Where Is The Nearest Casino

SwC Poker: #1 Bitcoin Poker Site

SwC Poker is the largest Bitcoin online poker site in the world.

Every year I celebrate Columbus Day by going to the nearest casino and sneezing on everything.

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LPT- if you're travelling internationally, and you're having problems withdrawing money go to the nearest casino. They will gladly help you take money out, if you play.

I was in Zambia. I needed to withdraw more than the local banks would allow me (they have very low daily withdrawal limits. ) Went to a few banks but was still short about 5000 Kwacha. (Out of 12000 needed)
We went to the local casino, they let us take out the cash and more as long as we gambled a bit.
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[Round 79691] Give me all the text I masked on that white van to the right along with the address of the nearest Casino

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2 lighting blocks - where’s the nearest casino?

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[Round 53063] please give me the address of the nearest casino.

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Where's the nearest casino?

Pretty new in town; how far do I need to travel to play some blackjack?
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Where is the nearest casino with free drinks?

Sitting here at the office and I have been informed that ALL casinos give out free drinks. I want to know if this is a fact or if this is false advertising.
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What's the nearest Casino with Slots in the SFV?

Only one I could think of is Pechanga, are there any casinos in the City? LA or somewhere close by that has slots, poker, craps, and more?
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Nearest casino to SA? Recommendations?

Hi! I'm looking to go to a casino since I'm feeling lucky! Can you tell me where the nearest one is, and maybe some of your gambling stories? Thanks!
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Gambling Houses (casinos are too far from me)

Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with “underground” casinos, or gambling houses. How would I go about finding one? i am in a relatively big city in Tennessee, however I recently totaled my car and the nearest casino would be an 8 hour bus ride. I’m an aspiring poker pro (I guess you could say semi pro?), but with moving to a new area, and now not having a car, I haven’t been able to play nearly as much as i should be.
If anyone has any info regarding this, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!
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First Card Couting and Casino Experience

Just went for the first time after learning to count cards to the nearest casino, and it was quite funny, thus I would like to share the story.
So, I have been learning and practicing to count cards for almost 2 months. I know basic strategy and how to keep the running count accurately. So, why not try the casino?
Well, first thing I notice...continuous shuffling machine...well sh*t haha. There goes my chance to beat the game. So I decided not to buy in but to try to have some fun, try to keep the running count, and play basic strategy, since I already had made the trip.
Well, as soon as the dealer starts dealing, extreme adrenaline spike, my mind was going at 1000, and I got blind. Couldn't keep the count, as soon as he put the cards once in the shuffling machine, my mind just went blank.
It doesn't end there. Although the house will always have the edge with the continuous shuffling machine, I tried to have fun anyways (only gambled a very small amount). Well, what happens next is that I lost 10 hands in a row playing basic strategy perfectly (although again, I wasn't able to keep the count), but the dealer got a blackjack, and 3 21's, 2 20's...I guess those are just probabilities playing out.
Lost a small amount that I am very comfortable to lose, and had some fun. This is my story of the first time I TRIED to count cards, and overall I had fun, got some adrenaline (which I really needed to finally feel alive again), and went back home with a smile on my face.
Thanks for reading!
Edit: Adding to this that I wasn't even able to back count, because the table was completely empty, no one playing blackjack. And that this is perfect feedback for me to keep learning, and keep learning, it's a good slap in the face by reality.
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Is there anywhere that I can play poker for real cash that is legitimate?
I live in the US, in the state of Georgia, in the deep south. If I want to play any poker for real cash, I have to drive 3-4 hours to the nearest casino. One is in Savannah, one is in Brunswick and all the rest are in Alabama.
Any legit sites that yall use?
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Hear ye hear ya!! Sports betting is now legal 30 mins away from me but in another state

This is good news, I no longer have to drive 90 miles to the nearest casino to make a bet. However, the only 2 options open in Tennessee now(as far as I know) are DraftKings sports book and fan duel sports book. Which do you guys prefer over the other? I know I have to physically be in Tennessee to place a bet, but am I going to have an issue with withdraws since I live in a different state, different state id etc. Do any of you guys deal with this too? your advice is more than welcome. Money counter go brrrrr
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What are some reasons to play poker online?

Online poker games are the next big thing under the area of card games. This game has been around for as long as forever. One of the significant reasons for its survival and thriving it its ability to adapt and evolve. There was a time when games of card were played in small groups, and most people had no access to it.
However, with the rampant popularity of virtual games, online poker in India is more famous than ever, uniting the participants from across the world. If you are of two minds concerning playing online, here are some genuine reasons to try and play them –
Money on the line
Although there are free poker games as well, poker itself is a term used to refer to different card games played for making money. So, whether you are a beginner or a professional, there is always the benefit of winning big. Naturally, this has a lot to do with the experience and skills you possess. You should also consider the bankroll for combating the risk of playing for real money. Still, money is always up for grabs.
Convenience factor
There was a time where if you wished to play poker, you would travel to your nearest casino or gambling parlour physically. Still, there was no guarantee about how many hands you get to play or the available variations. The authenticity of the games was mostly questionable. However, nowadays, owing to the genuine virtual poker rooms available, you can play the card games from the comfort of your home or workplace with the highest standards.
The community
Those who enjoy being participants of vibrant virtual communities, online poker in India is the fix you need. As you play on platforms with hundreds and thousands of participants, you are bound to meet several players passionate about the game who are like-minded as you, forming real friendships online. You can chat and compete against them. There are plenty of virtual forums where you discuss the game with experienced professionals and gain their feedback. This helps you learn about the game and its different variations for competing further.
Irrespective of your goals, there is always a schedule for you to follow concerning real or free poker games. Once you register yourself with an authentic portal, the journey from there is simple. You can pick the variations of your choice, select between tournaments, and cash games, and then contend in the stakes of your choice. If you have any queries, you can get them cleared by the support team, which is available to you for contact round the clock.
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I’m thinking about putting my entire net worth down on Lakers to win the championship

Checking account, IRA, stocks, emergency fund, selling car ect. Cashing out everything and going all in baby
Lakers currently +135 to win the ring at my nearest casino. I just don’t see a scenario where the Heat Celtics or Nuggets best them. They only teams I was really worried about were the Bucks and Clippers and they are history. My friend said it yesterday, it’s like a spin of roulette where you have a chance to more than double your money, and you only lose if it lands on one of the two greens (representing the lakers small chance to not win the ring.) fuck it what do y’all think
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Brand new laptop for a broken heart

I have never used a laptop & neither has my ex wife.but she's been wanting to write an autobiography ever since b4 we met.so I've decided to get her 1 solely for her to basically sit in a recliner &finally type this honestly of probably the saddest 40 yr life I've ever heard.thats all it will b used for.i kinda narrowed it down to a few but idk the 1st thing about any of this kinda thing.help plz?Acer Chromebook 315 15.6" HD Intel N4000 4GB RAM 32GB eMMC Webcam BT Chrome OS + $215.00
HP Chromebook 14-inch HD Laptop, Intel Celeron N4000, 4 GB RAM, ... $258.00
Lenovo Chromebook S330 Laptop, 14-Inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Display...
Would any of these be right for her story?kinda in a hurry.short story after 10 years together, divorced in August &she recently landed her a very wealthy whale.atleast by our standards.between the 2 of us we brought in less than 50k a year this guy will lose that in the nearest casino in a few hrs and act like it's nothing.no exaggerating.i still love her&ik if I do this for her that it honestly won't change a thing &I'm sure this MFR will just go out &get her whatever the top of the line might be.im honestly doing this for myself.i shoulve done it a long tme ago.i should've done alot of things differently.
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Blocked my boss’s number after vacay

Went on a super stressful vacation with my npd dad and fam. Was already at my breaking point with my boss who is 73 and cognitive abilities and memory are declining fast. Sick of repeating conversations 4,5,6 times. Couldn’t bring myself to unblock his number. Sent an email stating my medical condition was not good and needed the week off. This year has been fucking hard to say the least. I’m just done. Feel like driving to the nearest casino to blow/win money before I down some pills and wine in the hotel room. Took a kolonopin earlier which is helping me not want to drive my car off a cliff. Been objectified my whole goddamn life and I’m sick of it. Don’t want to work with men ever again and everyone can fuck off. Happy Thursday 😑
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Save yourself, be good to other people.

I’m not really sure how to start off this story, so here it is. I’m not going to reveal my name for safety reasons, not that it will matter for much longer. For the sake of it, you can call me David. I work at my father’s business, which makes sex toys. Embarrassing detail, but as I said it won’t matter for long. Anyways, the business makes a ton of money per year, I’m talking billions. You might be thinking I’m in a great spot, and you’d be wrong. I work in customer support. The bottom, to be specific.
Originally, I was going to take over the company when I turned 21, which was a little over three years ago. So how did I end up in customer support? Well, for my 21st birthday, I went partying with some friends. We hit clubs, bars, casinos, strip clubs, you name it. I woke up in a cell the next day, to a look of disappointment from my father. Me and my friends got shitfaced at a bar, then went to the nearest casino. I blew through over $600,000 and tried to bail on the payment. I, drunkenly, drove through a building.
Long story short, I’m sitting on a little over $1,000,000 in debt. I also contracted chlamydia from a stripper, and my fiance left me when she found out. My father decided that I wasn’t responsible enough to take over his business, and needed a real job. He offered me customer support in his company, and I took it. I had no other options, I couldn’t leave town, and nobody would hire me. But not writing this for sympathy, I’m writing this as a warning.
Now I’m sure many of you have heard of the dark web, probably heard a number of horror stories about it too. Well, here’s another one for you, but take this one seriously. There is a source on the dark web, which I will not name, that is something like a hitman. It is a little difficult to put how it works into words, but it’s an important detail.
You put a warning hit on someone, along with a reason and how much you will pay, and wait for a hitman to take the case. Once one does, you talk with the hitman about a timeframe, what you want from them, and how their death should look should they not agree to your terms. The hitman then tells the person there is a hit on them, and how they can keep themselves alive. If the person tries to flee or does not meet the terms before the deadline, the hitman kills them. If the hit is carried out, the hitman keeps 100% of your payment. If the person agrees to the terms, the hitman takes 10% of what you paid him.
An example for a little more clarity: your daughter is raped by person A, and despite the evidence person A is not punished. You put a warning hit on person A. Your case would sum up to “person A raped my daughter, I will pay $10,000.” A hitman takes your case and you tell them “person A has three months to pay $250,000 and if he does not, make his death look like an accident.” The hitman collects your pay and tells person A about the warning hit, and the terms. If person A meets the terms, he is off the hook, and the hitman returns 90% of your payment. If he does not meet the terms, flees, goes to police, etc. then he dies in an accident and the hitman keeps your payment.
I hope that made sense to you. Now I’m sure you are poking holes or have questions already. A little more info I can give you is: you choose what to offer the hitman and he/she will accept or decline, there is no set payment but higher status people cost more, death and terms can be almost anything you want, most of the hitmen will not do more than a one year timeline, nobody has ever been caught. Now what I’m sure you are wondering (or probably already figured out), why does this matter? Well, let’s get to that.
About a month ago I was at work answering calls from dissatisfied customers, who decided to take out their anger on me. I was five minutes from lunch when I got another call, and my supervisor made me answer it. I wasn’t in the best mood, and didn’t want to get an earful of profanity from a customer, but that’s exactly what I got. He was screaming about how he spent close to $300 and hadn’t gotten his stuff after a month, and was giving me demands between his insults. I spent most of my lunch break trying to talk with the guy, to no avail. In hindsight this was the wrong decision, but I snapped.
I was screaming back at the guy, telling him I didn’t care if his middle aged overweight ass didn’t get his sex doll, along with a number of other insults. Again I know I made the wrong choice, but I had been dealing with this daily for years, and I’d had enough. I slammed the phone down and stormed out. My father called me later that day, telling me I’ll need another job. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t end there.
I didn’t know this at the time, but the guy I was talking to knew a ton about technology, and spent a lot of time on the dark web. Not only did he trace the call, but he hacked into the company computer system, and found every piece of information there was about me. To top it all off, none of the security programs in place picked up anything. So how do I know this? The next day I woke up to a pounding on my door. When I answered it, the only thing I found was an envelope. Inside it was a letter (some details changed) which read:
Dear Mr. David,
I am a hitman of “Generic Hitman Agency”, and you don’t want to meet me. The reason you are reading this is because a warning hit has been placed on you by my client, Mr. Client. If you do not meet his terms, we will meet. If we meet, it is game over for you. You must be wondering what the terms are.
My client purchased some products from the company you formerly worked at. After a month of waiting, my client has not received the products. He called to inquire about them, but only received your insults as an answer. He traced the call to you specifically, and put this hit on you. The terms he has set up for you are as follows: “I want the products I paid for, as well as $10,000 in compensation for the wait and your attitude”. You have 30 days to meet my clients terms.
If you meet the terms, you are safe. If you fail to meet the terms, you will die. If you attempt to flee, I will find you. Any attempts to escape the hit without meeting my clients terms will fail.
If you fail to meet the terms, the method of execution chosen by my client: to be restrained and sealed in a large block of silicone. I will be the one to perform your execution. The decision is yours.
Signed, Hitman
I couldn’t help but chuckle at the irony of my “execution.” I sat the letter on the counter, and called my father. I asked him if the letter was some kind of joke because of yesterday, but he had no idea what I was talking about. I was going to take a picture of the letter to send to him, but the only thing on the counter was small bits of ash. It was almost as if the letter self destructed, like what you see in spy movies. I found this very strange, but assumed it must have been a dream.
Three weeks later, and I had completely forgotten about the letter. I had managed to find a job that paid the bills. I was on my way home from grocery shopping, when I got an uneasy feeling, like I was being stalked. I tried to write it off as some random paranoia wave. When I got home, I found another letter attached to my door. I assumed it was just mail and grabbed it as I went inside.
I sat my groceries in the kitchen and opened the letter. This one confirmed the last one was not a dream. The second letter read:
Dear Mr. David,
I have noticed that after three weeks you have made no effort in meeting my clients terms. As the previous letter was destroyed, allow me to refresh your memory on the terms: Deliver the purchased products and $10,000 to my client or you will be restrained in a large block of silicone. It has been 21 days since you were given the first letter.
Now Mr. David, I do look forward to your execution. The method is out of the ordinary for my line of work, and quite ironic. I would very much like to try it on you. However, I believe my client would much prefer you meet his terms. This letter is to inform you that you have nine days remaining to meet the terms. Your time is running out, make your decision.
Signed, Hitman
Before the letter had a chance to self-destruct, I grabbed my phone to take a picture. I managed to get a picture before the letter dissolved into ash. Any hope I had was shattered when I looked at the photo however. I was looking at a picture of a blank piece of paper. I was dumbfounded, I didn’t even know ink existed that would not show up on camera.
At this point I didn’t know what to do, I had nine days to come up with the money and the items. I thought about selling some possessions to raise the necessary funds, but I couldn’t raise $10,300 if I sold everything I had. I thought about it for a while, and came up with an idea. I still remembered the name of the hitman service Mr. Client had hired. My plan was simple, I will put a warning hit on Mr. Client. My terms, Mr. Client has three days to call off his hitman. It had to work, it was my only option.
I figured a couple grand would get me a hitman quickly. I put my car up for sale, and told people I needed it gone quickly. The car itself is worth about $4,500. I listed it for $3,000 to get it to sell, but only managed to get $2,500. I figured it might be enough, and went searching for the warning hit service. I had some experience with the dark web in my past, and did manage to find them, although it took a while.
When I got on their site, I found a form to fill out to place a warning hit. I put in the necessary information into the form and submitted it. I was hoping for a quick answer, and I got one. A hitman answered me and said she would do the hit. I was relieved as she told me she takes most hits and doesn’t ask questions.
The next day I found a large manila envelope on my door. I assumed it was about my warning hit and opened it eagerly. Inside was an envelope, a copy of my warning hit form with a note, and $2,500. I read the note first. It read:
We have reviewed and voided your warning hit. Despite it being accepted, the hit will not continue, and your target will not be informed. We do not allow hits on anyone who has an active hit. The reason for this is to prevent anyone from using our service to get out of a hit. If you attempt to place another warning hit on your target, a hitman will be activated to terminate you.
Well fuck, back to square one. I reviewed the items in the manila envelope, all the money was there, and the form had “void” stamped on it. I wasn’t sure what the envelope was for, my only guess was it was a letter from the hitman who took my case. Well, I was right about the hitman part anyway. Inside was a letter which read:
Dear Mr. David,
Because of the warning hit you attempted to place on my client, your termination will be carried out. You can no longer save yourself. You should already know this however, otherwise you would not have tried to place a hit on my client. Your little plan was doomed from the start however. One little detail you missed, once a warning hit has been placed, the client cannot call it off. Even though it’s a rule we have, I would have killed you regardless. What better opportunity to perform a unique execution like yours? See you soon.
Signed, Hitman
So that’s that, I’m a dead man. I sat in my living room for a few minutes brainstorming ideas. As I watched the papers dissolve on my table, I figured my best option was to completely disappear. I packed a bag and robbed someone of their car. I gave the owner $500 to “not remember” what I look like, and he agreed. I drove until the car ran out of gas, then started wandering through a patch of forest near where I broke down. I stumbled across a summer cabin and broke in. I planned to spend the night, but found a note waiting inside, it was short but it read:
David. No matter where you go, we will find you. There is no escape. Accept your fate.
They are right, I can’t escape this. They somehow knew I would end up here, how could I escape this? I sat down at the computer and figured I would spend my last few hours telling my story to reddit, and drinking the whiskey I found in the freezer. It’s too late for me, but not for you. Please, especially if you are a business owner, be goa;ersdljNaCnbabg gchgkxhufttgzsfaWQWDAxsg
Hey everyone, “David” is unconscious, but still alive. I saw his post and read through it. I figured I would post it for him, in a way they’re his last words. You may be wondering why I didn’t delete it, its evidence afterall. Well, how many stories have you read on here that you thought were true? Anyways, before I rudely interrupted him, I think he was telling you to be good to others. Especially if you are a business owner, or in his case, customer support.
I’m going to wrap this up, I have some business to finish. I suggest you take David’s advice, otherwise we might meet someday, and one of us won’t like that… Hitman, signing off.
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satta king online

satta king online
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In the Satta King online betting website, all the players will be treated equally, so everyone will get equal chances to bet on the matka games. You can play all the games on the go because everything will be processed through the online process. All the best!
All new Satta King games for you 24*7
Unlike the regular casino parlor where people play the betting games physically, the online Satta King betting games website will not close the games after a specific period, so every user who becomes the registered member can play the games anytime without any trouble. New games will be uploaded continuously so users do not need to panic if they fail to bet on one or few games.
If you have any doubts before becoming a member of the satta king website, you can contact the presale customer support using the number given on the website. The support team will help you know everything you want. Best of luck with your new online betting registration!
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Help!! Where can I place bets ?

Best place to bet spreads, MLs, OveUnder, etc in NYS !? Sick of driving 45 minutes to my nearest casino sports book. Any help is appreciated
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My story of gambling addiction in detail

Warning: Possible Triggers in the story below
I have decided part of my recovery will include writing out every little detail I can remember about the long road astray that gambling has caused my life. Today is day one and I am ready to reclaim my life from this evil that exists in the world, again. A short recap of the most recent events before I hit the details: Gambling addict for 12 years and went 1 year 4 months without gambling a dime before letting a $100 dollar deposit become a $10,000 mistake again. I am writing this for myself as a reminder and for others, as reading others stories on this subreddit was one of the tools I used to make it a year and four months without gambling.
I turned 18 and vividly remember my dad taking me and my mom to an indian casino for my birthday. I was so excited seeing the ads on TV and wanting to go try my luck on my parents dime but the worst thing that could happen, happened. I hit $400 on a $4 dollar bet playing slots. I had not made $400 all summer working my ass off, but was able to make it in 20 seconds at this casino. From this moment on, I was hooked. As everyone knows, the worst thing that can happen as a gambler is to win big and at 18 this was a massive amount of money to win. From 18-22 I kept my stakes low and would only bring $50-$100 to the casinos because of the lack of funds and I can recall feeling physically ill if I had lost it. I was a college student so at the time I did not have much money to spend and it truly was a leisurely activity until I went one afternoon and hit $2400 on quickhits on a $2 bet. I had found the secret to being rich, it was playing slots at the casino. I still recall being frugal and keeping my bet sizes from 25 cents to a $2 max due to no income and solely relying on my parents providing me with a little side cash going back and forth from visiting my parents to going back to college. At this point of my life gambling seemed like a fun easy way to make cash, I was all about that.
I graduated from college and found a very promising career in sales. I was making very good money and living the dream free of all worries. I really didn’t gamble all too often as the nearest casino was 3 hours away, that was until I discovered the world of online gambling. Then the addiction kicked in.
I started watching gambling streams on youtube and couldn’t believe how much money people would make on the online slots. I live in the USA so I only had a handful of options of casinos I could play at. I started making multiple $25 deposits a day to try my luck and had some ups but mostly downs. One day I hit big online and tried withdrawing my winnings. Sure enough, a check from what appeared to be China hit my mail and was in my bank account. The online US casinos were limited game wise and the more I played the more I felt like I was getting scammed but that didn’t stop me. I joined a gambling online forum and learned of ways to bypass the US restrictions and was free to play the “good” games that were available in other countries. I never knew if I did win whether or not I would receive the winnings but this had now turned into double gamble which made the excitement intensify. Sure enough, I won another 2k online betting $1. I remember thinking to myself, why would anyone work when you can make this kind of money sitting in your own living room having fun. Well, as fate would have it, that 2k online diminished as I purchased a total of 5k worth of gift cards to make deposits at the casino and lost it all plus my savings over a 3-6 month period of time. That left a nasty taste in my mouth and now I had debt for the first time. I had to escape this debt somehow and kept playing slots and running my bank account to 0 every paycheck. Depression started to kick in and eventually playing slots lead me to self-harm and suicidal tendencies.
I still was hooked on online slots even though I was in debt but ran out of all of my money. Thats when I discovered I could sign up for a credit card and get cash advances. Over a period of 5 years I racked up a surmounting 15k worth of credit card cash advances which put myself in a position where I could barley make minimum payments on all the cards I had opened and have any spare cash at the end of the month. This fed my addiction as it was the only way I knew I could get out and sure enough, I would max out my cards and hit big again on the very last deposit available to me. I would go from 15k of debt to 2k of debt overnight and would swear that I would never play again. We all know how that went and would teeter totter back and forth from having money in the bank to maxing out my credit cards and having only rice to eat for the month. This is when I knew I had a problem but had no clue how to fix it. I brought my family into the situation, told them what I had done when I finally didn’t win and had maxed out all and they were disappointed but helped and gave me money. The money of course went to gambling and so the cycle continued.
I worked hard and was good at my job and was able to stop gambling for a period of time and save enough money to purchase a house. I had a new life ahead of me, a new house and a new best friend in my dog. I had real responsibilities now and cut back on gambling. I stopped playing online as much and started driving the 3 hour drive to the casino to try my luck there. This is where the worst thing that could possibly happen, happened. I won and I won big. I remember bringing $500 to the casino and turning that into $1600. What a rush, but then lost it all. Then as you all know the ATM trips started up and I 0’d out my bank account and decided to try higher denomination slots as a last resort. I put $1200 into a $25 machine and won $25,000. I could not believe my luck, it had to be fate. I went home that night knowing this was my new job, PRO SLOT PLAYER. I called in sick at work the next day because there was more money to be made and off I went to my new job 3 hours away at 3 am in the morning because I couldn’t wait to get there and start playing. I started small and made 3 trips to the ATM at $500 withdrawals. On the last trip, I hit $20,000 on a $2 machine. I made $45,000 in a matter of 48 hours, which was a years pay at my current job. I had everything figured out and I was going to be rich.
That new savings nest egg that was sitting in my bank disappeared within 6 weeks of my new job playing high stakes slots. Cash advances and depression were my new reality. I ran my credit cards up until they were all completely maxed out and now was back to the same reality of living paycheck to paycheck only making minimum payments on my cards. I reached out to family again and they came through again for me if I promised to stop once and for all. They wrote me a check for $18,000 to pay off all credit cards with the stipulation that I never gamble again. We all know how that turned out, I withstood from gambling for a good two months then after I had a nice savings built up started playing online and at the casinos again. Within 3 months I had maxed everything out again and here I was back in the same situation I was in earlier but this time had betrayed my own family. I went back to the old ways of self-harm and had another suicidal attempt that failed. I was my own worst enemy at the time and had no idea how to stop and no money to gamble. Around this time, I was hit with layoffs which was what I took as a sign that I had one more chance to hit big and make it right with my family and myself. I was getting 3 months worth of pay in 2 weeks. Time to hit the casino and win 50k. I never hit big that night, I lost my 3 months severance pay and had no answers, only an insurmountable weight on my shoulders. I had to sell my house and move in with family until I could find another job. The same family who I also owed $18,000 to and whom knew about the addiction and betrayal. Years went by and I would have good months and then I would run up my cards other months playing online. I didn’t have any bills so I would make my minimum payments and use my checks and continue this disgusting cycle for 4 years. I felt like a complete loser and the only way out was to hit big again. I would hit big countless times online and would withdraw it to my bank account only to re-deposit it the next week and lose. It is literally the most miserable cycle and so draining mentally and physically.
I stumbled across a podcast of Joe Rogan’s with a guest named David Goggins. This man is the baddest dude on this planet and the stories he shared on that podcast made me wake up and stop being the victim and realize no one gives a shit and only you can fix you. It was a mindset I needed as I had been the victim for the past 10+years in my own mind. I started researching gambling addiction and what I could do to stop it and became obsessed. I removed myself from all online casinos, stopped watching gambling videos, added gamblock to my PC and phone, and started working out. I bought his audio book and listened to it countless times while exercising. I had a new mindset and I was going to beat this mother fucker. The hours spent staring into a pc screen were now on the road running or learning a good habit like mediation or how to play guitar ect…. I had finally found something that worked, a routine and threw the victim card away. No one was going to save me but myself and I was damned determined to do so. Along the way, I also met someone whom I fell in love with. My life was all starting to come together and I was less than a few months away from paying off nearly 48k worth of debt from gambling. I also listened to Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Gambling audiobook which I highly suggest. Well, as luck would have it COVID-19 strikes and I am working from home now which means I have a lot of spare time on my hands and no one glancing at my personal PC during the quiet times. I started watching more gambling streams on twitch and saw how easy these guys are making bank online gambling. I knew in my mind that these guys are probably not playing with their own money but the little monster snuck up and told me to go ahead and try my luck one time. I made a $100 dollar deposit online that turned into a $10,000 mistake chasing that first $100 lost and now here I am set back another 6 months. I turned back into the lying, deceiving piece of shit that I once was, only now I do see an end to all of this and know the path I have to take to get my life back. I’ve closed my online accounts, removed access to credit cards, will be installing gamblock today, and going back to healthy habits to keep my mind at ease. I already have found relief in writing this and hoping that it will help one person to stay on the road of recovery or decide to take that path. You will never win and if you do win you will give it all back plus more. Do not kid yourself. If you are on this subreddit you are addicted and you cannot casually gamble. I know this sounds harsh but being harsh is what helped me get to where I was before, its what I had to have to get my life straightened out. It is the David Goggins - no bullshit - tell it like it is approach. Get after it guys, tell gambling to FUCK OFF and beat this beast with me.
David Goggins Podcast I highly recommend:
Books that helped me:
Can't hurt me- David Goggins
The Easy Way to Stop Gambling- Allen Carr
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Hello, just wanted to share my overall experience

Hi everyone, I've been reading forums like these for few years now, but I never really got into them.
Today is the day I wanted to share my overall experience about gambling issues I had.
Basically it all started like having fun, that time I didn't even realise what it could do to me in upcomming years. As I have read, people suffer all kinds things, but the most thing about this was that I suffered emotionally hard. I was addicted to the process and thrill.
I was 20 yrs old when I first tried it out, I remember when I lost my first 50eu I was shocked that I could even do that, basically at that moment I started to visit casinos more and more frequent. At that time I was in university and in years it ruined my university that I quit, I had taken lot of loans, I had practically 0 income and all I wanted was to gamble. I had a really shitty job where even homeless people worked, I had shifts like 24h. It was really bad, all the money I earned I always left it at nearest casino. At that time I had a girlfriend who was with me for few years and later on we broke up, because I was completely sick of the thrill and emotions that gambling gave me. I remember I had some days that I wanted to end my life, but luckily I had few friends left who ereased those thoughts.
Basically the whole addiction had me up for like 3yrs, those were really bad years, I was still young and I was trying to escape from the hell I was in. I did lots of forum reading, all kinds of books, I re-read every other horror stories that people are suffering, but it was still hard to break out of the loop.
At some point I realised that I can't ask money from my friends/family so I started a small business to earn a living. This is a another story how it went, but basically more than 50% of the earned cash I earned I always left on the gambling sites and casinos. This experience was really horrible, I can't even now understand how I still was able to get up and do stuff.
I was smoking every day and driking coffee every day which led me to gastritis in age of 23. I didn't even want to eat food, I just wanted to gamble. Right now I'm 24yrs old and I've been gambling free for 7months now, I have re-paid all the loans and my business is only growing and growing.
How I stopped?
I'm not sure if it's possible to stop, because this is nature and gambling gives us the thrill emotions(dopamine) like heroin addict those, lsd and other horrible addictions. The really first thing is to sit down and realise that you are not you anymore. You have created in your mind something else that was never there before and that thing is taking control over your life. You have to understand that gambling have been here since cave men. It's like a disease, really bad one.
At this point of my life, I still have thoughts about gambling again, but right now I have re-programmed my mind. This process was really hard, but in the end I have somehow managed to get over it. Speaking about the emotional side - gambling made me completely neutral, maybe this is why my business is still growing, all I'm doing is just earning money and thats it, nothing else. When I had 20 years, I had lots of things imagined how my life could look, but I never expected gambling in it.
I hope that my message would somehow impact you, I'm not really a english person, so I'm sorry about my english. I wish all the best to everyone and please stop hurting yourself and start building your life from scratch. In life there is more than buttons and displays, there is more to achieve, more to see, more to experience.
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