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Each Way Heinz Bet. An Each Way Heinz is double the stake of a straight ‘Win' and consists of 114 bets – 57 bets for the selections to win and 57 bets for the selections to place. You can read more on each way betting and how it works with our ultimate guide. How To Calculate A Heinz Bet. To calculate a Heinz bet, you need to add together It consists of 57 bets on six selections; It is known as a full cover bet; We explain fully how they work with this concise guide; When you place a Heinz bet, you are placing 57 bets on six different selections. A £1 win-only Heinz bet would, therefore, cost £57. A Heinz contains no single bets. At least two selections of the six must win for launch community pop-up. Home › Sports › Irish Sports Forum › A Heinz and a Lucky 15. Switch to Community Classic App Directory Heinz (57 bets) This wager was named after the famous Heinz food processing company, as since 1896, Heinz have used their "57 varieties” slogan for marketing purposes. Check the Heinz Bet option; Complete your betting procedure; An Example. To illustrate a Heinz, we’ll take a simple example. Say you are making a Heinz Bet on a horse race and all six of your selections have the odds of 6/4. Staking £1 will cost you £57 in total. If all six of your selections win, you are looking at a total return of £1822.27. • Heinz – A Heinz is a full-cover multiple bet on six selections. It is made up of 57 bets – 15 Doubles, 20 Trebles, 15 Fourfolds, 6 Fivefolds and 1 Sixfold. • Super Heinz – A Super Heinz is a full-cover multiple bet on seven selections. A heinz bet is six selections with all possible combinations of doubles upward. That’s 57 bets. It is named after the old marketing that Heinz (as in the baked beans company) had 57 varieties. What is a Lucky 63? A Lucky 63 is a Heinz plus the six single bets, so 63 bets. What is a Super Heinz? This bet is a multiple-selection wager which consists of a whopping 57 bets! These are comprised of the following: 15 doubles; 20 trebles; 15 four-folds; 6 five-folds; 1 six-fold accumulator; The bet gets its name from the 57 varieties slogan offered by the Heinz company, this bet is a full cover bet which will combine every single incarnation of the 6 selections into one single wager. Each Heinz (6 matches, 57 bets): 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfold bets, 6 fivefold bets, 1 sixfold bet. Super Heinz (7 matches, 120 bets): 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 fourfold bets, 21 fivefold bets, 7 sixfold bets, 1 sevenfold bet. Goliath (8 matches, 247 bets): 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfold bets, 56 fivefold bets, 28 sixfold bets, 8 sevenfold bets, 1 eighfold bet. Advantages of full cover A £1 Heinz bet on these selections would cost £57. If all six selections win, then the total return would be £4147. Here the advantages of the Heinz bet are clearly demonstrated. Had that £57 stake been divided up and placed on each selection to win, the profit would have been considerably smaller. Like a number of other combination bets, the Heinz bet enables big returns for a relatively

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