around and have fun on any table while dealing whatever game that I was scheduled on.
In my previous casino, every dealer was required to deal Blackjack and core games like Let-It-Ride, 3-Card Poker and 4-Card Poker. Dealers could take additional games if they wanted, like Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, and Poker, but regardless of the additional games that you take, every dealer is still required to deal Blackjack or core games if needed at any time.
With that being said, for the last three years in my casino every player, coworker, floor, pit boss, manager knew I was there for the poker room and dealt poker every single chance I got. My passion for poker and my desire to travel the world and become the greatest poker dealer that I could become in this life was never a secret.
Well in August, due to a very horrible series of life events, I left the casino that I had loved for so many years and had to move out of my apartment and back in with family to get my bearings back and figure out the next steps to take. I decided to try something that I wasn’t sure I would be able to do. Go from my tiny town casino where I dealt Poker and Tables Games alike to a Poker Room where I would be dealing Poker and Poker only.
So! After all of that backstory and introduction (Sorry, I don’t get out much) I’m writing this today because I had gotten the call from my first choice casino today and I found out that I had passed my audition and they were extending an offer of employment to me and I was to start the onboarding process as soon as possible! From what I’ve gathered, this Poker Room is one of the best on this side of the country. So.. I’m telling you, internet, because I thought maybe in this horrible, crappy time you guys may enjoy hearing a story of a girl receiving the job of her dreams today. I’m pretty stoked. Holy cricket this is happening!
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Achievement Tip Masterpost

Complete a Life Complete a full life
All you have to do for this one is die. You probably have it by now, but if you're super attached to your first Bitizen, you can always save your Bitlife and play somebody else wastefully or hold out until they pass.
Octogenarian See your 80th birthday Nonagenarian 90th birthday Centenarian 100th birthday Super-centarian 110th birthday Mega-centarian 120th birthday
Get on a healthy diet and garden and meditate twice a year. I like Nutrisystem. It's expensive, but I have advice for managing that below...
Strong Genes Achieve a 500-year generation Long Lineage 1000-year generation Living Legacy 5000-year generation
Never don't have kids. I like leaving everything to the youngest child and playing as them, but that won't make your kids happy with you or your heir. Your call. Either way, it helps to have a couple Bitlifes going in case you get tired of living carefully. Sometimes you're gonna want to be more reckless, you know?
Millionaire Become a millionaire My Second Million Achieve a net worth of $2m
Now that we have Royalty and Sports, this is a lot easier. Traditionally, if you're hot (95%+), drop out of high school and get your GED ($1k, you can do that in a couple years of dog walking/freelance gigs) and wait for a singer or actor career. If not, work hard in school and go to the gym often. Check your parents' stats and if they're generous make sure you pass your drivers test (maybe even ask if you can get a nicer one! immediately sell your car, they lose value fast) and take a martial art. It's much cheaper if they pay for it ($1K per tier in some countries) and gets you in good shape. If you're athletic, grind at a sport from middle school onwards. If you're not, try some athletic-adjacent clubs and go to the gym and for walks often. Pets count as additional walks which you can take from age 8+. When you're in good shape you can get a soccer scholarship (which can become a/)or a professional sports contract. More sports tips below, same with other careers. Basically try to get famous, not through politics. Or be hot and marry rich/have rich parents who die/be royal.
Multimillionaire Achieve a net worth of $10m Rich Net worth of $20m Super Rich Net worth of $50m Stinking Rich Net worth of $100m
Get a couple million first, then invest it in real estate. Or do ads if you're famous and it won't ruin your career. Helps to be big on social media for influence on that stuff. Fix up 1M+ houses and flip them when they've hit a value of 2 or 3 million. If you've got great karma or you're a religious figure of some kind, exorcise some mansions. You can do it all that way, or keep grinding careers.
Bitionaire Achieve a net worth of $1b
It's hard to get here from 0. Helps to leave everything to your youngest kid before you die after living a long, fruitful life. You can let your kid "take over" your assets at any time without tax now, that's the best way to do it. Then as soon as they're 18 make them famous/invest in real estate and repeat.
Actor Become an actor
Be hot. You can drop out at 16 and get your GED for $1k (ask your parents for money or do freelance gigs for a couple of years). If you're not, go to the gym and for walks often. Pets count as additional walks which you can take from age 8+. Grind at a sport in school if you can to keep your health well and get plastic surgery at 18. Generally if your appearance stats are low it's either a nose job or liposuction that will fix it. Always go to the best plastic surgeon. Marry rich if you have to or work for a couple years if you have to, but start the career as soon as you can. Always work 5 more hours a week than required and compliment your supervisor if their coolness is high. Sleep with people in Hollywood (bosses coworkers etc). Your spouse/parent will generally be mad if you're in rude magazines, so hold off on dating unless they're cool or make them deal with it.
Airplane Pilot Become an airline captain
Grind in school and keep your mental health well. No drugs but drink if you feel like it, just make sure you can go to AA or whatever. Always work 5 more hours a week than required and compliment your supervisor if their coolness is high. If you're rich and you've inherited an airplane or you can afford lessons, take them. Go to University for a science thing that isn't biology lol. Start your Pilot Apprentice job.
At Inner Peace Work 75 years as a monk
Follow my longevity tips above and don't party or drink or do drugs. Always be honest. Meditate. Don't date.
Candywriter Work for Bitlife
Be born in Tampa, United States. Go to university for Information Systems. You'll get the achievement right away when you're hired.
CEO Become a CEO
Go to school for Finance. Get a job. Work hard every year.
Dentist Become a dentist
Go to university for biology, then dental school. Work hard every year.
Doctor Become a doctor
Go to university for biology, then medical school. Work hard every year.
Fire Chief Become a fire chief
Stay in good shape. Work hard every year.
Jack Of All Trades Have 10 careers in one life
Work at retail and food service jobs for less than a year, then go to university to get even more opportunities. Keep going for different paths.
Judge Become a judge Lawyer Become a lawyer
Go to school for english. Go to law school. Work hard every year.
Last Resort Seduce your boss to save your job
Be hot. Work fewer hours than required at your job. Make sure your supervisor is attracted to your gender and low professionalism. When your boss tries to fire you, seduce them.
People Person
Start with your less popular coworkers and work your way up. Pay attention to their stats so you know what they want. Get hard-to-get people with Bitlife Bitizenships ($5).
Armed & Dangerous Kill someone with a learned martial art move
Get to the top level of a martial art, (especially in prison) pick someone old to attack. Start a fight with them.
Midieval Attack Get attacked with a midieval weapon
Kinda chance. Just keep picking fights. You can get into a lot of fights if you're rude at nightclubs or to people on the street. Sometimes if you attack your loved ones or enemies with a weapon they'll kill you with a sword or something.
No Grasshopper Earn the top belt in a martial art
Each martial art has 10 tiers. They can cost $1k+ if you're an adult so if you've got generous parents take advantage.
Sensei San Earn the top belt in every martial art
Have health above 50% when you take a martial arts lesson. Follow above tips. Parents will probably only pay for one set of lessons, so pay for the other arts yourself as an adult. At $10k per martial art, it will probably cost you $40k-$50k.
Addicted Sustain 3 addictions at once
Play Blackjack or go to the horse races often with mid-tier mental health. Get addicted to pills or some other hard non-psychedelic drugs. Start drinking last b/c it'll kill your health. Try not to let your Bitizen get depressed or you might die, lol. All addiction is dangerous so it may take a few tries.
Bubonic Plague Contract the bubonic plague
Have low health and luck out. I got it in the UK.
Foam at the Mouth Contract rabies
Try to take home every wild animal you see. One might bite you. If you succeed, take it to the vet. If it doesn't have rabies, release it. If it does, don't treat it! Take it home and bathe it until it bites you.
Sickly Contract 10 diseases in one life
Best if you're not vaccinated, but just have mid-tier health and be really social. All afflictions count.
Successful Rehab Have rehab cured at a rehab center
Go to fancy rehab if you can afford it. Do it from your military deployment to go AWOL.
Witchcraft Get cured of a disease by the witch doctor
Eye of newt and cow tongue are iffy. Always start with health at 100. They've fixed cancer and sickle cell for me.
BitBoi Watch Bijuu Mike on YouTube BTS ARMY Go to a BTS concert
Keep asking friends to watch YouTube/go to concerts every year until you get those options.
Movie Junkie Go to 5 movies in one life Moviegoer Go to a movie
Go to the movies every year. It's good for your relationship if you go with somebody.
Brightest Star Achieve maximum fame
Actor, model, writer, athlete career path. Keep doing every bonus thing (talk shows, books, pose nude, commercials) and verify on social media.
Centerfold Pose for Wank magazine
Agree to pose nude every time until you get it. I think this one has women mostly but I can't remember.
Endorser Get paid $2m for a commercial
Easy if you're a high paid actor or model doing an international commercial.
K-Pop Become a famous Korean singer
See my wealth advice. Follow it with the "background singer" career and start in Korea.
DNA Donor Make 25 sperm donations in one life
This one is hard b/c you can only do it once a year and only until a certain age. So start at 18 and don't stop. I think you have to be American. Maybe UK and Canada too? Not legal everywhere. Try not to miss a year.
Fabulously Fertile Have 10 children in one life Fertile Myrtle Mother 25 children in one life
Meditate every year. Start at 18. You have to be cis. Eat healthy and exercise. Get boyfriends and have unprotected sex with them so you don't get STDs. You can be a mother up until like 51 if you're healthy and lucky. Keep having sex until you get pregnant.
Smart Seed Get artificially inseminated with lawyer sperm
Start at 18. You have to be cis. Be fertile (tips above). Keep pulling up the option to get artificially inseminated until a lawyer comes up. Don't listen to your partner if they don't want you to do it LOL.
Super Sperm Have 100 children in one life
Be a cis dude. Meditate. Be handsome. Have a million girlfriends. Use the dating app to keep dating young women. Don't abandon any kids but leave girlfriends as soon as they're pregnant. Hire every surrogate that will take you if it's legal. Sue them for the max ($200k) if they bail (not miscarry).
Three's Company Have triplets
Sometimes this happens if you're a dude with luck or while you're doing Super Sperm. Sometimes if you're a woman it's luck too or when you do IVF with your partner's sperm or other artificial insemination.
Career Military Serve your full career in the military
Tips for staying alive below. Retire as soon as you can.
General Achieve the rank of general in the military
Be a good Army person. Grind at work like 5x a year. Keep in shape. Be nice to your seargeant.
Admiral Reach the rank of admiral in the military
Be a good Navy person. Grind at work like 5x a year. Keep in shape. Be nice to your seargeant.
Absent Without Leave Go AWOL in the military
Be deployed with an addiction and check into rehab. Whoops.
Excavator Clear 10 minefields
Be deployed, and use a minesweeper solver to not die if you suck at minesweeper.
Adopt Don't Shop Rescue every pet in the shelter
You gotta have a few houses. Then you're good. You gotta do it all in one year so have like a lot of houses. Like 5 at least. Tips for getting rich above.
Horsing Around Own 50 horses in one life
You gotta have a bunch of ranches. Buy a few horses a year. Tips for getting rich above.
Just Keep Swimming Buy a goldfish and release it.
You can do this one as a kid too if your parent gets you a goldfish.
Natural Selection Rescue every pet in the shelter
This one took forever. Just keep buying dangerous exotic pets and rescuing every dangerous animal you see. It's luck.
No Probllama Buy a Llama
Buy a ranch in Afghanistan. Go pet shopping.
Aftermath Escape prison in a riot Instigator Prison riot
Get good at Snake. Keep rioting. Works best in low security. Takes a couple tries, kind of luck.
Behind Bars Spend 50 years in prison True Lifer 75 years in prison
Do a murder in a country without the death penalty (Canada). Murder with full health at 18. Get a prison job. Meditate and work out every year. Keep your head down. Try half-heartedly to escape every once in a while so you don't accidentally get parole or something. But if you get out you can always go back. Rob a bank or something. But keep your health and behaviour up in case you get sick and need to go to the infirmary.
Gangsta Join a prison gang
Go to a medium or higher security prison.
Inmating Get a lover pregnant on a conjugal visit
Be a cis man with high fertility. Have a good relationship (80%+) with an 18 year old cis woman. Make sure she isn't on birth control. Do a small crime, get a prison job, and meditate. Request a conjugal visit.
Justice Get freed from prison by appeal
Be rich. Wait a couple years after you're sentenced for something non-violent.
Mercy Me Get granted clemency
Be a nun or a monk for 50+ years. Don't retire. Do a murder. Get a prison job. Meditate, work out, go to the library, and write letters to home. You won't know until the year you're scheduled to die, so hold on.
Midnight Express Get sentenced to Turkish prison
Be born in Turkey. Do a crime.
Theseus Escape a supermax prison
There are a ton of Bitlife prison guides. Do a murder and escape from death row.
Executioner Execute 5 people
Be king. Or queen. Top dog, either way. It helps to have enemies or friends to make enemies.
Markle Marry into the royal family
Be a commoner in a country with royals. Be cute. Go on lots of dates. It'll pop up and be part of their name. They could be a viscount or whatever, no member of the royal family is too far removed.
Monarch Become a monarch
Start as prince or princess and inherit the throne.
Napoleon Get exiled to a distant land
Keep executing people. And do a bunch of disservice.
Reign Over Us Reign as monarch for 100 years
In a country where Prince/Princess is top monarch or where your king/queen parents are low health/dying, keep your health up until you're a super-centarian (see above).
Canton Get inducted into the football hall of fame
Be a great football player. Be famous. Play as long as you can. Keep being famous after football as long as you can. I stopped being famous at 40 and got inducted at 60.
Christiano Win the Ballon d'Or
Be a European soccer player. Keep winning championships (see below).
Full Ride Win an athletic scholarship
Start playing sports in middle school. Become captain of at least one team with a pro league.
Giggsy Win 13 career championships
You can train each stat up twice in a turn if you trade teams, but you'll lose respect, so pick your moments. Grind your whole life. Keep going to the gym. Trade teams when you guys start losing. Stay on top.
Hooker Yell at a leopard
Try out for professional rugby with high athletic stats. Choose Hooker as your position.
Lance Win a championship while doping
It's safest to dope the year after a drug test. Try it for your second or third championship.
Real Estate
House Hunter Make $2m from flipping a house
Buy a $2m house. Leave it to your kid. Sell it. See above.
Mansion Party Throw a party in a mansion Real Estate Mogul Purchase real estate worth $10m combined Trailer Party Party in a trailer
Pretty straight forward. If you're broke start with the trailer party. Then buy mansions. Advice for getting rich above.
Brothers Forever Get hired by a frat brother
Be a jock. See sports advice above. When you're in two sports at university, compliment the jocks' leader. Be good looking (plastic surgery if needed, see above) and google the answer to the question if you need it. Google high-level frats and pick one. Then when you get hired after school one of them might hire you!
Earning that A Seduce your teacher
Be really attractive and compliment your teachers who are attracted to people of your gender. Take the opportunity to sleep with them if it arises.
Naughty Child Get expelled from school
Be rude as hell to the principal/headmastedean
Swimming Star
Start swimming as young as you can and stay in shape. "Work harder" every year.
Social Media
Social Media Join social media Social Media Sharer Post Social Media Oversharer Post 5 times Social Media Star Get a million followers Check! Get verified
Join all social media platforms at 13. Be pretty and keep posting. Follow above advice to get famous in any public career to get more followers. Start with Instagram for verification around 100k. By the time you're a lead actosupermodel/etc you'll have 1m followers.
Antiqued Keep a car running for 200 years.
Buy a brand new car. Do maintenance twice a year. Pass it on to your kid (18+) and repeat.
Car collector Assemble a car collection worth $1m Lambo Buy a Lamborghini
Buy a lambo and a bunch of other fancy cars. Who cares. See advice above for money.
Not The Yellow One Buy a submarine
You need $5b for this to show up reliably.
Titanic Trouble Run into trouble on a yacht
Have a shitty yacht or shitty luck. Go for a bunch of rides.
Animal Rescue Rescue an animal
Helps to have 100% smarts. Read childrens books so you don't have to tap too many pages. It'll only take two or three.
Deaf Leapord Yell at a leopard
Buy a leopard from the exotic animals dealer and yell at it when it misbehaves.
Gorilla and the Fist Get decapitated by a gorilla
I had to buy so many gorillas from the exotic animals dealer to get one crazy enough to decapitate me. Just keep bathing it and letting it attack you every year until it kills you.
Unicorn Find a unicorn
Go for like 10 walks a year. Have good karma.
Hungry Hippo !!! NEEDED !!!
Apparently Egypt is good for this.
Lion Tamer !!! NEEDED !!!
Apparently Kenya is good for this.
Balcony Buccaneer Steal 100 packages in one life
It's a lot easier to avoid punishment by wielding your title if you're a monarch. This one took me ages as a civiliian.
Burglar Burgle 25 homes in one life
Play Snake well
Cold Killer Kill 10 people in one life Serial Killer Kill 25 people
Start with random homeless people. If you're a royal exert your title to avoid punishment. Keep buying your way out of prison as long as you can. Then start killing other prisoners, start with the oldest and work your way down to the strongest ones. Work out and meditate every year. Pay guards for protection if you can but you probably won't be fucked with if you keep strong and murderous.
Dillinger Rob 5 banks in one life
If you're royal you'll get away with it. Make sure you have a getaway car either way. Clown mask/closest equivalent and handgun/closest equivalent work best.
Scare to Death Scare someone to death
Do a murder but pick scare to death. Works best if they're old.
Bugatti Bandit !!! NEEDED !!!
Going Anywhere !!! NEEDED !!!
Black Widow Widow 5 husbands in one life
Start using the dating app when you're 18 and go for old guys. Best if they don't have kids and if they're rich. Propose after you fuck when your relationship is at 100%. I like to be on birth control for this.
Golden Anniversary Be in a marriage for 50 years Diamond Anniversary Marriage for 75 years
Keep seeing movies together and fucking and complimenting each other. Cute as hell. Just marry young and try to both stay alive.
Fake It Propose successfully with a fake ring
Works best if you're rich and they love you and they're dumb.
Family Planner Convince a lover to go off birth control
Be a cis man. Be in a strong relationship with a cis woman. Ask her to go off birth control. Easiest if you're married to her.
Maiden Named Marry a man who takes your last name
Marry a man and don't change your last name. Kind of a luck thing. Make sure your relationship is strong.
Multigamist Get married 10 times in one life
Pre-nups and widowing make this easier but do you. Love them and leave them. If you're a young guy it's really easy to get older women to agree to marry you.
Stud Have 100 lovers in a single life
Hook up like crazy. Date all you can and fuck all of them. Use protection so you can stay alive.
Wedding Planner Agree to an arranged marriage
I did this in India as a woman with wealthy, religious parents.
Bejeweled !!! NEEDED !!!
All Along Have a parent who comes out of the closet
Could be luck. Or you can cheat it with a Bitizenship by making both parents gay and unreligious.
Begone Exorcise your own ghost
Be an exorcist. Buy a haunted house. Do what you do best.
Booty Call Have a successful Brazillian butt lift
Be healthy and have good karma. Use the best doctor. Cross your fingers. They still only work 1/3 of the time.
Cliff Diver Go cliff diving Hero Save someone's life Player Perks Accept a casino's hospitality offer Snake Snack Eat a snake ZAP! Get struck by lightning
Random event
Dignified Donor Donate a 1m+ heirloom to charity
Get your heirloom every day. Appraise it. Donate the first $1m+ one you get.
Flamin' Hot Survive 60 years on a Hot Cheetos diet
Get liposuction every couple of years and work out and walk a lot. Have no other conditions. Do your best. Get pets for more walks. Garden. Try to survive. Start at 18.
Flee the Country Emigrate to escape justice
Escape prison and emigrate
Frankenstein Survive 5 botched plastic surgeries
Keep going to the bad doctor. Go for risky procedures like butt lifts. Space them out to get your health back up.
Goat Grabber Join a goat grabbing team
Be athletic and join a goat grabbing team at school in Afghanistan
Human Dictionary Read the dictionary
So much tapping. But eventually it will show up in your books. Be strong.
Hyperthymesia Score 20 sequences on the memory test
The worst part of Bitlife. I did this one by writing 1,2,3 or 4 on a piece of paper according to which # square lit up with my right hand and doing the puzzle on my phone with my left hand. Still took like 5 tries and was really frustrating. Take breaks and come back with a clear head.
Jackpot Win the lottery jackpot
Keep your karma high and buy 10 tickets 5 times a year. You'll get it eventually.
Lowroller Get refused entry to a casino
Bet more money than you have on Blackjack. Once you're out of prison, try to come back. They'll turn you away.
Nightmare Wake up from a nightmare
As a pilot, buy a terrible plane. When it crashes, accept your doom. You might wake up.
Paranightmare Contract PTSD after a paranormal experience
Try to have bad mental and good physical health (a hard balance. Try gardening, dieting, and fighting with friends or loved ones) and then try to exorcise stubborn ghosts.
Perfection Achieve perfect stats
Pretty easy. Work out, get plastic surgery (lipo or nose job to start) and go for walks, read children's books (3 should get you to 100%) and go to the movies or on vacation.
Rich Justice Win a $1m+ lawsuit
Get fired from a really high paying job like CEO and win your lawsuit.
Run Bitizen! Win a bet on Bitizen There's Always Canada Emigrate to Canada Winnipeg, Eh? Visit Winnipeg
Wait until it pops up as an option
Say Goodbye To Hollywood Get deported from the United States
Move to the U.S. without permission. Get caught doing a minor crime.
Skeezy Get called "skeezy"
Be an asshole at nightclubs and in the streets. Fight with your friends and coworkers, insult them and start rumours.
Sweepstakes Win the sweepstakes
Set it up on a day where you'll be by your phone. Sign up every time you can.
Try & Stop Me Violate a restraining order
Stalk your ex. Do it again after they file a restraining order.
Ultimate Betrayal Your spouse leaves you following a gender reassignment
Have a terrible relationship with your heterosexual spouse. Get gender reassignment surgery.
Unethical Bribe a college official
Be rich and have dumb kids.
Roswell !!! NEEDED !!!
Sacrilege !!! NEEDED !!!

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[S] Capy's Survivor: Pompeii- Saints vs Sinners (S23)

Hello! Welcome or welcome back to Capy's Survivor! This season we are headed to Pompeii! We are once again playing the game of outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting your fellow castaways, whether that be by flirtatious behavior, backstabbing your opponents, or making plenty of allies. This is Capy's Survivor: Saints vs Sinners! I will not be doing write-ups with the posts because I don't have time. I will instead work on them while I can, and post a post with some of them once I'm done.
Meet the castaways:
Sanctus Tribe:
Pecalum Tribe:

20th: Tracy was just too far on the outside for this vote. With both alliances in the tribe gunning for her, there was no way she could escape this 7-3 vote. Eliminated: Tracy
19th: I think this vote was purely the wrong place at the wrong time. There are two main alliances in the Pecalum tribe, King, Jury, and Vito; and Adrian, Bart, and Randall. I believe the flips wanted to side more with the alliance voting out the other alliance rather than a fellow flip vote. Eliminated: Bart
18th: I think Vito was scared that Karen, Kenzie, and Sass (a.k.a the flip votes) were going to flip back to Randall and Adrain's side and vote out Juri, as her name was thrown around. But alas, that did not happen, and their intended target of Randall went out after only Kenzie voted with Randall and Adrian, Sass throwing her vote to Karen, and Karen siding with Juri, Vito, and now-flip vote King. Eliminated: Randall
17th: The Sanctus tribe, much like their rival tribe, was divided by 2 alliances of 3. Carson-Randster-Flora and Blair-Dolly-Percy. But being the heroes that they are at heart, that didn't matter much, as Eva's fight with George from Episode 2 caught up with her and made her the boot 9-1. Eliminated: Eva
16th: Sanctus loses their second immunity in a row. I think the alliances are trying to rid of the flip votes early, as they could be dangerous come to the merge. Carson-Flora-Randster manages to pull in Ray for their Douglas vote, but that is solely because Blair-Dolly-Percy managed to get all the other flip votes to vote Ray, booting her 5-4. Eliminated: Ray
15th: After a huge fight at camp, and them both being in the middle, George and Douglas have made themselves the main targets of this week. Carson-Flora-Randster decides to stick to their target of Douglas, while Blair-Dolly-Percy decides to tie hoping for someone to flip, so they vote George. Instead of this, Blair ultimately decides to flip on her alliance, voting Douglas out 4-4; 4-2. Eliminated: Douglas
14th: A swap occurs at the Final 14, sending Sass, Dolly, Flora, King, Karen, Kenzie, and Percy to Sanctus. And sending Adrian, Blair, Carson, George, Juri, Randster, and Vito to Pecalum. All old alliances stand strong, while new alliances of former tribemates form. Sanctus loses the immunity challenge. The Sinners decide that Flora is their main target. But, Dolly and Percy approach Sass and offer her to flip, because of Dolly's reasons that her fellow Sinners are untrustworthy. Sass says in her confessional that she is the most untrustworthy of the bunch. In a stupid move, Dolly decides not to play her idol. Flora knows her fate, and decides to vote Sass as a last "F**k you". Eliminated: Flora
13th: Pecalum are the ones heading to Tribal Council tonight. Randster and Carson end up fighting after Flora goes home, as they know they are probably doomed. Randster recognizes that Carson is a huge threat to the game, and he decides he doesn't need him sticking around, the Sinners also take advantage of this crack in the Saints, as they are down in numbers, and need to form some trust. Carson goes in a 6-1. Eliminated: Carson
12th: The merge occurs, with everyone shocked that it's so early, with 12 people still remaining. Because of Carson's elimination, the original Saints are down in number 7-5. Karen manages to win immunity. Being the villains they are, the Sinners immediately turn on each other, and the biggest targets at the end of it all are King and Sass, who are mistakenly thought of as running the game, even though Juri and Vito know their alliance has most of the votes, they don't speak up. Sass manages to gain Blair and George's trust enough to get them on her side and attempt to convince the other former Saints. But King-Vito-Juri gets every other vote off of King, as he is an ally. Eliminated: Sass
11th: The Randster wins immunity. The Sinners continue to turn on each other, with King once again being a target along with Kenzie for constantly flipping back and forth between votes. The Randster, knowing he is safe, decides to vote with Blair and George (and Kenzie) to vote out King, as he sees King is a threat. They attempt to convince Dolly-Percy, but when Blair was flipped on the other tribe, they grew close. They decide to stay on the Sinner's good side and vote for Kenzie. Kenzie goes home on a 7-4. Eliminated: Kenzie.
10th: Vito wins immunity. Even in their last ditch efforts to flip Dolly-Percy to their side, Blair-George-Randster could not get people to flip and vote out King, even though he was one of the people obviously running the vote, and they are beginning to get picked off. George leaves in a 7-3 vote. Eliminated: George.
9th: Adrian win immunity. Blair and Randster still attempt to flip Dolly-Percy, and even the last Volcaneous flip left, Adrian. They try to reason that they are not top priority to get to Final Tribal Council, and they need to hurt the alliance of Juri-Vito-King, but Dolly-Percy and Adrian want to stick on their good side, even if it means they only last one more vote. They decide Blair is easily a bigger threat than Randster, and send her packing on a 7-2. Eliminated: Blair.
8th: Vito wins another immunity, and Randster is crushed as he was also close to winning. Randster is shocked when Dolly-Percy, Adrian, and Karen approach him and say that they are giving King the boot. Randster asks why they didn't do it earlier, and they confess it's because they wanted to be on the top of one side, and with the other 3 person alliance they couldn't do that, and that they needed to gain trust with King-Juri-Vito. Juri knows about this vote, but she decides to save her idols for when SHE needs them. Eliminated: King
7th: Adrian wins immunity. They decide the vote is Vito, as they are more uncomfortable with him than Juri. But, Adrian decides that flipping back to the Juri-Vito side would be his best bet right now. He decides not to tell Karen, as his plan is to bring Randster and her to the end as goats and boot Juri and Vito at the Final 5. He knows that Randster is open to flipping though, so he baits him in, but is unsuccessful. Juri knows about these attempts, and she shows Randster one of her idols and says she will keep him safe because he can't keep himself safe in the middle. By a vote of 4-3 Percy goes home. Eliminated: Percy
6th: The Randster wins immunity. Adrian finally decides to tell Karen about the flipping. But then regrets it as soon as he realizes he might be the target, as Dolly might be a goat for them. Him and Randster flip back to Dolly's side, with Adrian trying to save his goats. But he was too messy, and couldn't get Karen to flip back. It's a 3-3 tie, with Juri-Vito-Karen voting Dolly, and Adrian-Randster-Dolly voting Karen, trying to cause a rock draw with Adrian, Juri, and Vito. But, knowing she doesn't want a rock draw, and that she could bring anyone with her and potentially win, Juri decides to shockingly flip to a Karen vote, sending her packing. Eliminated: Karen
5th: Juri wins the immunity challenge. She knows they are going to vote for Vito, but she also knows that they know there is nothing they can do because she has an idol. So they all decide to stick with Vito, as they think she might boot him for being a jury vote threat. Their prediction turns out to be right, but she still votes against them to try to attempt some Juri Management (sorry for the bad pun). Eliminated: Vito
4th: The Randster secures his stop in the Final 3, by winning immunity. Juri uses her talking skill in attempts to flip Adrian because she knows that she is doomed if she doesn't try, and she tells him he should be sitting next to a Sinner at FTC and that she might not even win the Fire-Making, he does the math and decides that a potentially bitter jury is better than sitting next to the social player, Dolly, at FTC. Dolly and Juri are sent to a Fire-Making Challenge, where Juri wins. Eliminated: Dolly
Final Tribal Council:>! By a jury vote of 4-3-1.... congratulations Kim Juri! You are the winner of Capy's Survivor: Saint vs Sinners!!<
Tell me what you guys think. Also tell me who you would like to see the return of for future seasons, and who you liked the most!
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my résumé both as a writer, and as a human.

i will include two versions of this resume - one that was written stream of consciousness, and incorporates absolutely everything that is on my mind.
and another that is simplified and only includes relevant job type of information for when applying to places that probably aren't as interested in hiring a spiritual complex thinker and writer as much as they are the guy who simply loves working. the choice is yours at all times to read this or not.
resume got to do with anything -- this turned into a field manual on how to over-come psycho-ops.
i really don't want to stand out, but i guess it's a little late for that.
ideally i want to help form or join a pack of intelligent apes that are working together for the betterment of Everybody
i am currently 100% focused on Writing to Reverse-Engineer the psychological-operations that have programmed Everybody i've ever met including myself, to differing extents, and usually in different directions.
[this applies to everybody, whether you grew up rich and went to college to be an executive, or grew up dirt-poor and consider yourself lucky to have a factory job, or even to be on financial assistance]
my willpower to write as if Everybody's Life depends on it, is beginning to wane as i have gotten it All out multiple times now. once or twice was not enough.
i am now looking for a place to go to learn, grow, and work in a new field that is more useful for Everybody.
as well as for a place to publish these works where i will Not be censored.
the multitude of false-concepts that we have been indoctrinated with that are both anti-human, and anti-life can and will be expozed. allowing us to choose to think without them.
as we begin to learn more about our own psychology then the people who learned how to mind-control us did, as a means to get us to do what they want;
they decided on turning us into mind-controlled-wage-slaves, or as toxic-psychopath-ruler-descandants when they made their decision to embark on this.
Mind-control is now Obsolete. Independent thinking is taking over.
with these works that i'm writing for us, Mind-control has become Obsolete.
we can choose to open our minds and come unhooked from any and All of the imaginary constraints (bs-hooks) that were intentionally installed within our minds, by way of constant exposure and frequent repetition. programming great-apes to do things against their will was last weeks news.
i love working, learning, and creating as much as anyone.
the toxic-banking-institution wants us to become a mind-controlled-wage-slave and that's it.
when you have one of the strongest minds on the planet and you know it, you absolutely cannot afford to leverage an ego.
it'll turn you into a maniac in a hurry. this happens frequently enough to need to be aware of it, even frequently to weaker minds.
i'm not special. Everybody is special.
i've heard that it's a fine line between confidence and cockiness but i think that's bullshit.
i view it more as a runway - wide enough for a jumbo sized aircraft, and big enough for us all to take off from.
if we refuse to leverage an ego we can paint ourselves as confident as it gets without concern for being toxic towards eachother or for rubbing it in anyone's face
we are truly supposed to share our confidence, wisdom, and knowledge with eachother. these are things that are not supposed to be leveraged against anyone to belittle or make any one of us feel less significant, and certainly not to be used as leverage to make others do what we want. [that is to say the manipulation of people is toxic-exploitation]
i'm nothin special, but WE are.
together we are both as strong as our strongest pack members and as weak as our weakest pack members.
we must learn to uplift eachother, and not to bring eachother down.
turning our backs on eachother is not up for discussion. no way in hell do we let eachother go to hell
i'm nothin special. Everybody coming together, that is special.
i'm as confident as it gets with thoughts, but i'm also not better than anyone.
my intelligence and confidence truthfully don't even belong to me. i'm willing to share it with Everybody as it belongs to absolutely Everybody that isn't leveraging a toxic-ego.
it comes from the human spirit.
we are supposed to work together and co-operate voluntarily. nothin should be done against our wills either, collectively, or independently.
as such, painting us as working for money - isn't going to happen.
i Sincerely desire to Help
i am looking for involvement and to learn new skills - not for money -
**leverage a list of skills that you're looking for. list your background briefly - and comprehensively:
i truly don't care what work i'm doing as long as i'm working and learning about something that i'm interested in
i do not have any experience in the areas of interest that i would like to pursue, so i am looking for an apprenticeship type of situation where in the right situation i am absolutely willing to work for experience
Building/construction - Anything - woods , metals, glass
working on bicycles, tractors, vehicles - anything mechanical
farming - sharecropping is fine by me
cooking - food preparation - kitchen

also -- i am looking for artists to share ideas and to work with
as well as active apes of any conditioning level to coach eachother on liberating ourselves through movement physically and mentally.
playing active-games(sports) together making exercise FUN and EZ
i like to paint myself both as a sponge, and as a reflection of everybody that i have ever respected
with this mind-set, the impacts that we leave on eachother are infinite, both limitless and carry forward indefinitely.
after being tortured, i am admittedly still a bit shocked from it, but the positive side from this is that
handling mind-fucks (intentional confusion) and toxic-vibes (shouting, insults, etc) is not a problem at all.
i have become 100% immune to this non-sense and so can everybody else!
i've been dealing with this my entire life (as have most of us) we are all doing our best to develop coping mechanisms and leverage-neutralization-techniques (ways to handle bs) and i believe that it is long over-due that we All come together, share our intelligence and wisdom with eachother.
i'm writing this much for a reason - i'm looking for people, and for a place to share work like this with, where we aren't censored.
we communicate to embrace, uplift, to share ideas, coach, and to teach. not to bring eachother down.
we should be careful to focus on the liberation and strengthening of our minds, allowing us All to think Independently; and not to become reliant on thinking for eachother exclusively as this has the consequence of weakening our minds, reducing our ability to comprehend as well as to make sense of situations and concepts (hooks).
when we think for ourselves we become strong, resilient, and intelligent. when others think for us, we become weak and stupid.
which opens the door for vulnerabilities;
deliberately dangerous mind-fucks (intentional confusion) can and is leveraged against us to trick us into turning on eachother.
or to get us to imagine adversaries, especially at times when there are clearly NONE.
this type of vulnerability works on us, but only if we are not aware of how and why it works.
mind-fucking us against eachother does not work if we understand how and why toxic-minded people try to do this to us.
(playing politics with us is what this amounts to) when they try to do this to us; i'm not playin, and neither should you.
they try to paint everybody, usually including us (whether we know it or not) as toxic, to justify toxic actions against us, or to get us to become toxic as we become fooled by them.
these are dangerous hypocrites that we are dealing with and they are not to be trusted.
(if someone is painting everybody else, but you and them as toxic, best believe that they are or will be doing the exact same thing to you with others) this kind of manipulation of people is toxic-and-stupid. we should be refusing to play politics with anyone.)
false-political-lying has been going on WAY TOO MUCH to believe anything toxic someone has to say about ANYONE else.
people who bad-mouth eachother are NOT to be trusted under any circumstances. we can and WILL shut them down.. by exposing how easy it is to notice when they are trying to smear us. just how full-of-shit they and their arguments are becomes apparent easily when we identify what their intent is (usually to leverage us against eachother to get us to do something stupid or toxic on their behalf)
having been targeted and tortured by institutionalized toxic-corruption wizened my ass up.
we humans (wonderful beautiful intelligent spiritual apes) have been targetted aggressively with deliberate misinformation about our existence and our very nature. this was done intentionally by toxic-minded-agencies and egotistical groups, who conspired against us all, as they viewed themselves, as different and better than us. the intent to divide us, on collective bases of all types, skin-tone, age, sex, cla$$i$m, etc, is to make it easier to pit us against eachother, to keep us perpetually confused, lost, and looking to others for guidance. so that we are as easy as it gets to take advantage of; the smallest unit of division the 'individual' is truly something we are not supposed to identify with primarily, as it is frequently leveraged to attempt to make us feel alone, weak, and vulnerable.
the beautiful truth is that we are never alone
our Independence should reflect our strongest persona(s) which can and should be a reflection of anything or anyone that helps us, including Everyone and Everything. Everyone we've ever Respected, particularly those who coached us, friends, family, co-workers, coaches, artists.
Anyone who helped us in any way imaginable is with us at All times - that's us to - whenever we need for them to be.
coaching eachother to strong Independence and not mind-controlling (thinking for) eachother. we should be developing thinking exercises, building our culture through making art, playing strategic-minded games&sports as well as thinking of other ways to have fun while socializing and developing ourselves - physically, mentally, and spiritually, while focusing on retaining Independence of thought with an emphasis on remaining non-toxic.
any of our views on anything at all, including spirituality are non-consequential to our unity, so long as we are committed to eachother and not working against eachother.
my views on spiritual-unity help us to cement the concept of identification with eachother, life, and existence.
and we should have no problem sharing these views with anyone, however we should not be attempting to persuade anyone to believe as we do. as i believe that we all need to make our minds up for ourselves to get the full benefit from any thought processes that we choose to empower to make sense of anything.
let's let the strength of our thoughts speak for themselves. as we share this strong and flexible type of thinking with eachother, people will come to us on their own accord, and NO persuasion will be necessary. think however you like, the more diverse we and our thoughts become the better!
we should be comfortable to speak or write to any one of us on our own accord about anything if we are looking to share thoughts with eachother;
i will never try to impose my way of thinking, or any of my beliefs on anyone.
(i have flexibly adapted philosophies from others as well as innovated to understanding that i am constantly evolving and never focused on retaining information as i am actively developing one of the strongest and most flexible minds on the planet, this type of philosophy speaks for itself and will spread itself as well)
but i am here to help anyone who both needs&wants help - it doesn't even matter what's going on, or how mind-fucked, perplexed, or painfully-confused you may have become. no matter what, nothing was your fault and you should know that we are both developing eachother.
the more we help eachother sort this type of bullshit (our hazardous mental states) out, the easier it gets for us.
the simplest message ever - we don't ever stop identifying with eachother, life or existence. - that's where we went wrong in the first place. and consequently how we turned toxic-stupid, and then evil.
we learn LESSONS. those mishaps that we made in the past are only mistakes till we learn from them, then they become LESSONS.
everybody turned toxic and then evil, once or twice, and that was it. Everybody can change.
i believe that as long as we are doing our best to question our programming and remain peacefully non-toxic towards eachother that we are developing our intelligence within ourselves tremendously.
as far as toxic intelligence development goes, knowing first hand how painful and miserable it feels to generate toxic-thoughts and vibes, as well as the transfer and infection of others with the same or worse pain and misery, this becomes an infectious cycle that we MUST break.
there has become a tremendous urge within us to work together to stop the suffering for everybody and show the entire species how much happyer we will ALL become when we are working together and not against eachother.
i am 100% in favor of us coaching absolutely anybody and everybody who is ready and willing; everybody is a coach - whether we know it or not.
showing and telling with beautiful artwork and communication skills - peacefully, eloquently, and not forcefully why we should be Cooperating and not working against eachother or looking for toxic-leverage and exploitation of ourselves.
life and work is better when we are in cooperation mode more often, and not viewing ourselves as in a non-consensual competition.
at this point. we should only be competing for fun.
i have mastered freeing my mind with the assistance of absolutely EVERYBODY that i've ever known - our instincts inherited from our ancestors led the way by refusing to believe what was being told, even when we had no idea what was going on.
hearing the inquisitive mind-control-refusal nature of others (curiously questioning everything and refusing to believe confident liars), gave us the strength to continue on questioning rather than to give in and passively accept the false narratives continually being read in our schools, shown on loop on television, played on our radios, and being crammed into our brains by all imaginable methods.
nobody 'knows' anything for certain. so let's think for ourselves.
the ground work was laid for us by all others, destiny, instincts, miracles, and existence - and through blood sweat and tears and with the spiritual support of the unknown, our creators and our entire existence we were able to connect the dots to the best of our ability over and over again. during excruciating torture that was leveraged from an unknown realm.
if it can happen to me it can happen to anyone. it doesn't matter where you are, it just follows you everywhere. getting in the car to drive away from it doesn't work. nothing does.
my best guesses are that either we are living in an emulated existence where just about anything is possible, or that someone developed super high-tech spiritual weaponry. i'd prefer to imagine the emulated spiritual existence, as i find it difficult and painful to believe that this is the only realm of existence and that someone has developed weapons like this. if that is the case, however, i am hopeful that we can come together and dismantle this evil weaponry.
i am grateful for all of those who coached me, particularly as this torment began. as they planted the seed in my mind that if i do my best that i could get it to stop, or at least Help Coach Others that are dealing with the same thing the way that they did for me.
i am also grateful for all of those responsible for getting me off the hook from this torture sentence. i know there must be many of you that i will never meet, or know. just know that i am grateful for you all and your compassion.

if life can be scary and miserable, it can certainly be beautiful and peaceful.
anything is possible.
it truly does not matter the situation - there is a wonderful peaceful solution for everything.

the more we know, the more we know we don't need to know.

knowledge can be an inhibitor to our intelligence, particularly when we accept false-knowledge. if we are going to believe something, it had better be correct, or at least have a use for us. use-less false knowledge, is almost always dangerous and if not, still detrimental to our intelligence. believing things that are false hurts us, or at least makes us stupid.

the more we know the more we don't need to know.
toxic-beliefs leave us with biases that prevent us from thinking and communicating effectively.
we must have disdain for this type of mind-control as this breaks our natural ability to communicate and liberate eachother from the grips of toxic-mind-controll.

agnosticism is the gateway to wisdom.
a mind free from the desire to retain 'knowledge' (which may or may not be true) is free to explore any situation or possibilities and evaluate accordingly free from bias. in many ways the 'truth' is unknowable, and the sooner we accept that, the stronger and flexible minded and able to adapt to a fluid version of reality we will become

human intelligence is at it's best when it does not know.
awareness is what we are looking for, not knowledge.

imagine being so aware of a situation that you can argue your oppositions views better they can, gain their approval and then accordingly dismantle them. rendering them speechless. that is wisdom.

givin enough thoughts on and practice developing possibilities and explanations of our own for anything and evaluating how we feel about them and the other possibilities and explanations that we have heard from others - eventually our favorite hypothesises can be recalled or rather simply recreated with ease. we can adapt these views whenever we need or want to make them more senseful, or perhaps less toxic.
the more we know, the more we know we don't need to know.
it truly doesn't matter what thoughts we ultimately decide to think about to make sense of any situations so long as we are not overly focusing on trying to retain this information as a 'belief' (falsely thinking that there is only one acceptable explanation; is a bullshit-hook and that's it)
or even worse, to try to program others with it -- particularly if it is a toxic 'belief'
this has the consequence of limiting our intelligence, it forces us to think with blinders on and hinders our mind-power; potentially making us angry with eachohther and stupid as the potential for abuse of being leveraged to pit us against eachother.
(dumbass toxic-arguments where both people are disagreeing with eachother and not even hearing the others point of view because they both think their 'belief' is the one correct belief and the others 'belief' is wrong, is as useless as it gets. what IF We are BOTH wrong is what we need to be thinking at all times.)
they show this type of bullshit on the idiot box(television), all the time.. this is to prevent us from communicating when we disagree. we must be smarter than this
'beliefs' that we are unwilling to adapt become thought constraints. the less 'beliefs' we have the better.
strong thoughts and convictions of a non-toxic nature are perfectly acceptable, and desirable -- we will not attempt to force these thoughts on anyone however, as it will then become apparent which toxic-minded-people or agencies, are working against themselves trying to paint our message as refusal. (corny, unrealistic, etc) [they do this all the time, it's about time we call them out on it]

that being said, it doesn't matter what any of us choose to believe or think about anything - NONE of us are better than eachother, or anyone else.
our faith needs to be in eachother and not in any set of beliefs, especially those that were given to us to pit us against eachother.
non-toxic agnosticism frees us to love eachother regardless of any thoughts that we choose to empower as an understanding of anything including our existence. <3
(with this strong and flexible minded philosophy we can change our minds about absolutely anything whenever we need or want to, and no matter what we will never be against eachother)
exposing bs-hooks (false concepts; particularly those that divide us and pit us against eachother) is not a problem at all.
(these concepts are false and imaginary and yet still dangerous for us all if we do not understand that they can and do have real consequences for everybody when we imagine them to be real inside of our minds as they then have the power to influence our thoughts and actions against eachother, which also has the consequence of potentially infecting others minds who are subjected to our thoughts and actions if they do not yet have an understanding of what is really going on)
this is infectious-toxic-mind-control also known as stupid and EVIL
toxic-self-fullfilling-prophecies [terrorism], creating terror and division first within our minds, and then eventually this manifests itself in our thoughts, actions, and conversations with eachother and becomes as real as it gets. toxic-mind-control spirals into a tumultuous cyclone and does whatever it can to spread division hatred and toxic words and actions amongst us.
We must be smarter than to allow it to continue.
Together We can end this - first within ourselves - and then within all - WITH their consent.
nobody was born toxic, or evil.
the situation for everybody can and will improve if we allow us to coach ourselves.
'adversary detected' should not be on any of our minds.
if you are working against anyone at all - you are working against yourself and that's it.
dealing with rude arrogant pricks (toxic-mind-controlled individuals) is not a problem at all.
superiority complexes of all types, are truly nothing special.
[false-superiority-complexes are the primary way we were taught to handle the toxic vibes that come from working against our own species.
thinking that we are better than eachother is not up for discussion; ever again]
toxic-ego deflation has become a wonderful art form -
remember, do not escalate a situation at all. their intent is to paint us as toxic as well, to either smear our character or to falsely attempt to justify toxic action against us, most likely both. (remember that toxic-mind-infection likes to paint everybody as toxic, so that it has an easier time spreading)
it does not fit their agenda to admit that absolutely everyone who is aware of this situation, and isn't under it's sway-(convinced that spreading hatred is going to benefit them) is against it. advocating for the spread of division and hatred for leverage over us, is nothing short of evil.
usually they will leverage toxic-hooks *mentally ill*(comes to mind) because they assume that this will trigger
a negatively charged emotional response from us.
the next time we see this, we WILL be prepared. mentally-CHILL and that's it.
kindness can both DE-escalate the situation and expose all hatred for what it really is - self hate..
that is to say that there is always real hate for the unnatural toxic-thoughts that are running on our minds, as a result of toxic-brain-washing and toxic-mind-infection. these feelings of pain and misery gets wrongly blamed on whoever you think you are against when the real adversary is your weak-minded hateful ideology.
these thoughts have us convinced that we are different from eachother, better and/or smarter than eachother as well as against eachother.
(these thoughts are false and yet super painful for us if we aren't using some kind of superiority complex as a toxic-coping mechanism to distance us from eachother, either physically [segregation] or emotionally. superiority complexes are false and dangerous for us, as they kill our natural empathy for eachother)
the beautiful truth is that we are eachother and no matter what anyone thinks, we are all =EQUALS=
when we set our differences aside, place a restraining order on our toxic-egos, and do not let our pride get in the way -
we can SHARE this beautiful message with eachother.
absolutely anybody that we interact with can become a coach to us.
whether they taught us how to handle being shouted at, insulted, laughed at, ignored, left alone, what it felt like to be loved, how to handle situations with toxic-minded-individuals without stooping to their level, how to stay positive, have fun, play, be creative, or to share confidence with and inspire eachother.
Everybody is a coach.
if you're targeting us sTILL, you're targeting yourself and that's it.
Merrillville high school graduated 2007
*lowest gpa to graduate. was miserably bored with school
(they kept having us fill out repetitive and boring worksheets with focus on memorization when i was already developing an active intelligence)
i hadn't fully processed the situation yet, but i knew what they were trying to do. that's when i quit caring about grades and started thinking about anything that kept my brain firing including dropping out. so i started skipping classes and slept a lot.
STILL found testing and writing to be super easy and fun.
0s on most every homework assignment, but still managed to squeak by with Ds mostly as i usually still managed to get As and Bs on tests.


nwi mma academy: 07-08
strack and van til: utility clerk: 07-08
northwest airlines: ramp agent: 08-10
horseshoe casino:games dealer: 10-16 19-20
rivers casino: table games dealer 16-18

working with a team, was always Significantly easier then working out alone. i learned this while training with a fight team briefly. being fatigued and seeing your team-mates still busting their ass, makes you want to shut-up and finish the next rep rather then to think about how tired you are.
i enjoyed working the ramp the most as i was working with a team again, to load/off load the beautiful aircraft as well as to guide them into the gate and push them back to the taxi-way.. i love working with teams and aviation is an interesting as it gets to me. was happy to be there
working as a dealer taught me a lot about our species. after 10 years as a dealer, gambling (playing stupid-games for our mostly hard earned $financial-leverage$) does not make a whole lot of sense to me. but yet it still gets painted as approval as it gets in the movies and on the television. when you turn 21 around here, a trip to the casino happens frequently, and perhaps it shouldn't. i've seen once in a lifetime winning sessions, hook people indefinitely on gambling, as they spend the next several years miserably playing it all back and then some.
i don't support gambling, and i am also opposed to their media operations,
they're mind-controlling people to gamble and i know it. this was not a good fit for me to continue as a career.
despite this i am still not against anyone on a personal level, nor do i judge anyone for this, as i know the beautiful truth about life, if roles were reversed since birth we would both be doing the exact same thing in each-others positions.
the whole time that i was dealing, in the back of my head was - what comes next. i knew that rapid fire black-jack dealing was conditioning my mind on a level that few jobs could. preparing me for whatever would come next. i'm still not sure what it will be, but i am hopeful that it is something that involves creation.
thank you for reading. i look forward to hearing back from you.
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Oh what do I do, I know my wife is loyal but recently we’ve been having fights and she always says it’s me but I still don’t feel like it’s me, everybody in my family says I’m nice guy I met her through friends of family, we do powder coating for her Uncle and one day his wife said are you still looking for girlfriend, i started talking to her niece in Vietnam then we got married probably a year to a year and a half later and she finally came to live here with me at the start of the year I do believe I’m probably stupid to think she is cheating but we’ve been having rough start ever since she is here So here is the catcher, she left her family her mom and dad and also friends and a great job to be with me
One thing though we do not do anything sexual, she says she don’t like it and she is very loyal servant to god cause I know she prays every single night with a rosary Now this is what I’m starting to get worried since we don’t do anything sexual, I’m always begging for it too, she’s been trying to get a job since she has car and her green card now, at a casino being a dealer and gone all day long since the last week, she says it’s training school I did see name tag but don’t @ me since we don’t do anything sexual and it kinda hurts me sometimes so all I can do lust over her and I look at her panties and maybe smell There was white crumbly stuff where the vagina is after she got home from her classmates to practice being a dealer in a casino, I’ll admit I should not be suspicious but it’s kinda hard when at home she yells and has a lot of negatives, and there was five people there but I did make her wear ring She says she has problem wearing it because of very sensitive skin So I don’t where else to turn to asking questions like this, she is my angel whom I love so very much and I want her to be a mother of my children
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Comprehensive Comic Book Catch-Up Guide

(Main Series) Friendship is Magic #1-4 The Return of Queen Chrysalis (Major Storyline)
Main Characters - Mane 6, CMC, Chrysalis
Summary - Queen Chrysalis has returned, replaced all the citizens of Ponyville with changelings, and kidnapped the CMC. Will the our heroes be able to stop her before it is too late? Or will rising tensions between the friends spell out their doom?
Quick Review - A worthy introduction to the comics with some fun character moments. Any comic drawn by Andy Price is worth checking out for the art alone. Chrysalis literally throws a kitten at a wall and it explodes into blood. 6/10

FiM #5-8 Nightmare Rarity (Major) (Highly Recommended)
Characters - Rarity, Mane 6, Luna, Spike
Summary - Rarity is overcome by insecurity and the fear that she doesn't provide enough to the group, and allows herself to be corrupted by Nightmare. As her friends rush to save her, Luna must overcome her own guilty past in order to defeat it again in the present.
Quick Review - Nightmare Rarity's design is superb. So are the moon denizens. Katie Cook's writing style can lean into the absurd sometimes, but she knows how to do an emotional moment. We see how Luna earned her flowing mane. Spike saves the day. Trixie gets a few lines. 8/10

FiM #9-10 Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair (Highly Recommended)
Characters - Big Mac
Summary - Big Mac has to find nails to fix his gazebo during the Summer Wrap-Up festival. But the world has other plans for him.
Quick Review - Big Mac plays a wonderful comedic straight man. Seriously, the comic is hilarious, the art is amazing, and Big Mac is a chad. Dude has to fight off like four different mares fawning over him, including Luna. He just wants to repair his gazebo, for god's sake. 9/10

FiM #11-12 (Neigh Anything)
Characters - Cadance, Shining Armor, Biff Tannen
Summary - Discover the romantic tale of how Cadance and Shining Armor came to be. Can Shining Armor prove himself worthy to Cadance? Will she choose him over High School Gigachad Buck Withers? Probably.
Quick Review - I enjoy it. Not much to say. Shining Armor belts out some Oingo Boingo for Cadance, and lord knows there is nothing more romantic than singing about how much you love little girls. (6.5/10)

Annual 2013: Equestria Girls (The Fall of Sunset Shimmer)
Characters - Sunset Shimmer, Celestia
Summary - Sunset Shimmer is a magical prodigy. But Celestia will not further her teachings, because despite her prowess, the young sorcerer has much to learn. Sunset believes otherwise.
Quick Review - To everyone clamoring for a proper Sunset backstory and motivation I am proud to announce that this is not it. It's unbelievably vague and generic. It pains me as a massive Shimmerfriend. Also, all the human designs look like ayy lmaos. More so than the show. Hopefully they pick it up in the next EqG comic... (3/10)

FiM #13-14 (My Little Pirate)
Characters - Fluttershy, Mane 6, Hoofbeard
Summary - Fluttershy has become too attached to a fish she rescued, and regrets letting it go. So when a dangerous pirate arrives looking for a crew, she take it is an opportunity to reunite with her fish. Also a pirate adventure thing, Hoofbeard seeks a treasure behind a perilous journey.
Quick Review - Utterly forgettable. I really cannot be bothered to reread it for a review. It was okay I think? (5/10)

FiM #15-16 (The Book Worm)
Characters - Twilight, Mane 6
Summary - A magical bookworm begins devouring his way through Twilight's library. That wouldn't be such an issue (except to Twilight), if the characters from to books didn't begin popping up in the real world. Now Twilight and co must take down the bookworm in it's own domain: The Realm of Books.
Quick Review - I like Pinkie's fantasy world. Another just okay one. Lotta references to other media. Marvel, LoTR, Disney shlock, you get the idea. The void had some solid character moments for Twilight and Rainbow. (6/10)

Friends Forever #1: Pinkie & Applejack
Characters - Take a guess
Summary - In the issue, Applejack and Pinkie Pie enter a baking contest, and culinary hijinks ensue.
Quick Review - Rough start for FF. Predictable and silly. Art here is really not good. However, it does have Guy Fieri pony. (3/10)

Friends Forever #2: CMC & Discord (Highly Recommended)
Characters - CMC, Discord
Summary - Discord takes the crusaders to increasingly dangerous dimensions in their search for a cutie mark.
Quick Review - This one is super sweet. Some of the best Discord showing in the series. The CMC being some of the only ponies to understand and show gratitude towards Discord for his effort is so damn heartwarming. (8/10)

Friends Forever #3: Celestia & Spike (Highly Recommended)
Characters - Celestia, Spike
Summary - Spike wants to get Twilight something nice for her birthday, but the gift he settled on turns out to be slightly hard to come by. He enlists Celestia's help in getting the gift for her student, a gift found deep in the dangerous Crystal Mountains.
Quick Review - By far my favorite portrayal of Celestia. Lot of nice and touching dialogue between her and Spike, and some insight on Celestia's mindset as a ruler and teacher. Shame they went further down the "Celestia is an incompetent and petty klutz" route later on. (8/10)

FiM #17-20 (Reflections) (Major) (Recommended)
Characters - Mane 6, Celestia, Starswirl, Sombra
Summary - Celestia has been secretly visiting another dimension for quite some time. A world where good is evil, and evil is good, and she has fallen madly in love with the benevolent King Sombra. A world where she and Luna are villains threatening to take over both dimensions. And it's all her fault.
Quick Review - This one is super polarizing. For me, it's a collection of great ideas utilized poorly. The mirror dimension is a very interesting concept that I wish would be re explored. And i'm content with all the characters. But the climax, touching as it maybe, kinda dampens this one for me. Still, (7/10)

Friends Forever #4: Twilight & Shining Armor
Characters - ^^^^^
Summary - Twilight Sparkle is worried her and Shiny have drifted apart since their foalhoods. An opportunity presents itself to rekindle when her and Shining Armor team up to catch a ghost that haunts the Crystal Empire palace.
Quick Review? - Turns out, there are a lot of FF comics, and a lot of them are pretty inconsequential. There are only so many times I can say, "It was cute. I liked it." before that gets redundant. So unless I have something more to say, i'm gonna reduce these to just Rating and Summary. Pretty good tho. (6/10)

Friends Forever #5: Fluttershy & Zecora
Summary - Fluttershy and Zecora try to figure out why Fluttershy can suddenly hear her animal friends talk. Spoilers: It was Discord. Go figure.
Rating - (4/10)

Friends Forever #6: Rainbow Dash & Trixie
Summary - Rainbow Dash is called upon by a newly crowned Queen Trixie to perform for a kingdom of Diamond Dogs. Turns out being Queen isn't all its cracked up to be.
Rating - I mean, it's got Trixie. (6/10)

FiM #21-22 (Manehattan Mysteries) (Recommended)
Characters - CMC, Babs, Trixie, AJ, Rarity
Summary - Doesn't need one. Trixie and Babs are in it. Go read it.
Quick Review - The relationship between Babs and Trixie here and they parallels they draw from each other are pretty great. I always love those kinds of strange character interactions. (7/10)

Friends Forever #7: Pinkie & Luna
Summary - Princess Luna seeks Pinkie Pie's help in making ponies laugh so she can participate in a Royal Event.
Rating - (6/10)

Friends Forever #8: Applejack & Rarity
Summary - Typical Rarijack episode, road trip edition.
Rating - It introduces those stupid bull cowboys. For that (4/10)

FiM Issue 23 (Pets to the Rescue)
Characters - Angel, Winona, Opalescence, Owliscious, Gummi, Tank
Summary - When there owners are nowhere to be found, the pets team up and must set out to find their owners and assist them in whatever magical conundrum they may have found themselves in.
Quick Review - I think the villain here would have been really interesting in almost any other scenario. Other than that, minimal dialogue, and the art isn't exceptional, so (5/10)

Friends Forever #9: Granny & The Flimflam Bros
Summary - Granny Smith helps Flim and Flam patch things up after they have a falling-out over a mare.
Rating - This one is pretty wholesome. (7/10)

FiM Issue 24 (Discord in Time)
Characters - Discord, CMC, Flutters
Summary - Discord take the CMC and Flutterbutter on an a journey through time to show them some animals. Hijinks ensue.
Quick Review - Another really nice Discord issue. He isn't use to having all these friends and watching out for them in his chaos, so he drags them along in his dangerous adventures. He then immediately forgets this lesson. (7/10)

Friends Forever #10: Fluttershy & Iron Will (Major)
Summary - Fluttershy helps Iron Will with has marital problems.
Rating - (6/10)

Friends Forever #11: Rainbow Dash & Spitfire
Summary - Rainbow Dash helps Spitfire overcome her greatest fear: Children.
Rating - Art style is cute, but super jarring. (6/10)

FiM #25-26 (The Good, the Bad and the Ponies)
Characters - AJ, Mane 6, Bulls
Summary - Doesn't matter.
Quick Review - Don't read this one. Seriously, it's bad. Nothing really makes sense. Applejack has some sort of brain defect. Twilight arbitrarily cannot use her magic on Equestrian citizens. Even when they are dangerous criminals, apparently? (1/10)

Friends Forever #12: Pinkie & Twilight
Summary - Twilight tries to help Pinkie overcome her harrowing cocaine addiction. When that fails, Twilight starts doing coke herself to make the guilt go away. Pinkie stops doing coke for like five minutes, and Twi considers that a success.
Rating - (4/10)

Equestria Girls Annual 2014: Holiday Special
Characters - Humane 6, Sunset Shimmer, CMC
Summary - The holidays are nearing, and Sunnybun is feeling pretty down in the dumps. The girls try to cheer her up by inviting over for a few nights of debauchery. This cheers her up a bit. So, the Humane 5 go home on the shortbus and Sunny walks home, finally content with herself. Meanwhile the CMC decide that Sunset is keeping them from spending time with their sisters(?) and start a social media account in her name, called Anon-A-Miss, which they use to spread explicit photos of their sisters from the "sleepovers" and frame Sunset. Everyone in the school begin to tragically suffer from severe mental deficiencies and buy it immediately. Because the chick who just saved all of your sorry asses from soul sucking harlots like a week ago is going to post shit about her friends with her fucking face attached to the account.
Quick Review - I really wish I could shit on this more, but I got quite a bit to get through. (-3/10)

Friends Forever #13: Rarity & Babs Seed
Summary - In the issue, Rarity must entertain Babs Seed when Sweetie Belle falls ill. Turns out Babs idea of entertainment is different than Rarity's.

FiM #27-28 (The Root of the Problem) (Major)
Characters - Mane 6, Bramble, King Aspen
Summary - The Everfree spontaneously begins protruding into Ponyville. At the root of this problem, the druid-esque Deers who wish to reclaim the parts of their forest that were lost.
Quick Review - The Deer are really neat, and having them be the night elves of Equestria is a fun concept. But the deer people kind of get the shaft, and most of the story focuses on the avaricious minotuar Well-to-do. (6.5/10)

Friends Forever #14: Luna & Spike
Summary - In the issue, Princess Luna enlists Spike's help in solving a dragon problem in Fillydelphia.
Rating - Luna and Spike spend three pages together, and the rest of the story is focused on an annoying pink fangirl dragon. (4/10)

Friends Forever #15: Applejack & Mayor Mare
Summary - In this issue, politics are boring.
Rating - (5/10)

FiM Issue #29 (Ponymania XXIX)
Characters - Cheerilee, Cherry Blossom
Summary - Cheerilee reunites with her twin sister—one of the most famous wrestlers in Equestria. But when Cherry Blossom gets injured, Cheerilee is forced to take her place in the ring.
Quick Review - As with most Jay Fosgitt's stuff, cute, but a lot of fluff and not much to carry an interesting story. (6/10)

FIENDship is Magic #1: King Sombra (Major) (Highly Recommended)
Characters - Sombra, Radiant Hope
Summary - Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadance discover King Sombra's diary and learn of his rise to power. But before that, how he was a sickly outcast, a troubled young amnesiac whose only friend was the equally strange Radiant Hope, who still had imaginary friends.
Quick Review - Much needed backstory for Sombra, and very well done at that. His connection to Radiant Dawn feels genuine, and his corruption by way of shitty crystal ball is absolutely tragic. My dude just wanted to go the Crystal Faire ): Also Princess Amore fucking dies. (9/10)

FIENDship is Magic #2: Tirek (Recommended)
Characters - Tirek, Scorpan, Sendak
Summary - Tirek, young and ambitious, sneaks out of his royal families castle to visit the unhinged sorcerer Sendak to learn more about magic. Scorpan is worried about his brothers ambitions.
Quick Review - Doesn't add much character depth to Tirek, but it's suitable. Presents a lot of cool ideas not explored as thoroughly as they could be. Leaves a lot up to interpretation and head canon. (7/10)

FIENDship is Magic #3: Sirens (Non-Canon)
Characters - The Dazzlings, Starswirl
Summary - The fate of the world is determined by a music battle, and if the Dazzlings win, all is lost. This is not Rainbow Rocks.
Quick Review - Not a single character acts in character, and while the other Fiendship issues are take themselves pretty seriously, this one is drastically different tonally and opts for comedy. Which really sucks, because I wanted actual backstories for the Sirens. Humor falls flat as well. (2/10)

FIENDship is Magic #4: Nightmare Moon
Characters - Nightmare Moon, Nyx (Not that Nyx)
Summary - A recently banished Nightmare Moon attempts exacts revenge on Princess Celestia through the world of dreams. The Nyx, the keepers of the dreams, will not allow it.
Quick Review - I much prefer Nightmare Moon as a manifestation of Luna's negative emotions over depictions a corrupting parasitic entity. Story is serviceable, a bit sad, nothing noteworthy. (6/10)

FIENDship is Magic #5: Queen Chrysalis (Major)
Characters - Twilight, Chrysalis
Summary - The Mane Six visit the imprisoned Queen Chrysalis, who recounts her past exploits.
Quick Review - Case of unreliable narrator here. Chrysalis implies that changelings are made of pure dark magic, which is an idea I actually quite like, but having them reform like they did would say otherwise. Story is sorta all over, like a Chrysalis anthology short. (6/10)

Friends Forever #16: Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon
Summary - Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon compete against the Cutie Mark Crusaders in a scavenger hunt.
Rating - Smokin' hot goth pony makes an appearance. (7/10)

FiM #30-31 (Ponyville Days)
Characters - Rarity, AJ, Twilight
Summary - Civil War over a land dispute or something, can't really be bothered with this one.
Quick Review - As far as I remember, this is one of the issues that gives everyone in Ponyville a crippling case of "has to wear a helmet while outside". Dumbing down characters to make a story work is obnoxious. (3/10)

Friends Forever #17: Twilight & Big Mac
Summary - Twilight takes a trip into Big Mac's brain to learn how to focus as well as he does.
Rating - (7/10)

Friends Forever #18: Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy
Summary - Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy go to their flight camp reunion.
Rating - Pretty adorable. (7/10)

FiM #32-33 (Night of the Living Apples)
Characters - Mane 6, Spike
Summary - Apples take over Ponyville. Our heroes turn into bats. This is not a crackfic.
Quick Review - Batpony designs are pretty damn cool. Story is whatever. (5/10)

FiM #32-33 (Night of the Living Apples)
Summary - Rarity gets carried away when she goes into business with Mr. and Mrs. Cake.
Rating - (6/10)

Friends Forever #20: Luna & Discord (Recommended)
Summary - Princess Luna helps Discord when he has trouble sleeping.
Rating - Neat character dynamic. Good stuff for Luna and Discord. (8/10)

FiM #34-37 (Siege of the Crystal Empire) (Major) (Non-canon) (Highly Recommended)
Characters - Sombra, Mane 6, Chryssi, Umbrums
Summary - A mysterious new villain brings several of the series' past antagonists together to attack the Crystal Empire.
Quick Review - I want to keep my gushing about this one brief. The umbrum design and lore are some of the best things to come out of the comics. This Sombra is infinitely better than the one in the show. I definitely didn't cry at the end because i'm a big boy. (9/10)

Friends Forever #21: Spike & Zecora
Summary - Spike and Zecora save Ponyville from a disease, and only they are immune.
Rating - (7/10)

Friends Forever #22: Celestia & Pinkie
Summary - Princess Celestia tasks Pinkie Pie with making the perfect cake for Princess Luna's birthday party.
Rating - Barely any Celestia. (4/10)

Friends Forever #23: Applejack & Fluttershy
Summary - Applejack and Fluttershy become involved in the search for a legendary creature called the Pigasus. They must keep its existence a secret.
Rating - No Kirin (5/10)

Friends Forever #24: Rarity & Gilda
Summary - Gilda enlists Rarity's help in designing uniforms for a new sports team in Griffonstone.
Rating - (6/10)

FiM #38-39 (Don't You Forget About Us)
Characters - CMC, Diamond Tiara, Snips, Snails
Summary - The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Snips, and Snails become lost in the mountains during a class field trip. AB and Diamond Tiara are forced to learn how to work together.

Friends Forever #25: Rainbow Dash & Twilight
Summary - Rainbow Dash seeks Twilight Sparkle's help after her wings mysteriously vanish.
Rating - Weird body horror. (7/10)

Friends Forever #26: Shining Armor & Prince Blueblood
Summary - Shining Armor is forced to work with Prince Blueblood on a diplomatic mission to Yakyakistan.
Rating - Holy shit they made Blueblood redeemable. (8/10)

FiM Issue #40 (Twilight meets Spike)
Characters - Twilight, Spike
Summary - You know, it's exactly how it sounds.
Quick Review - Very cute. (7/10)

Friends Forever #27: Pinkie & Granny Smith (Recommended)
Summary - Pinkie Pie offers to help Granny Smith after she breaks her hip right at the start of cider season.
Rating - Precious. (7/10)

FiM Issue #41 (Rainbow Dash and the Very Bad Day)
Characters - Zecora, Rainbow
Summary - Rainbow Dash is being a c**t, and enrages literally everybody else in Ponyville. In other words, they captured her character just right in this one.
Quick Review - I like rhyme schemes, but I hate bluefast. (4/10)

Friends Forever #28 Princess Luna and the Cutie Mark Crusaders
Summary - The Cutie Mark Crusaders assist Princess Luna during a foal slumber party at Canterlot Castle.
Rating - I like bone pony. (6/10)

FiM Issue #42 (A Pinkie Pie Story That Pinkie Pie Kinda Sorta Remembers) (Recommended)
Characters - Rarara, Ponker Po
Summary - Pinker Pop, still cooling off from her ten month long cocaine binge, tries to help Rarity make a gift for a friend very special to her.
Quick Review - Very cute, very funny, cried. (8/10)

Friends Forever #29 Rarity and Maud Pie
Summary - Rarity assists Maud Pie in her rock science interests and helps her discover her inner enthusiasm.
Rating - Nice Maud character development. (7/10)

FiM Issue #43-45 (Ponies of Dark Water) (Major) (Recommended)
Characters - Mane 6, Luna, CMC, Spike
Summary - The Mane 6 bathe in cursed waters and become distorted versions of themselves. Pinkie Pie becomes a domestic terrorist.
Quick Review - I like the part where Pinkie bombs a movie theater potentially killing dozens of ponies. Hilarious. (8/10)

Friends Forever #30 Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadance
Summary - Twilight Sparkle helps her sister-in-law Princess Cadance when she suffers from an unexplained lack of self-esteem.
Rating - I quite like this little arc for Cadance. (7/10)

Friends Forever #31 Rainbow Dash and Little Strongheart
Summary - Little Strongheart seeks Rainbow Dash's help in finding a legendary creature called the Rainbow Crow.
Rating - Little Strongheart, where ya been for six years dude? Beautiful art. (7/10)

Friends Forever #32 Fluttershy and Daring Do
Summary - Daring Do enlists Fluttershy's help in uncovering an ancient treasure. She must also face her arachnophobia.
Rating - Better than the actual Flutters/Do episode. (7/10)

FiM Issue #46-47 (Election)
Characters - Twilight, Mayor Mare, Donald Trump
Summary - Mayor Mare struggles in her bid for reelection, against definitely not Donald Trump guys I swear.
Quick Review - Haha I lied, but like I totally got you though right? Like it was super subtle? I bet you didn't even catch on. (5/10)

Friends Forever #33 Applejack and Cherry Jubilee
Summary - Applejack learns the secret history of Cherry Jubilee.
Rating - Cherry Jubilee is pretty hot. (6/10)

FiM Issue #48-50 (Chaos Theory) (Major) (Recommended)
Characters - Discord, Starlight, Mane 6
Summary - An astronomical event causes Discord to transform from a creature of chaos to a being of pure order. But not all is at seems with the newly minted Accord.
Quick Review - Starlight gets one arc throughout all of these comics. luckily it's pretty good. She gets some good character growth. Accord is pretty god damn terrifying. Actual sound logic is used to best the villain, which is pretty rare. (8/10)

Friends Forever #34 Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich
Summary - Pinkie Pie and Cheese are eaten by a possessed party house. Seriously.
Rating - (6/10)

Friends Forever #35 Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer
Summary - Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer's attempt to organize the books in the Castle of the Two Sisters turns into a battle of egos.
Rating - This would have been much better is not illustrated by Fosgitt. It doesn't suit this more weighty type of story. (7/10)

Friends Forever #36 Rainbow Dash and Soarin (Recommended)
Summary - Rainbow Dash follows Soarin to a remote location to help him with a dangerous mission.
Rating - Great Soarin and Spitfire moments. (8/10)

Friends Forever #37 Rarity and Trixie
Summary - Dude, it's got two of the best pones. Read it.
Rating - (7/10)

FiM Issue #51-53 (From the Shadows) (Major)
Characters - Mane 6, Donut Steel
Summary - The edgiest OC to ever exist begins to erase Equestrian history from books and minds, in fear of his heritage catching up to him.
Quick Review - Super interesting villain motivation, terribly generic villain design. (7/10)

My Little Pony: Deviations
Characters - Prince Blueblood, Mane 6, Nightmare Moon
Summary - Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Prince Blueblood was sent to Ponyville instead of Twiliight? No? Too bad, dude.
Summary - I would have loved to have gotten more deviations. Read about Blueblood being an arrogant prick for half an hour. It's fine. (6/10)

Friends Forever #38 Princess Celestia and Princess Luna (Recommended)
Summary - Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's minor squabbling escalates just before they plan to participate in the Sisterhooves Social.
Quick Review - Friends Forever Finale. Andy Price outdoes himself yet again. Hilarious and Heartwarming. (8/10)

FiM Issue #54 (I Didn't Read This One)
Summary - No seriously, didn't read it. Fosgitt, Fluttershy, fluff, the three F's of i'm going to be fucking bored. Maybe it's a masterpiece. I'll never know.

FiM Issue #55-56 (Wings Over Yakyakistan)
Characters - Rainbow, Rutherford, Ember, Spike, Pinkie
Summary - When the dragons invade Yakyakistan over an ancient treaty, it's up to heroes to defend the Yaks and try and diffuse the situation. Spike doesn't like the idea of fighting his own kind.
Quick Review - Let it be known that I would have been totally cool with the Yaks getting destroyed. Typical let go of the past, look to the future stuff. Rainbow's parents are here, and they are fun, and Spitfire gets a bit of extra love, so (7/10)

FiM Issue #57 (Apinkalypse Now)
Characters - Pinkie, Mane 6, Discord
Summary - Pinkie Pie accidentally becomes trapped in Discord's realm. If you wanted to see more of Chaos Pinkie, then here you go.
Quick Review - I really like the how the chaos dimension is shown in the comic, in that adapts to the current owner if they themselves can't be turned. You'll notice by this point the writers will do whatever in their power to make sure Starlight can be written out somehow. (7/10)

FiM Issue #58 (The Vines That Bind)
Characters - Twi, Flutts, Zecora, Cattail, Aqua Vine
Summary - Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, and Zecora follow the notes of Mage Meadowbrook search for a flower said to cure any ailment. The search soon becomes an obsession for Twilight, determined to get her name in the history books.
Quick Review - Dude, Twilight, you already saved the world at least seven times. That Magenta Bloom shit would just be a footnote. Overall pretty forgettable. (5/10)

FiM Issue #59 (Pie in the Sky)
Characters - Rainbow, Pinkie
Summary - Jesus Christ Pinkie she doesn't fucking like pie. We had a whole episode about just this. We didn't need a comic to teach the same lesson. That's a;lso your review. (3/10)

FiM Issue #60 (The Stars on Our Ponies)
Characters - CMC, Gilded Lily
Summary - The Cutie Mark Crusaders help a filly who doesn't want to follow in her family's footsteps. But she is scared to disappoint them if she does pursue her own interest.
Quick Review - Gilded Lily's design is absolutely adorable. She also looks like she tastes pretty good, like Oranges n' Creme. Solid one-off. (7/10)

FiM Issue #61-62 (Convocation of the Creatures!) (Major)
Characters - Twilight, Raven
Summary - Twilight Sparkle makes a discovery during the largest assembly of creatures in history that threatens to redraw the map of Equestria.
Quick Review - Glenda canonically has a stutter, making her best changeling. Good bit of overbuilding in this one, without falling into the common trap of making the convocation feel too modern. (7/10)

FiM Issue #63 (All in Marederation)
Characters - Twilight, Pinkie, Temperance
Summary - Ponyville gets swept by an anti-sugar movement that threatens to put Sugarcube Corner out of business.
Quick Review - MLP's thinly veiled take on the Temperance Movement. Another one where all of Ponyville is turned into exceptional individuals. (4/10)

FiM Issue #64 (Everything Old) (Recommended)
Characters - Rarity, Fluttershy, Coco Pommel
Summary - Fluttershy and Rarity travel to Manehattan, where Rarity discovers that old, ugly fashions are back in style.
Quick Review - I absolutely adore the message here. Things you made when you were younger that you maybe embarrassed of now don't have to be cast aside and forgotten. Rather, look to them to see how you have improved and how you can still improve. Coco is a QT. (8/10)

My Little Pony: Legends of Magic Annual 2018 (Major) (Recommended)
Characters - The Pillars, Pony of Shadows
Summary - The Pillars of Old Equestria face a new danger that tests their skills as a team. One that they may find feels a bit like a deja vu.
Quick Review - I really like the relationship between Stygian and Rockhoof here. I wonder if Starswirl was always meant to be a dickhead? Green Pony of Shadows looks badass as fuck. Also, Somnambula is cute as hell. (7/10)
Edit - Consider there are twelve of these. I am not awake enough to add them all. Read' em. They're pretty good lore stuffs.

FiM Issue #65 (Queen for One Less Day) (Recommended)
Characters - Celestia, Scarlet Petal
Summary - Princess Celestia disguises herself to live among ordinary ponies for a day. But when her magical necklace is stolen by a thief, she may lose the ability to turn back into herself for good.
Quick Review - I love this comic. Shows off the best parts of Celestia's character. I'm running out of synonyms for heartwarming, so just go read this one. (8/10)

FiM Issue #66 (Applewood Follies)
Characters - Mane 6
Summary - Twilight Sparkle and her friends discover that a film is being made about them. But when the director hands them the reins, they discover it's harder to make a movie than they thought.
Quick Review - I'm really not a fan of more modern tech in Equestria. I don't mind it at all if it's used as a background gag, but here, where it's the plot of the comic, I just find it obtrusive.

Ponyville Mysteries Issue 1
Characters - CMC, Nurse Redheart
Summary - "Welcome to a new series of mystery and intrigue! The Cutie Mark Crusaders discover their inner detectives and solve crimes nopony else can! Will they be able to discover who is stealing supplies from Ponyville hospital and get their schoolwork done at the same time?"
Quick Review - None of these are particularly engaging, so I won't review the rest. When I figure these mysteries out all by myself like the grown man I am I feel particularly proud, like I just solved a crossword puzzle they have on those Kiddie menus at iHop.

Ponyville Mysteries Issue 2
Characters - CMC, The Dude
Summary - "There's a major mystery at the... bowling alley? Ponyville's team is set to break a bowling record, but the alley keeps being ransacked by a mystery criminal! Will the Cutie Mark Crusaders be able to set the pins right and solve the caper?"

Ponyville Mysteries Issue 3
Characters - CMC, Old People
Summary - "The Cutie Mark Crusaders must solve a dangerous mystery at the Ponyville Retirement Village before it's forced to close! Is one of the curmudgeonly residents to blame or could it be a villain from their past?"

FiM Issue #67-68 (Tempest's Tale) (Major) (Highly Recommended)
Characters - Tempest, Cadance, Glitter Drops
Summary - Tempest Shadow travels across Equestria to learn more about friendship and comes face-to-face with her past.
Quick Review - These issues do wonder for Tempest's previously scarce character. If your a fan of Tempest, or especially if your not a fan of Tempest, check these out. Smug Cadance is best Cadance. (8/10)

Ponyville Mysteries Issue 4
Characters - CMC, Applejack
Summary - "The Cutie Mark Crusaders are trying to solve the case of the missing spa water! But what happens when all signs point to a member of a Crusader's own family being the culprit?"

FiM Issue #69 (Magical Apple)
Characters - Pinkie, Mane 6
Summary - Pinkie gets god powers. Again. Didn't we do this already?
Quick Review - Oh, Pinkie, maybe someday somebody will figure out how to write you well again. (4/10)

Ponyville Mysteries Issue 5
Characters - CMC, Rarity
Summary - "The Crusaders have their biggest case yet when a priceless artifact belonging to superstar Songbird Serenade is stolen!"

FiM Issue #70 (Extreme Bingo)
Characters - Golden Horseshoe Gals, Rainbow, AJ
Summary - Grannies Gone Wild 2!
Quick Review - Grannies Gone Wild 2! (5/10)

FiM Issue #71 (Happy Haunts)
Characters - Student 6
Summary - Twilight Sparkle's School of Friendship students experience Nightmare Night in Ponyville for the first time. Things don't exactly go as planned.
Quick Review - I hate this issue. Not because it's bad, but because we are teased with infinitely more interesting stories. I want to see the princesses on Nightmare Night, like the cover! I want to see Shim and Glim's NN, like on the first page! Fucking cocktease. (4/10)

FiM Issue #72 (Pie in the Sky, Again)
Characters - Pinkie, AJ, Pear Butter
Summary - Applejack discovers an old Apple family pie recipe and seeks to recreate it for Granny Smith. Along the way, they meet ponies who her mom has touched in her life. I wouldn't mind being touched by Pear Butter.
Quick Review - Standard. Wholesome. Sweet. (7/10)

My Little Pony: Nightmare Knights (Major) (Highly Recommended)
Characters - Luna, Stygian, Trixie, Capper, Tempest, Daybreaker, Eris
Summary - Princess Luna assembles a team of former villains to face a new threat to Equestria.
Quick Review - I cannot recommend this arc enough. Every single character gets a chance to shine. Stygian gets much need development. Eris and Daybreaker make a menacing evil duo. The villain casino makes a great setting. Sunset Shimmer gets a cameo. (Even though her and Starlight are once again shafted.) Capper absolutely steals the show. Tempest is a bit more brutish than she usually is, but as we don't know much about her anyway, that's a very minor gripe. (9/10)

FiM Issue #73 (Copycats)
Characters - Fluttershy, Twilight
Summary - A magical amulet causes Fluttershy to become more animalistic.
Quick Review - I have no idea what the fuck what went on in this issue or why. It's a mess. (3/10)

FiM Issue #74 (On the Mane Stage) (Recommended)
Characters - Zephyr, Fluttershy, Silverstream, Pixie Cut
Summary - Fluttershy's brother Zephyr Breeze attends the All-Equestria Mane Styling Conference.
Quick Review - Even Zephyr Breeze can snag a qtπ hairstylist gf. There is hope for us yet, bros. Could you tell i'm down a third of a bottle of Grey Goose by this point? (7/10)

FiM Issue #75-78 (Major) (Recommended)
Characters - Cosmos, Twilight, Discord, Fluttershy
Summary - The Mane Six's quest for the fallen stars of a missing constellation puts them on a collision course with their most galactic adversary yet. Discord's clingy ex wife who still hasn't received any child support.
Quick Review - They don't even bother to write Starlight out anymore. She just doesn't exist. Cosmos isn't as fun of a villain as Eris or the Storm King, but she's serviceable. I do like her design. Discord puts his past behind him for good physically and metaphorically. (7/10)

FiM Issue #79 (The Ponyville Anniversary Spectacular) (Highly Recommended) (Major!)
Characters - Sunset Shimmer, I don't know I don't remember the rest
Summary - Fuck you it has Shim Sham.
Quick Review - Sunnybutt jams out on a guitar at the end. (11/10)

My Little Pony: Spirit of the Forest
Characters - CMC, Filthy Rich, Diamond Tiara, Mayor Mare
Summary - Something about a forest mystery?
Quick Review - Lackluster follow up to the amazing Nightmare Knights. Stop giving the CMC mini series you hacks. (4/10)

FiM Issue #80 (Live-Action Role Pony!)
Characters - Mane 6, Bulk Biceps
Summary - The Mane Six play a live-action role-playing game. The usual Pinkie hijinks ensue.
Quick Review - I'm so use to using LARP as an insult now, it's weird to see it in an endearing manner. Fun little adventure issue. (6/10)

FiM Issue #81 (Pretty Fly)
Characters - Scootaloo, Rumble, Rainbow, Wind Sock
Summary - Scootaloo and Rumble learn about the only Earth pony to become a member of the Wonderbolts.
Quick Review - Heartwarming. Seriously, someone get me thesaurus. (6.5/10)

FiM Issue #82 (Dog-Dog-Dogged Determination)
Characters - Rarity, Mane 6, Celestia, Cerberus
Summary - Rarity is tasked with giving Cerberus obedience training after he leaves his post at Tartarus again.
Quick Review - Dude, Rares, never change. (6/10)

FiM Issue #83 (The Strange Case of Silver Blaze)
Characters - Twilight, Spike
Summary - Twilight Sparkle and Spike investigate when a famous racing tortoise goes missing.
Quick Review - Less Sherlock Holmes and more Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. This is a good thing. (6/10)

My Little Pony: Feats of Friendship (Major) (Recommended)
Characters - Student Six, Swift Foot
Summary - Come one, come all, to the School of Friendship's very first sporting event-the Feats of Friendship! As Sandbar, Smolder, Gallus, Ocellus, Yona, and Silverstream prepare for the new competition, they realize they're going to need one more pony to round out their team. Enter Swift Foot, a mysterious new exchange student! But will she help strengthen the Young Six's bonds of friendship-or just drive them apart? Jealousy threatens our favorite youngsters in this brand-new miniseries!
Quick Review - This is by far and away my favorite Student 6 depiction in the franchise. It shows off very well how far they have come and how well they work together as friends and individuals. Swift Hoof makes for a great antagonist, trying to plant seeds of resentment but realizing that it doesn't work on the students and realizing her own faults. Dom Athenian Warrior waifu also included. (8.5/10)

FiM Issue #84 (Identity Crisis)
Characters - Ocellus
Summary - Ocellus struggles to complete a big project for the School of Friendship midterm.
Quick Review - Man, I wish my problem was that I was so booksmart I had trouble fitting it all into my creative outlets. What a fucking struggle that would be. But I understand wanting to be a perfectionist, and that sucks. Amazing insight as usual by me. (5/10)

FiM Issue #85 (Apple Bobbing)
Characters - AJ, AB, Big Mac
Summary - Applejack teaches Apple Bloom the meaning of courage by telling her the story of how she conquered her fear of the water when she was little.
Quick Review - A whole lot of touching moments between AJ and AB. A very cozy little story if you ignore the giant spider. (7/10)

FiM Issue #86 (Marble and a Hard Place)
Characters - Maud, Marble Pinkie
Summary - Pinkie Pie and Maud Pie help their sister Marble make friends by helping her throw a party.
Quick Review - I love the Pie family, dude. The chemistry between them is something we don't get to see often enough. (6.5/10)

FiM Issue #87-88 (The Fast and the Furriest)
Characters - Big Mac, Rainbow, Angel
Summary - Rainbow Dash and Big McIntosh take part in the Draytona Breach 500, which an antiquities dealer uses as cover to smuggle a priceless artifact.
Quick Review - Meh. (6/10)

I can finally pass out now.
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Opinions needed! Help me finalize my next character!

So I’ve had an amazing idea for a character for a while now, and I’ve just been informed that I’m going to be playing him in a campaign coming up. I wanted to post here to see if anyone had some thoughts/opinions on this character or ways that I can make him more believable and interesting.
Name: Viole Blackstone (or Pendragon. Haven’t decided yet. Perhaps you can help with that.)
Race/Class: High Elf illusionist Wizard
Background: Gambler
Appearance: 5’10” lanky with pale skin and brown eyes. Black hair that has been slicked back and a thin goatee. A tattoo of a silver snake runs down his right arm, starting at the end of his clavicle and ending at his wrist. Commonly seen wearing blue, black, and/or purple clothes.
Personality traits/beliefs: 1) I only look out for myself and those I care about. No more. No less. 2) Money can solve nearly every problem. 3) Everyone has an ulterior motive, regardless of what they claim.
Backstory: Growing up the son to a single mother. Viole spent the majority of his childhood in abject poverty, but, showing an aptitude for the arcane, he was determined to train at a Wizard’s Academy. He got a loan from the Platinum Serpents, a local gang that ran many of the shady business in his hometown (casinos, brothels, etc.), which enabled him to attend school. However, he was expelled in his third year for gambling on campus grounds, and thus had to work as a card dealer for a Platinum Serpent Casino to pay off his debt. During this time, he met Amethyst, a female entertainer who also happened to be dating the boss of the Platinum Serpents. The two grew close to the point where they developed a romantic attraction, which was soon discovered by the boss and lead to Viole having to run away from the gang and Amethyst. Now he adventures hoping that he can buy his way back into the good graces of the Platinum Serpents.
That’s all I have! What are your thoughts on this character? Is he interesting/believable/cool? Is there anything about him you would change? Should his surname be Blackstone or Pendragon?! Any and all input is much appreciated, and thank you for reading!
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I transport souls to the afterlife and my brother just got into my taxi. [Part 2]

Part 1
My brother just got into the back of my cab, I have to drive him to the afterlife.
“Vince,’re dead.” my voice quivering as the words escaped my lips, my older brother was my hero, he taught me how to ride a bike, he traded me a Kadabra so I could evolve it to an Alakazam and when Brad Billings broke my nose he beat him so badly Brad never even looked in my direction again. But now he was sitting in the back of my taxi on his way to the Great Divide where his fate would be sealed.
Paradise or Damnation.
It took Vince a few moments to notice who was speaking to him but he eventually got on the right page and slowly lifted his head to look at me. He looked dead like I know he was dead but he looked like someone that hadn’t been sleeping much when they walked with the living. His eyes were bloodshot and looked like they belonged on a panda, his lips were dry and cracked, his hair was a mess his usually immaculate braids had become flayed and hair jutted out in irregular places, he also had a messy, unkempt beard a look which didn’t suit his usually clean-shaven complexion done so to highlight his chiselled jawline. He grinned at me with the same grin a father would make to their child to assure them everything would be okay even when it was obvious it wouldn’t be.
“Oh, Freddie. What’s up bud?”
“Wait a second, Freddie? I’m pretty sure I was shot and I died. But if you are here it must mean that you...oh God how is Momma gonna cope.”
I could see his train of thought, if you were sure you were dead you would be just as sure that anyone you meet would have suffered a similar fate but that wasn’t the case with Styx Taxis drivers, we were alive but our life consisted of little else more than helping those crossover.
“I know what you're thinking, Vince but I’m not dead...sadly you are. What the hell man, how the hell did you get shot? And be honest with me, please”
He threw his head back against the headrest and exhaled loudly before leaning forward and rubbing his face with his hands, he attempted to speak a few times but the words kept escaping him, how do you tell your little brother you got shot?
“Look, man, you need to tell me what happened because we are going to the afterlife and you need to plead your case for why you shouldn’t be sent to Damnation if you don’t the decision will be made for you and you don’t want that” I pleaded with him, hoping I could break through his well-known stubbornness.
“I’m your brother, so as far as I see it you were blessed to get me as your driver because a lot of others would just let you sit in silence and perish. Speak to me man, you have to. For Momma and Pops”
“For me.”
He silently nodded to me while biting his lower lip and holding back tears.
“I got caught up in some bad shit, Freddie. I met a dude at a casino in Newark who said he could get me into some higher stakes games, some Italian ran games. Mob shit.” he explained wiping his eyes before continuing on.
“I had some strong games with these guys, I won some good money so it became a habit. It made me want to keep coming back because my luck wouldn’t run out, eh.”
“Famous fucking last words. One bad day is all it takes and I had a really bad day, I lost it all and then some. Took some loans I knew I couldn’t pay back but I foolishly thought I would win it all back that night” as he spoke the tears couldn’t stay in any longer and he erupted, it killed me to see him like this I’ve barely seen Vince cry since we were kids, he was always so down to earth and level-headed but right now he was a mess and I couldn’t help in any way, a partition kept us apart and I absolutely couldn’t stop the car and get in the back lest I banish us both. All I could do was tell him where the tissues were in the car, he grabbed a handful and continued on.
“I was in deep shit, Freddie and I owed a lot of money to some extremely dangerous people. So I ran, I fled to Baltimore to stay with my old friend Omar. He kept me safe for a while but eventually, they found me and I was handed my ultimatum.”
“Pay the debt or pay in blood...unless?”
I didn’t expect the ‘unless’ I had written my brother’s story off as addiction taking another life, I was convinced he would end the story being shot in Baltimore and as weird as it sounds we would have been in a good place with that outcome. He would have a good chance of entering Paradise if it ended this way and he had no major transgressions, an addiction is an illness it does not make you a bad person and it sure as hell doesn’t stop you from reaching Paradise.
That wasn’t the end of Vince’s story though.
“Unless?” I responded
“Unless I would do something for them, one favour and the debt would be wiped clean. A clean slate, a second chance” Vince responded. “What did they want you to do, Vince?”
“They wanted me to kill a dealer in Bed-Stuy. Supposedly, he was causing them a lot of issues and they needed him gone asap.”
My heart dropped into my stomach when he said this, my brother wasn’t a killer. Vince was a hero, he was my hero. He gave some of his own blood to help a classmate in High School for Christ sake he wouldn’t do this...would he?
“So what happened? You refused and they shot you? That’s okay, Vince you did the righ-”
“I SHOT HIM, FREDDIE. I FUCKING SHOT HIM.” Vince screamed tears flowing from his eyes as he clenched his fist and bit his knuckle to try and control himself.
He killed him. I wanted to throw up.
“I waited for him outside his apartment with Omar and when he walked into a 7/11 I followed him in and shot him three times….I’m so fucking sorry, Freddie. I didn’t have a choice.” this statement was followed by the lying whistle, the whistle seemed to get Vince’s attention but I didn’t bother to bring him up to speed on what it was.
“We always have a choice, Vince. You could have gone to someone for help.” I said while gripping my steering wheel tightly and focusing my eyes forward. I loved my brother but hearing all this was like living a nightmare.
“Nobody can help you with these people, Freddie. They always get what they want, they always find you,” he replied before putting his hands over his face, muffling his heavy sobs.
“So if the Mob didn’t kill you, who did?” I asked.
“His gang, whoever they were. They wanted revenge and they knew they couldn’t get it on the Mob so they got it on me. They walked right up to me as I left a Starbucks and shot me point-blank in the face.” he replied to me while wiping his eyes in circular motions with both hands balled in fists.
“I got what I deserved.”
It was hard to argue there, an eye for an eye but this was my brother. I couldn’t let the fate I knew was awaiting him to become his eternal fate.
“Vince, I need to know have you ever done anything like this before? Have you ever hurt someone seriously or fucking stole an old woman’s purse or some shit?” I asked with a tone cocktail, two parts judgement and three parts anger.
“No, never. Nothing like this man you know I wouldn’t” he immediately responded, his response immediately followed by a whistle.
“You’re lying, man, you done something and you need to tell me,” I replied.
“I haven’t, bro, I’m not lying” Vince replied even quicker than last time but like last time his response was followed by a whistle.
“The car says you are lying and the car doesn’t get these things wrong. You’ve done something man and you need to remember it and fucking tell me or you are fucked and I can’t have that.” I said hoping to convince him to be completely honest. Vince went silent for a little before exhaling loudly.
“Okay, something did happen when I went to UCONN for my scholarship. After our first year had finished up and the season was over we went out for some drinks to celebrate. A bunch of fucking young college football players on a night out blowing off steam it was never going to end well,” he said.
“One of the guys ended up flirting with some girl at an after-party and her boyfriend didn’t like that. A fight broke out and...I just hit a dude...I only hit him once but he went down and hit his head badly.” Vince said once again throwing his head back and exhaling.
“He was in a coma for a week.”
“Jesus Christ, Vince” I replied shocked that this was the first I had heard of this.
“He got better and he had no long term issues from it. Nobody at the party knew us and I was never reprimanded for it. I just continued on with life.” Vince explained with no whistles following.
“Is that all? Like is there anything else as serious as this stuff?” I asked hoping his next reply would be a truthful one.
“No, that’s it. Like I sold some weed but who hasn’t?” he replied, followed by silence.
“Okay, good. Then I know what needs to be done.” I replied.
“What?” inquired Vince.
“I need to call The Heelkick Lad,” I said before telling my headset to initiate the call.
“Who is The Heelkick Lad?” bewilderedly replied Vince
“He’s an Old One, one of the beings who existed before time itself. He’s the person who runs this whole operation” I explained before continuing.
“Nobody knows his real name, it probably isn’t even pronounceable but he takes many forms and many aliases, he introduced himself to me as Sidney. He gained the name ‘The Heelkick Lad’ due to his habit of kicking his heels together as he leaves, he prefers that name probably due to the mysterious nature of it and his penchant for the dramatic. Knowing him he probably made the name up himself thinking it was cool.” as I finished speaking he picked up his phone.
“Hello, Sidney?” I said.
“I know you prefer it but you shouldn’t have introduced yourself to me as Sidney then.”
“Okay, Heelkick Lad, sorry. Look, I need your help. I have a passenger here and I think they are going down.”
“Yep” “I know that’s the only way. I’ll do it don’t worry, send the confirmation on.”
“Okay, thank you...huh? I don’t have to say the rhyme do I...okay fine”
“I had an issue and it made me sad but now I’ve been saved by The Heelkick Lad. Oh, I’m glad, oh yes I’m glad for the infinite wisdom of The Heelkick Lad’
The call finished with that ridiculous chant and the deal was done, reaching out to The Heelkick Lad was not to be done regularly but this was not a regular occasion, I did what needed to be done for my brother. He had saved me so many times throughout my life and no matter what he had my back, so no matter what I would have his.
A minute passed before an all-black card printed out of the ticket machine in my cab.
“It’s done, you are going to be okay, Vince,” I said as I pulled the card out of the machine and placed it in my right-side jacket pocket.
“What’s done, Freddie? What did you do?” he replied.
“It doesn’t matter, I just called in a small favour it’s nothing to worry about but you’ll be fine and that is all that matters,” I informed him
Vince seemed sceptical of my non-answer but he must have sensed that I didn’t want to continue speaking about it because he didn’t question me further. We sat in silence for a few more minutes, the only sound being the hum of the engine and the air conditioner until Vince asked me a question I was surprised he hadn’t already asked.
“Yeah, man” I replied.
“How did you end up doing this? Like I knew you drove taxis but not taxis to the afterlife,” he asked, I took some time to compose myself and find the right words before replying.
“Do you remember when you got accepted to your scholarship and we went out and got fucked up to celebrate? I thought I would be fine to drive and then flipped my car with us both in it.” I said my eyes fully focused on the road ahead.
“Well, we were fucked, dude. I was thrown in a cell and some cops even mentioned jail time, now that may have been a scare tactic but they had me caught red-handed so I really thought I’d do time and were in a really bad way dude, the doctors didn’t know if you’d make it”
“Dude, I was fine. Sure I was unconscious for a good bit but when I woke up I was all good.” Vince interjected.
“No, you remember being fine but you weren’t. The deal fixed you.” I replied “Deal? What deal?” Vince asked.
“I was sat in a cell for hours with no contact from anyone until I was ushered into an interrogation room to meet my lawyer, except I didn’t have one, I knew that” I explained.
“I sat in that room for around five minutes until he entered, he was completely unassuming at first he couldn’t have been any more than 5 foot 5 but he had the handshake of a 7 footer. He wore an impeccable ivory coloured suit, had deep green eyes, impeccable tawny skin and jet black hair. He introduced himself as Sidney Savage but I would later come to know him by another name”
“The Heelkick Lad.”
I took some time to compose myself, collect my thoughts and continue on with the story knowing we weren’t too far from The Great Divide.
“He told me he could get me out of my ‘little problem’ and he promised me he could help you get better immediately. He was silver-tongued and had the uncanny ability to make you believe in every word he said and to trust him. He said he could fix everything once I agreed to pay him back one day, not with money but with a favour. I didn’t even care about what I was agreeing to at that moment, I immediately signed the contract and sealed my fate.”
“I was desperate and that’s his trick, he always shows himself to those in their most desperate moments with so much to lose. He offers them salvation”
“Once the deal was done he left and not an hour later I was released. I was sure Pops was going to whoop my ass when he came to get me but all he did was hug me tight and thank God that I was okay. The next day came and we got the call that you were awake. When I got to the hospital I couldn’t believe how healthy you looked, if I didn’t know any better I’d have thought you fell off a bicycle and not that you had been involved in a horrible car accident.” I explained further before looking in my reverse mirror to see my brother transfixed on the car’s carpet flooring a look of complete shock painted across his face.
“Over the next few months, I thought about Sidney a lot. I was sure he would randomly appear and ask me to rob a bank or murder someone for him but he never showed and soon enough life got back to normal. You went off to college and I started my final year of High School. The years passed by and I completely forgot about him until one fateful day I picked a man up from Wall Street. I initially didn’t notice him, he looked completely different, his face had changed somewhat, he seemed bigger and he had blonde hair but once he began to talk I knew it was him. He had come to collect.”
Vince lifted his head, leaned forward towards the partition to hear the story better or I guess to let me know he was fully focused on what I was saying.
“This was the payment, I would drive this cab for eternity bringing souls to the afterlife to be judged while never being able to be judged myself. This is my fate and I’m okay with it.”
“Wait, so you can never go to the afterlife? What happens if you die?” Vince asked.
“If I die then I die, I’ll still drive the cab I’ll just be a dead guy driving instead of an alive guy,” I replied.
“Styx Taxis drivers can make it to the afterlife but not often. Sometimes there are openings in Paradise and a driver can be picked to ascend, we have a whole points system based on performance and efficiency, if you are top of the leaderboard when a place opens up you will be freed and allowed into Paradise. I’m currently second just behind Grigor, the crafty bastard.” as I finished the story we pulled up to the gates to The Great Divide. I took the black card out of my pocket, put down the window and handed it over to Reginald the Gatekeeper. He looked shocked upon receiving the card, he wouldn’t see them very often.
“Are you sure about this, Fred?” Reginald asked.
“I am, it has to be done” I replied. “You’re a good man, Fredrick Jackson,” Reginald said while smiling, he punched a hole in the black card and handed it back to me along with a similar grey card.
“I don’t know about that, Reg but I try,” I said before driving forward into The Great Divide, I got halfway towards the fork in the road before taking a sharp left through the Mariana Forest and out the other side to the large, grey tram to Nocturland. I stopped the car and got out before opening my brother’s door and letting him out. “Okay, this is it. That tram will take you to Nocturland, it’s like purgatory but with coffee shops.” I explained to him while handing him the grey ticket.
“If they question you about being on the tram just hand them that ticket and you’ll be fine. I know it isn’t Paradise but at least you can work towards getting there eventually”
Vince didn’t say anything, he just looked down at the grey ticket in his hand before lifting his head with tears in his eyes and lunging forward towards me throwing both of his arms around me and squeezing me tight. Tears flowed down my face as I held my brother in my arms for the last time. My older brother, my hero.
“I love you, Freddie, more than words can ever say,” he said to me before letting go. “I love you too, bro. Always” I replied while wiping the tears from my face with my sleeve leaving visible wet marks on the brown suede. “Now go on, get out of here.”
Vince hopped on the tram saluting me as the doors slid shut and I drove back through the Mariana Forest and out of The Great Divide. I just had one more thing to do. I drove back to The Depot and walked in through the sliding doors at the front. I thankfully noticed that Mr.Anyew was still here and he was behind the front desk, I walked up to him, exchanged pleasantries then handed him the black card. He looked at it with surprise and shook his head.
“Why did you go and do this for, Freddie?” he asked
“It had to be done, boss” I replied, he nodded at me in response, turned to face the leaderboard and pushed the card into one of the four slots at the bottom, once it was read by the leaderboard my name lit up and my points tally began to drop.
All the way to zero.
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Top 5 Casino Dealer Interview Questions and Answers - YouTube Becoming A Casino Dealer From Start to Finish - YouTube Casino Dealer Academy - Training day - YouTube Horseshoe Casino dealer training school teaches candidates table games Casino Dealers for HIre- Dallas-Fort Worth-Dealer Training ... Los Angeles Casino Dealer School Jack Casino Dealer School - YouTube CEG Dealer School - YouTube Hard Rock Casino Dealer School - YouTube

Crescent's Casino Dealer Training programs provide up-to-the-minute, relevant instruction on all the latest gaming trends and techniques. What you learn is based on the primary skills employers want to see in the dealers they hire AND what players like to see in the dealers they interact with and tip on the casino floor. With our “hands on” teaching methods, Crescent School graduates learn ... How to Become a Casino Dealer – Training School Prices & Cost. Ballpark Estimate: $400 to $2,000+ Casino gambling has never been more popular or accessible. New casinos seem to be opening on a weekly basis. The growth of casino construction is not limited to the United States, but is a worldwide phenomenon. As the demand for gaming continues, so too does the demand for dealers to manage the ... The Canadian Casino Gaming College, located in Ontario, Canada, offers the most comprehensive dealer training courses in Canada. The Casino Games Dealer Training Program, offers courses conducted in a clean, professional atmosphere with casino grade equipment. All qualified instructors have experience working in the casino industry and bring years of real world experience to the classroom ... Learn more about the Casino Dealer Training Continuing Education certificate program. Find out more about what it takes to launch a new career as a casino dealer at no cost to you. Call 443.840.5840 for more information, email Yumi Kim, Ph.D. at [email protected] or email [email protected] Our Durban based Casino Croupier School specializes in training students in all aspects of American Roulette, Black Jack, Punto Banco, 5 card Stud, Brag (3 Card Poker) and Texas Holdem. Our students will exceed in their studies becoming part of high performing team which delivers outstanding results in their future employment. at Casino Dealer Training has provided over 500 jobs for people in the casino industry. "Casino Dealer Training is a really good place to go if you are looking to break into the gaming industry. The instructors are extrememly flexible and encouraging. We have a lot of fun in class and I feel confident that when the time comes, ill have all the tools I need to pass an audition and land a really ... Casino Dealer Training. Learn to Become a Casino Dealer. Home Contact Prices Payment Locations Financing ... so you come whenever you have time to practice between school hours. Its an open schedule. We Offer Interest Free Payment Plans that will fit perfectly in your budget. Dealers Can Make an Average of $50,000 a Year and Potentially $100,000 Your First Year! Learn to become a Casino Dealer ... Casino Dealer School . Westmoreland’s dealer training is approved by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB). During your training you will learn how to deal Blackjack and other banked card games. You will also have the opportunity to learn how to deal additional games. Dealer School & Employment Available. The Rivers Casino will interview and select Dealer School Students for this class. Approved recipients will have their tuition paid in full to attend the dealer school training Students that successfully complete dealer school training and pass the game audition process will be offered a part-time Table Games Dealer position with Rivers Casino. Casino Dealer Training . Are you tired of the same old punch-in, punch-out, zero excitement jobs? A Professional Gaming Institute can get you started in the exciting and still growing casino industry. Practical real life experience plus our spotless reputation equals results for our students–we have a placement rate of 98% since opening in 2004! Training is available for all casino games ...

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Top 5 Casino Dealer Interview Questions and Answers - YouTube

Casino Dealer Academy je profesionalna skola za krupijea. Za vise informacija posetite nas web site: Website: http://www.skola-krupije... In this video we will look at the most common questions asked in interviews for casino dealer jobs. I will coach you on how to prepare for the questions that... Casino dealers training. Dealer for hire Dallas- Fort Worth tx.Training and Online video class. Fun great extra money job in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Even... Horseshoe Casino dealer training school teaches candidates table games ﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊﹊ WEWS NewsChannel5 is On Your Side with breaking news ... Journal Business Editor Dave Dreeszen goes to the Hard Rock Casino's Dealer School to learn how to deal black jack! About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Horseshoe Casino dealer training school teaches candidates table games - Duration: 2:24. News 5 Cleveland 7,305 views. 2:24. Language: English Location: United States ... Watch More Content Here!! Twitch: ---Discord: (Require to Play Blackjack with us on Tw... Promotional video for the Casino College of Los Angeles & Orange County California offering affordable Casino Training & Job Placement Assistance CEG Dealer School, located in Las Vegas, Nevada is a State Licensed Trade School that provides casino dealer training and job placement to hundreds of students each year. Our certified classes ...